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How To Start Amazon Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria (3 Easy Steps)

Amazon affiliate marketing in Nigeria

Amazon is the largest e-commerce marketplace in the world.

It, therefore, makes perfect sense why Amazon affiliate marketing in Nigeria is one of the most profitable ways to make money.

Amazon affiliate marketing is a business model where you help amazon market the products on their marketplace in exchange for a commission.

Amazon gives you a percentage of every sale you bring to their platform. By building systems that drive these sales, you can easily make 5-6 Figures per month in passive income.

There are three easy steps to getting started with Amazon Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

  1. Choose a Niche
    The first step to starting Amazon affiliate marketing in Nigeria is Niche research.
    You need to find profitable niches and only promote products in those niches.

    Sticking with a niche as opposed to randomly promoting Amazon products, gives you higher chances of success.

  2. Apply To Amazon’s Affiliate Program

    The Amazon associates program is available worldwide but only by application. You will therefore need to apply and be accepted before you can start promoting Amazon affiliate products.

  3. Plan your strategy and start marketing

    There are several ways to drive traffic to your affiliate links, We will be discussing 3 of the best ways to promote Amazon affiliate products specifically.

Why is Amazon Affiliate Marketing So powerful?

Affiliate marketing is a billion-dollar industry and has made several Nigerians millionaires.

Now, couple that with Amazon’s huge marketplace, and see why it’s so easy to earn 6-figures online with Amazon affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

People are more likely to buy products on your recommendations if they are directed to Amazon. This is because people trust Amazon as opposed to just any random online store.

This means higher conversions for affiliate marketers in Nigeria.

Much more powerful is the fact that Amazon has a wide catalog of quality products. You could choose products from across various categories including books, tech products, clothing, and so on.

Amazon’s affiliate program is also known as the Amazon Associates Program. This program is open to affiliate marketers worldwide.

How does the Amazon Affiliate Program work?

On a clean sheet, let’s first understand what affiliate marketing is.

Affiliate marketing is a business model where marketers or content creators with an existing audience give businesses with Products and services access to their audience. 

With affiliate marketing, you get a commission for every sale you make for these businesses.

The Amazon affiliate business model is quite similar to this only with some distinct features:

1. The Cookie duration:

When people click your link and are redirected over to the product page on Amazon, something amazing happens.

For 48 hours, if the visitors you referred buy products even asides from the Product you intended they buy, you’ll get a kickback.

For example, if you refer me to Amazon to buy a book and I ended up buying the book and a TV as well, this cookie allows Amazon to pay total commissions of that entire sale to you including the TV.

2. The Commission rate:

With affiliate marketing, you get to enjoy a percentage of the total sale as commission for your traffic.

The commission rate for Amazon associates is extremely little ranging from $5-10% of the total sale.

This is quite understandable since Amazon deals majorly in physical products and production cost takes up a majority of the total revenue.

The commission might be low but it really does compound as you grow your strategy.

With that introduction out of the way, let’s get right into how you can make money with Amazon affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

How To Start Amazon Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria 

Quick Overview on How To Start Amazon Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

1. Choose Your Niche

Your niche is simply your target market with potential buyers for your products.

The worst mistake you can make when looking to make money online is to start without a Niche. Your Niche allows you to narrow your marketing strategy to suit a target market.

As an affiliate marketer, it can be really tempting to want to promote products in any and every niche possible but this is only counterproductive.

You want to focus on convincing a particular group of people to buy products you believe will be truly beneficial to them.

As we forge ahead you’ll see why this is very important in terms of your marketing strategy.

You stand the risk of looking a lot less professional as a marketer or content creator when you promote products that don’t match the messaging of your brand.

All niches are not equal, some are a lot more profitable than others.

So, if you have chosen to start amazon affiliate marketing in Nigeria for the sole aim of earning a full-time living online, you need to only choose profitable niches.

Take, for instance, promoting tech products will certainly be more profitable than books.

One thing about niche research is that it has to be a balance between profit and passion.

This means even if you choose to go after profitable niches, you are more likely to be successful if you have some form of interest in them.

As an affiliate marketer, you need to be able to build systems that drive affiliate sales and you need to be able to do in several niches.

If you struggle to single out profitable niches that you are passionate about, this niche research guide covers a complete process to help affiliate marketers nail their niche time and time again.

The tips and tricks in this guide will get you started on the right foot in your affiliate marketing journey.

Get access to the Niche research guide for just N2000 and learn how to find profitable niches as an affiliate marketer.

2. Apply to the Amazon Associates Program

I know I said that the Amazon associates Program was available worldwide, but there’s still an application process.

Once you have chosen a new niche for your amazon affiliate business, you need to go ahead and apply over at affiliate-program.amazon.com/.

Once you are on the amazing affiliate’s sign-up page, you just need to fill out the sign-up form correctly. Then you will be able to promote amazon’s products almost immediately.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

With the Amazon associate’s program, You are going to need to earn your stay.

If after 180 days you are unable to make 3 qualified sales as an Amazon affiliate marketer, you will be automatically kicked off the program.

3. Plan Your Strategy

Now your Amazon associates account is ready, it’s time to plan your strategy and start marketing niche products on Amazon.

You don’t make money with affiliate marketing by simply signing up for the Amazon associates programs.

The work begins once you get your affiliate link on Amazon.

First, you need to know how to generate affiliate links on Amazon. Watch this video to learn how to generate your affiliate links.

Now you have your affiliate link, it’s time to start promoting them in order to generate sales and make affiliate income.

Thankfully, there are several ways to promote your amazon affiliate links to make a commission.

Today, I’ll focus more on three of the best strategies for promoting amazon affiliate products.

These strategies are perfect for Amazon affiliate marketing in Nigeria and will guarantee you higher sales conversion.

a. Create a Product review Niche Blogging Site

The best way to make money with Amazon affiliate marketing in Nigeria is by using a Blog.

Many affiliate marketers have a portfolio of sites monetized with Amazon’s affiliate links. These sites earn close to 7 figures from the associates program.

There are several ways to drive traffic to a blog but let’s talk SEO.

SEO is the strategy that involves optimizing your blog posts to rank on Google. Google is the largest search engine in the world with several billion search queries every day.

People search for all kinds of things on Google. Think of the last time you wanted to make a huge purchase, you most likely searched Google for reviews before buying.

Imagine you have articles and reviews that show up whenever someone plans on buying an Amazon product.

Several affiliate marketers specialize in writing reviews in a certain niche, ranking them on Google, to generate thousands of clicks to their affiliate products.

This marketing strategy is called Niche blogging.

A niche blog is a blog that focuses on writing content for a single niche, building authority in that niche, and recommending only products relevant to that niche.

Wirecutter.com is the best example of this. This niche blog earns over 42M dollars in annual revenue by recommending Amazon affiliate products.

Once you do your Niche research, you will be able to find several niches. Then build multiple niche review sites like wirecutter to start making a killing from Amazon affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

Do you now see how profitable owning niche sites can be? Follow this checklist to learn how to create profitable Amazon affiliate niche sites.

#1: Create your Niche site

To begin your Niche blogging strategy, you first need to create your website. Don’t scroll away in fear, creating a website is way easier than you think.

With less than $15, you will be able to create a fully functional website that ranks on Google and drives traffic to your Amazon affiliate links.

I have two options to make this whole process way easier and faster, so you can have your blog running as soon as possible.

You can choose to DIY the whole process of building your website as I did with Proagencyspot.com.

Watch this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to build a website for Amazon affiliate marketing for just $4.

How To Create a Website in Nigeria

Here’s where to go to Sign up for a Free Account on Namecheap to follow along with the Website creation tutorial.

The second option is to contact me to help you do the work. I’m assisting new entrepreneurs with getting started by offering my website design service for free.

I’m willing to help you get a basic blog started for your Amazon affiliate strategy as well as offer free coaching sessions to help you grow your traffic faster with SEO.

If you would rather have me create your website for free, learn more about this free website design service here.

#2 Starting Writing Content

Once your website is live and running, you need to start writing blog posts.

Remember you run a niche blog and for these types of blogs, you need to focus on creating content for just one niche.

You are going to have to write reviews and guides on Amazon’s products.

For example: Let’s say I run a cooking and recipe niche blog, I can choose to promote different kitchen utensils from Amazon on my blog.

Some amazing blog post topics to promote Kitchen Utensils on Amazon are:

  • Best Kitchen utensils on Amazon 2022 (A list post)
  • BRANDED Product Review post (e.g White Mountain Ice cream maker Review)
  • How To Make “a certain dish”. (Recommend kitchen utensils you use for that dish)

Sadly, you won’t see much success if you just randomly write blog posts without doing proper research and optimization.

Many affiliate marketers understand how profitable Niche blogging is and so finding blog topics you can rank on Google for can be really hard.

Still, you should never write a blog post without doing proper keyword research. You need to focus on topics that you stand a chance at ranking for on Google.

Here’s how I find keywords that get me to rank on Page 1 on Google:

Let’s say you want to promote this ELECTRIC ICE CREAM MAKER on Amazon.

You need to find rankable keywords that potential buyers will be typing into Google.

That way, they find your blog posts and might eventually buy these products based on your recommendations.

To find the right keywords for your Niche blog, follow this step-by-step guide

  • Create a list of potential keywords for your Niche blog posts.

I use a free chrome extension called KEYWORDS EVERYWHERE to create my keyword list. You can install this free chrome extension over at the Google Chrome Webstore.

Once you have it installed, It’s time to start your building your keyword list.

You are going to need a SEED KEYWORD to start your research process. Your SEED KEYWORD is a basic keyword phrase you will be typing into Google to be able to find other keywords.

For the ELECTRIC ICE CREAM MAKER, you could use basic keyword phrases like “BEST ICE CREAM MAKERS ON AMAZON, BEST ICE CREAM MAKERS 2022”.

  • Start building your keyword list

With the KEYWORDS EVERYWHERE chrome extension installed, I simply type in the Seed keyword onto Google.

On the sidebar of your desktop, this chrome extension gives you suggestions for keywords potential readers and buyers are searching for.


The more seed keywords you find, the more potential blog post keywords you’ll have on your list.

  • Analyze each of these keywords

Don’t get too excited yet, there’s still a final step before you are ready to start writing posts on these different keywords.

This is the KEYWORD ANALYSIS step.

You need to make sure every keyword to take the time to create content has a HIGH SEARCH VOLUME (many search queries typed into Google) and a LOW COMPETITION SCORE (easy to rank for above existing posts).

For this step, I use a free keyword research tool by Google called GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER.

This tool allows me to see these two metrics (search volume and competition score), thereby helping me decide whether a particular keyword is worth going for or not.

Watch this tutorial to learn how to access this keyword research tool to follow along with this step.

Once you are logged in, it’s time to start analyzing these keywords.

It might take a while to find a keyword that meets our PERFECT KEYWORD criteria, but it’s a lot better than rushing into creating posts that don’t generate any traffic for your blog.

From the keyword list, I choose to analyze this keyword phrase BEST FROZEN YOGURT MACHINE FOR HOME.

On the GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER, type in the keyword phrase.

The keyword tool will give you an idea of how many searches the keyword gets and how competitive it is.

By my standards, this keyword is perfect.

I only stick with keywords with 10-100 searches per month or more. As for the competition, I choose low or No competition.

This keyword in particular has no competition. So you see, it’s a perfect keyword to go after.

On the other hand, The keyword BEST ICE CREAM MAKERS isn’t a good option especially if you’re just starting out your blog.

If you’ve been following this guide, you know why this is a bad keyword.

While has a good search volume, it has a really high competition score and so blog posts written on these topics might never show up on Google.

At this point, you should have a huge list of viable keywords to write blog posts on.

Go ahead and start writing because no blog post means no traffic but before I move on to the next Amazon affiliate strategy, there’s one more thing you need to do to rank your posts on Google.

You are going to need to master the art of SEO. SEO stands for Search engine optimization and this is the strategy your entire blog is going to build founded upon.

SEO is the strategy that covers all the activities that go into creating a website/ blog post that ranks on Google.

Keyword research is just the first stage of your SEO strategy and there’s so much more that goes into ensuring that your article shows up on Google.

Google is a bot and so they rank blogs based on how optimized they are for search. Some factors that Google uses in ranking blog posts higher on their search include:

  • Technical SEO (Mobile responsiveness and Page speed)
  • On-Page SEO (helping Google bots understand what your content is all about)
  • Off-Page SEO (Getting other sites to link back to yours)
  • Click-through rate Optimization (Increasing the clicks your website gets on SERPS)

I know blogging might seem like a lot of work, but when you compared it to other marketing strategies like growing a following on social media, it’s worth the work.

On social media, you need to keep posting consistently to drive traffic to your Amazon links but on Google, once you are able to get your post to rank, that’s passive traffic to your Affiliate products which means passive income for you every single month.

So, If you are really serious about niche blogging and want to learn how SEO works step by step.

Then I can not recommend any guide better than mine. This is one of the most beginner-friendly SEO guides you’ll ever find.

I share a step-by-step blog ranking process based on my personal experience. So if you want to learn how I rank my posts on page 1 of Google using SEO, Grab my ultimate SEO guide on Amazon.

This guide will show you how to start writing content that shows up on Google and drives traffic to your affiliate marketing business.

2. Start a Product Review YouTube channel 

Owning a YouTube channel and monetizing your audience with Google Adsense is profitable on its own.

Now, Imagine a YouTube channel that focuses on talking about products on Amazon. You get to make money both ways. 

Insane right?

YouTube gets 33 billion monthly visitors and that’s a lot of traffic.

Not just that YouTube is owned by Google and YouTube Videos can also rank on Google as blog posts do and that is extra traffic for your affiliate products.

Sadly to make amazon affiliate marketing on YouTube more effective, you might need to have your affiliate products in hand.

This way you can sit in front of a camera and share the features of the products, making your recommendations feel a lot more trustworthy and believable.

For example: if you want to promote a microphone from Amazon and have people buy based on your recommendations.

You might need to get it from Amazon and film yourself using it.

This will make your review a lot more credible and will increase the chances of people buying from you.

YouTube just like Google has billions of active users and I can vouch that many people visit YouTube right before they make crazy purchases.

This is a YouTuber that creates product reviews for Cameras and makes over 7 Figures per year on Amazon.

His review videos get millions of views and this translates to several thousands of camera purchases based on his recommendations.

If you are already passionate about a certain niche and the products in it, creating a YouTube channel to showcase and review these products is the best way for you to do Amazon affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

If you are serious about starting a YouTube channel, read this guide to learn how to become a YouTuber In Nigeria.

3. Use Social media

If you have an audience on social media or are planning to build one to promote affiliate products, then do go ahead.

Social media still remains one of the best ways to promote affiliate products in Nigeria. When you grow a fanbase on social media, your followers love you right and will most likely trust your recommendations.

You can get started with this, find products in your niche that match the theme of your brand on social media and create fun and social content showcasing these products.

The keyword is FUN, your content on social media needs to be fun and relatable to compel your followers to take your recommendations.

Short videos on reels, YouTube shorts, and TikTok are fast growing in popularity and reach. So try out these forms of content to see results faster.

FAQs On Amazon Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

How do I get paid from Amazon affiliate in Nigeria?

To receive payments from Amazon Affiliate, you need to own a bank account in the accepted countries by Amazon.

Amazon doesn’t accept Nigerian bank accounts, so you are going to need to create a foreign bank account to be able to receive payments from the Amazon affiliate.

Luckily, With a Free service called Payoneer, Nigerians can now create foreign bank accounts in the UK and US for free using just a phone/laptop and an internet connection.

If you want to learn about all the requirements for creating a free Payoneer account, Read this guide to learn to create a Payoneer account in Nigeria.

Is Amazon affiliate available in Nigeria?

The Amazon associates program is openly available to Nigerians. As a Nigerian, you get equal privileges of being accepted into the program as a Foreign citizen.
You can easily apply to join the amazon associates program at https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/

Can I do Amazon affiliate in Nigeria?

Yes, you can! Application to the Amazon associates program is open worldwide, including in Nigeria.
You just need to apply to join the program and once you get approved, you can start promoting Amazon affiliate programs.

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