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How To Make Money on Amazon KDP in Nigeria (Step By Step)

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If you’re looking for how to make money on Amazon KDP in Nigeria. I’m promising clarity on the resources and tips you’d need to make this work.

So if you’re looking for how to make money on Amazon KDP in Nigeria as a side hustle, this Video is the best resource for you.

Watch this video if you don’t have any writing skills, so as to learn how to make money on Amazon KDP in Nigeria. You’ll be able to learn how I make $500 per month in Passive income on Amazon KDP. And Yes, without writing a single word.

Here’s the PLR Bundle with over 200 ebooks that consistently make me $500 per month on amazon KDP.

What is Amazon KDP?

Let’s get started on the same note by understanding what Amazon KDP is.

Amazon KDP is simply Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. It’s a book publishing platform by the largest marketplace in the world, Amazon.

It is a free platform that allows writers or book publishers to sell their books for free without having to go through the hassles of traditional publishing.

This is a blue ocean not only for writers in Nigeria but for anyone looking to earn a side income online. Not to mention from the comfort of their home in Nigeria.

This is a really profitable business model as Amazon gets millions of buyers on their bookstore every single month.

If your book can show up in front of even a tiny portion of buyers, you’ll be earning passive income on KDP. So to say, if you want to learn how to make money on Amazon KDP in Nigeria, It is totally possible.

How does Amazon KDP Work?

The Amazon KDP business model works this way, You create, write or design a book interior, and get a PDF Copy of it.

Then Upload it onto the Amazon bookshelf and publish it. Within a few hours to some days, after a review has been conducted on your book, your book becomes searchable on the Amazon marketplace.

Afterwhich buyers can pay to get access to a physical or digital copy of it.

Can You Really Make Money on KDP In Nigeria?

This business model is one of the easiest and most viable ideas in Nigeria.

Given the fact that anyone worldwide can get started right away for free and start earning massively on the platform.

When starting out you can expect to make $100-$500 per month in passive income. You just have to do the work once and keep reaping its fruits so long as your book is up on Amazon.

Keep uploading books to the platform, and soon you’ll be able to earn multiple 5 figures in passive income.

How To Make Money on Amazon KDP in Nigeria

1. Create a Verified account on Amazon KDP

To begin this tutorial, you’d need to create a Verified Amazon KDP account. This is to make sure your earnings can be withdrawn.

Once your account is ready, it’s time to discover how to make money on Amazon KDP in Nigeria.

Watch this video to learn how to create a Verified KDP account in Nigeria

2. Choose the Type of Book you want to sell.

It’s so amazing how vast the Amazon KDP platform can be. It would surprise you to know the different types of books you can sell online on Amazon.

I like to think there are two main types and these are:

A. High-content Books:

These types of books are the ones we are more conversant with. They are filled with words and chapters most likely to get people reading.

B. Low content Books

These ones have low content, fewer words, and more filler pages. Some good examples of these kinds of books include Colouring books, journals, planners, and more.

These two types of books can both be published in ebooks or physical forms. Also, You won’t have to spend a dime on publishing.

This is an excellent side hustle for writers or designers who already want to have their books published online but don’t get me wrong you don’t have to be any of the above to get started because with the outlined steps below, you’ll be able to create quality books on demand.

In terms of profit margins and time demand. I highly recommend the Low content business model. Since you won’t have to sit and write all day long to have your book created.

On the other hand, High-content books top my list for Lower competition. This is because there’s an endless list of things people want to read about. So if you can write on these topics, it’ll be so easy to show up on the search results on Amazon.

3. Do Niche research

The next step of this whole book creation process is niche research. This isn’t a technical process at all and also this isn’t a step you want to joke with.

No matter how easy I make this side hustle sound, it still requires some form of effort or time investment.

Therefore, if you’ll be investing so much time into creating the book to sell on KDP, at least make sure you’re doing it for a Niche with high-profit potential.

Unlike most other business models, you really don’t have to stick with one niche on Amazon. It’s a lot more profitable to dabble into different markets in search of profitable topics to create books around. Thereby building a book library on Amazon that makes you money passively.

pie graph illustration
Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com

So how does Niche research on Amazon KDP work?

I personally love using three free resources to help me with Amazon KDP research, these resources include: 

  • Google keyword planner

Google keyword planner is a free keyword research tool by Google.

It allows you to discover new keywords for your books as well as analyze the demand and competition around the topic.

With your Gmail account, head over to Google ads centers and sign up for a Free Google ads account.

  • Google Trends

This is another keyword research tool that allows you to analyze the search trend of different niches. Google trends will help you decode the current demand for your book idea to know if it’s a viable niche to delve into.

  • A list of possible Products

You’d need this list to have possible plugin keywords for our Niche research process. Explore this list to discover a list of low-content books you can create on Amazon KDP.

  • A list of niches

Hundreds of niches and sub-niches are out in various markets waiting to be tapped into. To simplify our Niche research process, you’d need a list of possible markets to analyze and create books around. Examples of possible niches include health and fitness, Pet, Self-help e.t.c

This is How I do Niche Research for KDP.

A. Come up with possible keywords for the research process.

When trying to do Niche research, you should have the topic you want to write about e.g How to make money in Nigeria.

On the other hand, if you’re a good writer and have no idea what topics to write about. Use the Niche list and for each of those niches, find out what people are yearning to read or learn about.

Take the health niche, for example, we know people want to lose weight, reduce cravings, and more. Making different books that provide solutions to these different problems is the best way to find ideas for low-content books.

Whereas, when it’s niche research for a low-content book, you’ll need to make random combinations to come up with different ideas. Simply use the niche and product list to come up with endless ideas. The formula is Niche + Product Type e.g Finance Journal.

Once you’ve listed out a couple of possible keywords, the next step is to analyze their viability as a winning idea.

B. Analyze these keywords

Once you have a list of possible book ideas, it’s time to start analyzing them. Using the Google keyword planner, here’s how to do keyword analysis for Amazon KDP.

Simply type the keyword into the tool search bar and get the results.

For the benchmark of a good keyword, make sure you only go for keywords with 100 searches or more per month and low competition.

To analyze the competition of your keyword head over to amazon.com. Then type in the same keyword, you should only pursue topics with less than 1000 results.

Amaon KDP Keyword Research

4. Gather all the needed tools and resources

Once you’ve found a winning idea with low competition and high demand, it’s time to hit the create button. So Gather all of the resources you’d need to make this work.

A. Book content:

Depending on what type of book you want to create, you need to prepare its content. If you’re the writer, then it’s time to start writing an amazing book your readers will love. So what if you’re not a writer? then you try plan B.

For Amazon KDP to become a real business for you, you need a way to constantly churn out book ideas. This is so you grow a library of selling books that make you money passively.

Imagine having 2OO books each making you $100 per month, you could earn as much as $20,000 every single month. Now to constantly pump out content, I highly recommend the following resources:

  • Fiverr:

Once you have a winning high-content book idea in mind, head over to Fiverr. Then outsource the whole writing to a ghostwriter for extremely cheap. Once that’s done, review the book and make it a lot better.

Here’s a Ghostwriter that charges $5 to get a book written for you. Invest in this service and earn massive from KDP to cover the cost of production.

  • Creative Fabrica:

This is the best resource marketplace for low-content book creators. Let’s say you wanted to create a Fitness Journal. Instead of creating it all by yourself, buy the interior of your book from creative fabric.

Creative Fabrica has a huge library of these kinds of interiors for KDP Low content books. Creative Fabrica makes it so easy for non-designers like you and me to tap into this huge industry.

Let’s say you wanted to create a podcasting Journal, head over to creative fabrica, and search.

All of these are potential interiors for a professional Podcast Journal you might want to create. Recently, I made a Podcast journal too and I got the interior from Creative Fabrica.

In fact, this is how it looks on the inside.

You buy your interior on KDP, and you either get a PNG or a PDF file, either way, you’ll need to format and edit the file before re-uploading it onto Amazon KDP.

Here’s a Tutorial I made on how I create low-content books from interiors on Creative Fabrica.

If you’re thinking about low-content books on Creative Fabrica, I have one secret to share with you. Creative Fabrica being so generous offers a 7-Day Free trial for new visitors like you. This means you can try out the whole KDP Interiors on Creative Fabrica for just $1.

When you’re ready, Here’s a Link to Creative Fabrica’s Free Trial Sign Up Page, so you know exactly where to get this exact offer.

N.B Use the link to make sure it’s the $1 free trial and not the normal subscription Package that costs $19 per month.

B. Book cover

Forget the popular Quote that says the cover of a book is not all that important. In real-time and on Amazon, this is a huge lie.

Your Book cover is your first chance to make a good first impression on potential buyers and hook them in to choose your book over the others on the search results. This is why it’s so important to invest time or money into designing a good book cover.

The best way to create good book cover designs is by asking yourself a simple question: If you saw your own book, would you buy it? Answer honestly before settling on the final design for your book.

To create attractive book covers for my KDP books, I use Canva and Creative Fabrica. First Canva is a free graphics design tool and takes it from me, anyone can create cool designs using Canva.

To create your book cover on Canva, head over to Canva.com and Search “Book Cover“, then you can choose from the free templates in the Canva library. All you need to do is change the text and color to your taste.

Create Ebook Cover on Canva.com

Since many other writers will be using Canva for their book covers, I like to source premium templates On Creative Fabrica.

So I buy professional book cover template designs for cheap and use Canva to edit these templates.. Here’s how this works.

Go over to Creative Fabrica and search for “KDP Book Cover

Creative Fabrica Book Cover templates

These are all amazing book covers that I can download and edit on Canva for my books.

If you’re loving Creative Fabrica, Don’t forget to sign up for the Free $1 trial on creative Fabrica for 7 Days to enjoy unlimited access to all the templates you need for your KDP Journey.

C. Book Description

When your book appears on the search results on Amazon and starts getting clicks from potential buyers, the battle isn’t won yet.

You still have a lot of convincing to do to make people see the worth of your book. This is where your description comes in, it’s sort of like a sales pitch for your book, so you need to apply the art of copywriting to make it compelling enough to finalize the purchase.

You’ll also need to put into consideration “Amazon Search Engine Optimization”.

Keywords are extremely important for your sales on Amazon, this is because Amazon is a search engine, and it ranks books using the Keywords in the Tags, Title, and description.

Amazon Search Engine Optimization is easy because Amazon doesn’t have complex search algorithms and by simply adding your keywords to your book listing, your book stands a greater chance of ranking on Google.

Remember we found our Main book topic during our Niche research phase, I’d need you to spread that Keyword around in your Title and especially your description so search engines can understand what your content is all about.

One More thing, Amazon has a section called “Tags”, which will include related keywords to the main book topic that potential buyers might also be typing into Amazon.

Filling out this section with allow amazon to rank your book on their search results when buyers type in search terms other than your main topic.

This is a book example I uploaded on Amazon KDP, the title of this book is “Wine Tasting Notebook

Here are the book tags I used for this book

So how do find suitable tags for your books, Go over to Google Keyword Planner once again and type in your main book topic

Amazon KDP Keyword research

Having all of these already before every uploading project makes it a lot easier to get the process done and over with.

4. Upload Your Book Content and Details 

Once you have everything ready for your new book, it’s time to start uploading.

On your dashboard, you’ll be able to add a new book that you want to sell. Amazon gives you the opportunity to choose between an ebook, paperback, or Hardcover format.

How To Make Money on Amazon KDP in Nigeria

Each of these book types has a different profit margin with ebooks having the Highest of the three for obvious reasons being that the cost of production is a lot lower for ebooks, almost nothing.

After that, you’ll be prompted to fill out all of the details of your new book including its title, description, cover, tags, and categories as mentioned in the previous step.

How to upload your book on Amazon KDP

After which you’ll be able to upload your Book content and cover.

You’ll also be able to set a custom price for your book.

Always add a reasonable price for your book, an average of what’s currently on the marketplace, or even better much lower, this way buyers see your quality and its cheap price and think it is a better spend. That’s basic sales psychology playing out here.

5. Do additional promotions on KDP

Sure, Amazon happens to be the largest marketplace in the world and has the most visited bookstore as well.

This alone gives it a competitive advantage for publishers who choose this platform to sell their books.

Unfortunately, you also have to think about the competition in the niche you’re looking to pursue your book.

There sure will be other authors in the niche of your choice with their books published before yours, making sales and getting good reviews.

Having to compete against those books can be really hard and so you need a plan to get your books to a credible state getting buyers to choose your book over that of your competition.

By plan, I mean you’ll need to have a strategy for marketing your book outside amazon, so you can gather enough sales to get you a best seller’s rank and push your book even further on the amazon platform.

Read this to learn 21 ways to market your books online in Nigeria to gain a bit of inspiration.

P.S Your books if in a niche with low competition will perform okay even without external marketing and that’s how to make money on Amazon KDP in Nigeria.

If you enjoyed this post and are looking for more side hustle ideas, here is a list of 11 things to make for free on Canva and sell for a whole lot of money.

You can also ready this article to discover 15 profitable ways to make money with a free Canva account.

Commonly Asked Questions on How To Make Money on Amazon KDP in Nigeria

How To Get paid from Amazon KDP in Nigeria

Using Payoneer, You’ll be able to withdraw your earnings on Amazon KDP in Nigeria.
Once you start making money on Amazon KDP, there’s something you need to understand about receiving payouts.

The Amazon platform as a whole doesn’t provide payouts through PayPal but rather does this directly into a bank account in their permitted countries.

As expected, Nigeria doesn’t get to be on this list but that’s by the way. With Payoneer, you get to own a US and UK bank account which is widely accepted by the Amazon platform for free. 

Payoneer is simply a payment gateway just like PayPal that allows you receive payments online. It integrates with your local bank account that way you’re able to withdraw your earnings from Amazon KDP directly to your Local bank account.

So if you ask me, creating your Payoneer account should be the first step you take to start making money on KDP. So sign up for a free Payoneer account and once you’re sure your account on Payoneer is activated and you’re ready to receive payments, you could proceed with creating your book and following the steps outlined above.

Use this link to sign up on Payoneer and you’ll get a $25 welcome bonus when you create your account. Sounds good huh? 

How to Create a Payoneer account in Nigeria

How To Make Money on Amazon KDP without writing

There are basically three ways to do this. First, you can choose to publish journals, coloring books, Notebooks, and other types of low-content books. You don’t have to write a single word and you can easily create them on Canva.com for free.

The second way is to use PLR Books, otherwise known as Private Label right ebooks. These are books where the creators give you the full rights to edit and use the content of the books for commercial purposes. Learn more about PLR Ebooks and how they work here.

The last way to make money with Amazon KDP without writing is to use Public Domain Books. Quite similar to PLR ebooks, Public Domain books are popular books whose authors are long gone after a certain period of time. Read more about what KDP says about Public Domain Ebooks here.

Is amazon KDP legit in Nigeria?

I don’t know what other proof you need. Amazon is the largest marketplace in the world and Amazon Kindle is a section of Amazon dedicated to selling books, this means Millions of potential buyers from Amazon to your books. I currently make $500 per month in passive income on Amazon.

How long does it take to make money on KDP?

It takes as long as you make it. Some of my books get sales as fast as the first few days after being uploaded, while others take as long as a month to experience any traction. It all depends on the demand for these books. So do your keyword research properly to ensure your books make a sale.

Is amazon KDP profitable?

Yes, Yes, and Yes. Amazon KDP has made many millionaires and I say this with all honesty. Amazon gets millions of visits per month and that is millions of potential buyers for your books.

I can say in all confidence that this blog post is all you need to learn how to make money on Amazon KDP in Nigeria, Do drop a comment if you enjoyed it.

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