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5 Best Blogging Niches In Nigeria + Niche Research Tutorial

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Get ready to discover the best blogging niches in Nigeria that’ll make you the most money.Ā 

Gone are the days when you could just start a random blog off the top of your mind and expect to build a business off of it.

In this day and age, the riches are in the Niches.

Your Niche is your target market. It is a group of potential customers that will most likely find value in your products and services.

Before I go on to share my list of the best blogging Niches in Nigeria, how about I show you how to choose untapped and profitable niches on your own?

How To Choose a Niche For Your Blog

1. List out your Passions, Skills, and Expertise

When you hear of blogging, what topic first comes to mind?

Everyone has one or more topics they could go on and on talking about. What’s that going to be for you?

Think about all of your Passions, your skills, and even the expertise you might have acquired through the course of your life.

The rule of thumb is to list out topics you’re not only knowledgeable about, but also passionate about.

I’d be the first to tell you that writing a blog post isn’t as fun as making money from them. This is why you need to make the process as frictionless as possible.

Writing about topics that naturally come to you is an awesome way to start.

So without judging or analyzing, list basically all the topics you might have in mind to talk about.

If no ideas happen to flow at this point, keep reading because I’d be sharing an amazing list of the best blogging niches in Nigeria to provide you with the inspiration you need.

2. Validate Your Niche idea

The worst mistake you can make when blogging is jumping right into any idea off the top of your mind.

Creating a website for your blog is hectic, you, therefore, need to make sure that every of your effort is worth it.

You need to validate that your niche has a high-profit potential before you go on to invest the time and effort into getting it up and running.

When trying to validate your niche idea, there are two factors you need to keep in mind. 

A. The demand: 

The demand is simply a metric that shows the search trend of your niche idea over a long period.

The higher it is, the better for you.

You’re better off chasing niches that have people constantly searching online, as you stand a greater chance of exposure.

Using the Google trends tool, you’ll want to check the search trend of the niche idea you have in mind.

Based on search volume, there are two types of niches and they include
  • Evergreen Niches:

These Niches have a constant search trend as they stay relevant year after year.

Niches like Health, wealth, and self-improvement will always be searched online irrespective of the season in question.

Evergreen niches are the best niches to venture into to make the most profit online.

Best Blogging Niches In Nigeria
  • Trendy Niches:

These Niches show a huge spike and as expected go out of trend.

These could be anything and a simple example is politics.

Several Political news hit the highlight and become talked about after which it dies down when the issue gets forgotten.

Trendy Niches are perfect to piggyback off of to get an influx of traffic which you can then convert to a reader base for your blog.

These niches shouldn’t be your main topic but rather a means to spice up and spike your blog traffic.

  • Seasonal Niches:

These Niches are kind of a blend between trendy and seasonal niches and here’s what I mean.

With seasonal niches, they become trendy over a specific period every single Year.

They come in trend, go out of trend but come back again. So in a way, seasonal niches are both evergreen and trendy.

An example of these seasonal niches includes Christmas and Halloween.

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Remember the goal with niches is to focus more on Evergreen topics to make it so you continue to reap the rewards of your work year in, year out.

B. Profitability

It’s one thing to create a blog but an entirely different thing to make money from it.

All niches are not created equal as some are a lot more profitable than others.

No doubt, creativity can be applied to make a low-income potential Niche become a lot more profitable but for the most part, especially as a beginner, you’re better off sticking with naturally profitable niches.

So what makes a Niche profitable?

a. The Problem

For every niche you consider building a blog around, think of problems.

Problems are a blessing for bloggers and here’s why. The more important a problem is for the audience in a niche, the more likely they are to search for solutions online and even buy as the case may be.

Whereas, if the niche happens to just be a basic hobby niche, your blog will only be relevant at leisure when the readers have the time to consider their hobbies.

This is why you need to only focus on niches that solve real-life problems for your readers, that way your blog content stays relevant at all times.

b. Your Target Audience

To validate your niche even further, you’ll have to analyze the buying power of your target audience.

This isn’t rocket science as a profitable niche is obviously one that has an audience with a willingness to buy as well as a high purchasing power.

In other words, this niche you eventually pick should have potential customers who have the purchasing power to buy from you or make affiliate purchases on your blog.

c. The CompetitionĀ 

Finally, you’ll have to analyze your competition.

You’ll agree with me that almost no blog topic is new under the sun and there’s most definitely a successful blog in your aspiring niche if you’ve noted its profitability.

As the number of blogs in a niche increases, it becomes a lot harder to thrive and get free traffic from Google using SEO.

Therefore as you deliberate on your Niche idea, always make sure to avoid niches that have way too many thriving competitors.

If you’re still lost for ideas, here’s my list of the best blogging niches in Nigeria.

Best Blogging Niches in Nigeria

1. Beauty:

The beauty niche is both profitable and evergreen, people continue to search for different ways to take care of their bodies.

Moreso, there are several sub-niches in the beauty category that have proven to be profitable as well including

  • Fashion
  • Makeup
  • Skincare

All of the sub-niches have the potential to be insanely profitable from selling physical beauty products to digital training and courses.

Owing a beauty niche blog can also mean you making money from simply recommending your favorite beauty products.

This niche can also land you a lot of sponsorship deals from the thousands of popular beauty brands that exist in this day and age.

2. Recipes

This happens to be one of the best blogging niches in Nigeria in my frank opinion.

With hundreds of traditional and classical delicacies in Nigeria alone, this niche idea still remains a blue ocean for aspiring bloggers.

If you know how to work your way around the kitchen and are really creative with cooking up new recipes, you won’t only be able to increase your blog traffic with the endless blog content you’ll be able to put out online, but you’ll also be able to make money with your blog in several other ways including:

  • Selling Recipe Books
  • Landing Cooking Gigs
  • Promote your favorite cooking spices and utensils
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Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

3. Career

This Niche idea is for all my thriving corporate workers out there looking to transition into the online world.

Especially in Nigeria, this idea is extremely viable, and here’s why.

In as much as many Nigerians are now navigating toward entrepreneurship, I can’t deny the fact that a huge chunk of our population still depends on having a 9-5 in order to pay the bills and that’s where you come in.

If you’re a career person, earning big time in your corporate work, then it might be a good idea to supplement your income by owning a blog that focuses on helping aspiring career-driven people to get started and grow in their journey.

Take this example, for instance, a lawyer can start a blog sharing tips for starting a successful legal career from how to pass the bar exams, to how to land a job in a good firm e.t.c.

Guess what, millions of legal aspirants will definitely find this useful and at this point, your imagination is your only limit when it comes to monetizing your blog.

4. Relationship

Trust me, you don’t have to be a relationship coach to thrive in this Niche.

It is as simple as knowing some stunts that help better relationships and sharing them online on your blog.

This Niche idea is so viable because we all have to be in relationships in one way or the other and not everyone has the emotional intelligence to handle what comes alongside.

With your relationship blog, the possibilities are endless for how you can start making money. From offering relationship coaching services to writing books and more.

5. Entrepreneurship

With entrepreneurship becoming a more desired venture, especially in Nigeria, it only makes sense that it appears right on this list.

Creating a blog to help aspiring entrepreneurs get a hang of all that goes into being successful is an awesome idea and once again the income potential for this Niche is massive, especially with Google Adsense.

Entrepreneurship blogs earn a lot higher from ads as several advertisers are willing to pay more to get in front of entrepreneurs.


Once you’ve decided on what the main topic of your blog is going to be, the next step is to get started with creating your blog online. Read this article to Learn how to create your blog’s Website step by step

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