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Top 6 Benefits of Digital Marketing In Nigeria

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Want to know the benefits of Digital Marketing in Nigeria or why you should even be bothered to invest in it to grow your business?

Well, this article has the answer to all of your queries, discover the top benefits of Digital Marketing in Nigeria. Without any ado, let’s start off by simply defining what digital marketing is

Digital Marketing is a skill or an aspect of marketing, that involves the use of the internet to market one’s business or brand online with hopes of gaining exposure or revenue. The world in this day and age is a lot different than it was in times past.

Now more digitally inclined, with the rise in use of social media and Search engines like Google, almost everyone and of course, your dream clients are online. Therefore, if you want to reach these people, you’ll need to go digital as well.

As regards digital marketing, there are many ways to go about it. Simply put, there are many aspects of digital marketing and they include:

Enough talking, how does digital marketing impact the growth of small businesses in Nigeria?

Benefits of Digital Marketing In Nigeria
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What are the benefits of digital marketing in Nigeria?

1. It Maximizes your growth potential as a business

Listen, the internet is not limited and so also is the case for digital marketing. Traditional marketing strategies like banners and door-to-door sales tactics can only take you as far as your locality can go.

Digital Marketing on the other hand opens your business up to a lot more potential and allows you to enjoy more features.

Take social media marketing with Instagram for instance, you’re not going to be limited to just a certain location or country, your content or ads can literally go viral and reach relevant clients worldwide and trust me, having your business go international can literally take it to the next level.

Don’t sleep on the power of digital marketing seeing how easy it is to get started and how crazy the rewards are for small businesses in Nigeria.

2. It’s less expensive

Trust me, you can’t compare the cost of digital marketing in Nigeria to that of billboards and TV ads. The difference is basically as clear as clear can be.

As a small business, it can be really hard to find the funds to access these marketing tactics, but digital marketing changed the story.

With almost nothing compared to the traditional marketing strategies mentioned, small businesses can now get the word out about their products and services.

Not to mention the added perk of virality that comes with marketing online.

A decade ago, you wouldn’t have had the privilege of viral marketing unless you had millions available on your marketing budget, but digital marketing changed all of that and now you can basically market your business for almost nothing near what you’d have to pay for traditional marketing strategies.

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3. It’s a long-term strategy

One blog post on Google lives on forever, Your social media following is yours and An email list you’ve built from the ground up is yours forever.

On the other hand, You’d need to keep paying certain fees to keep your banner up in a certain location. TV ads only stay up, if the company involved keeps paying.

These strategies aren’t at all long-term. There’s definitely a level of risk in digital marketing but it’s nothing compared to the risk in old marketing strategies.

Most of these traditional marketing strategies have you pay as hell to execute them without any guarantee of results. On the other hand, digital marketing with proven principles governing it is a lot easier to predict and invest in. Not to mention that it’s a long-term strategy.

4. It provides crazy targeting features

No kidding, digital marketing is no child’s play, it took me almost 2 years to basically learn all I know in digital marketing.
There’s research, planning, testing, execution, and analytics for the different forms of digital marketing that exist but this is for a good reason.

The diverse nature of digital marketing makes it beneficial for a lot of reasons. One of which is the targeting ability.

Let’s dissect this a little bit: Let’s say you decide to put up a fashion banner for your female boutique promoting an upcoming sale, you can not control the demographic of people that view your banner, as the male and female gender will definitely stay around that location.

With digital marketing, all of the different aspects allow you to target your audience a lot deeper. With Google, your blog post only really shows up as a result for someone who actually needs it.

The same goes for YouTube. Social media platforms like Instagram only show you posts they feel you’re interested in. If you engage more in female fashion posts, you’re starting to get similar posts. Hence, making it easy to target your ideal customers and sell to them.

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5. It feels natural

Here’s a question, how do you feel whenever an ad interrupts your movie session on your favorite Tv station?

Probably irritated or uninterested in what it has to say right?
Unless you have an awesome creative team, it can be very difficult to catch the attention of your ideal customers with TV ads. When we talk about digital marketing, the story is a lot different, because unless you’re using ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc, marketing online is a lot less pushy and takes the stance of value first, sales later.

For example, a true digital marketer will focus on creating valuable content for their ideal client, getting them to read and become a fan, and with different automated tactics, get them to learn about the benefits of their products and services before finally pitching the offer to them.

This is a fail-proof strategy and almost always works.

6. It’s the present

It’s obvious, who watches TV anymore and probably no one takes information posted on random flyers and banners seriously.

Everyone is busy with their phones on the internet. This could be on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, Binging videos on YouTube, or making research on Google. You need to meet your ideal customers at the point of their need and guess what? Digital Marketing allows you to do exactly that.


So if you’re ready to enjoy the crazy benefits of Digital Marketing in Nigeria and need help from experts. Explore our robust service offering here.

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