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Best Affiliate Programs In Nigeria- The Ultimate List

Best Affiliate Programs in Nigeria

Looking to Discover the best affiliate programs in Nigeria so you can start making money online as an affiliate Marketer?

The affiliate programs on this list are easy to promote and perfect for beginners.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online in Nigeria in 2022 and beyond but one problem most Nigerians new to online marketing face is finding the perfect affiliate programs that actually pay out commissions to Nigerians.

Some of the most popular affiliate marketing programs e.g Clickbank have a huge marketplace with highly profitable affiliate products but unfortunately, they don’t accept Nigerian marketers.

Feel like your affiliate marketing dreams have all been shattered, don’t fret because, In this article, I’ll be listing out the best affiliate programs in Nigeria so you could actually get paid for your marketing efforts.

Before we delve right into that, I’d like to put it out to you that the best way to do affiliate marketing is by creating a website of your own and getting traffic from google, for this here’s a complete guide to help you build a website even without any web design experience.

Best Affiliate Programs In Nigeria

1. Digistore 24

This is the first alternative that comes to mind for Nigerians conversant with the Clickbank platform. Digistore 24 is an affiliate network that works the same way as ClickBank.
It has a huge library of affiliate products spanning several niches.

Anyone can join the network and start promoting its products, you’ll need to choose the category you’ll want to promote products in, select the specific product and you’ll get a special tracking link which you’ll be promoting in order to get paid for every purchase you help the seller make.

Categories on Digistore24 span various niches, from health to relationship, business, and any viral niche you can think of.

A huge pro about this network is the high commission rates and payouts it offers to its marketers.

The most common affiliate products you’ll find on Digistore24 are most likely going to be digital products with really low startup costs, hence It’s not uncommon to get paid a 50% or more commission for every purchase you make.

So if you’re looking to make high-ticket affiliate commisions, you should definitely consider this platform and if you’re looking to double your commisions even more, you could also try some other similar platforms to digistore24 including:
Warrior plus.

2. Amazon Affiliate program

Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace for physical products. Millions of people shop on the platform every month and Nigerians can tap into this huge market and make money promoting products on the website.

As you know, there is a wide range of products to promote on Amazon, from books to electronics to any physical item you could think of.

There is therefore no limit to what you can do with this platform.

You can start making money from simply promoting attractive or branded items on your WhatsApp status and have your sophisticated friends buy with your link, hence earning your commisions for every single purchase.

A Huge downside to the Amazon Affiliate program is the low commission rates on the products on the platform.

Unlike with digistore24, Most products on Amazon are physical, and considering the inventory and production costs, it’s quite impossible for marketers to get huge payouts.

Hence, most products on the platform offer commission rates of 5%-10% or less.

The upside though is limitless buyer potential you’ll be opened to since you’ll basically be promoting generic products and utilities almost everyone uses.

eBay Partner Network is an amazing alternative to the amazon affiliate program and you should really consider joining this marketplace as well.

best affiliate programs in Nigeria

3. Patnerstack

This is my personal favorite and It’s a marketplace for SAAS Products. SAAS is short for Software As A Service, and patnerstack is an affiliate network for products like this.

Ever come across an online tool that makes its users pay for the service, most of the time, these products are subscription-based and The commission rate with these kinds of products is crazy high and on a recurring basis.

Patnerstack is a marketplace for these kinds of products and it accepts Nigerians and pays out commisions to your PayPal account.
So try out this free Network and start making affiliate commisions.

4. Site-Hosted Affiliate programs

Ever come across a business or online tool you love so badly and feel more people should know about, well chances are they might have an affiliate program.

Many amazing companies have affiliate programs and host these affiliate programs on their website. With the power of google, you could fish out these kinds of websites, and here’s how.

Just search the “WEBSITE IN QUESTION + Affiliate program” and if they do have an affiliate program, it’ll show up on the search and you’ll be able to join with ease.

Best Affiliate Programs In Nigeria
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

5. Fiverr Affiliate

We all know Fiverr if we do as a freelancing platform that has helped several Nigerians make money online. Fiverr also has an affiliate program and it has been tagged as one of the best in Nigeria.

Unlike the other affiliate programs on this list, the Fiverr affiliate is solely for online services.

Everyone can get accepted on the Fiverr affiliate network and once you get accepted, you could start promoting your favorite freelancers on the platform and get paid on various plans.
You should definitely try the Fiverr platform.

6. Udemy Affiliate Network

Udemy is the world’s largest marketplace for online courses, with millions of monthly visitors.

There are thousands of courses on the platform and if you run an informational website or have a social media following in such an educational niche as health, finance e.t.c, this network might be the perfect fit for you as you’ll get access to a huge range and variety of online courses you could promote to your website visitors and have them buy and earn you a commission.

We’ve come to the end of my curated list of the best affiliate programs in Nigeria, I hope you loved it and will be open to trying these networks out. We highly recommend you check out our curated list of the best small business ideas in Nigeria, you’ll be amazed at the several other business ideas in Nigeria.

And if you want to learn the basics of digital marketing to apply in your affiliate marketing business, Grab our Free course.

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