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Branding For Coaches: The 4Ps Of Magnetic Personal Branding

branding for coaches

Branding for coaches is a topic that is extremely important for the growth of any coaching business.

Coaching businesses with strong branding are able to sell premium offers and packages effortlessly as potential customers trust their brands and products a lot easier.

If you’re looking to brand or rebrand your coaching business to attract more high-quality clients, this guide is for you.

What is Branding For Coaches?

Branding is the art of shaping your business to feel and look a certain way to potential clients and to your target market at large.

It is more relevant in the coaching industry for obvious reasons.

Coaching is a high-ticket industry with an average coach charging upwards of $1,000 for their services.

With such an insane price point comes a huge responsibility.

It has never been much easier to start up a business and with so little of a barrier to entry, comes insane competition.

If you want to be able to confidently charge premium prices for your services and still sell out slots effortlessly, you need a brand that does the work for you.

Unlike traditional marketing where you had the opportunity to build a 1:1 relationship with clients first before selling them, with the internet, you have lesser touchpoints with your potential clients.

This is why your business has to be compelling and professional enough to get clients to want to work with you.

Your branding cuts across a wide range of your coaching business.

It should be consistent in your brand style, messaging, values, & overall voice.

A strong branding as a coach is one that is cohesive and appealing to a particular target audience and does a good job of attracting your dream client to you.

Your dream client should be able to see your brand for the first time and know straight away that you are a brand to reckon with and might be the expert they need in their life.

Before we continue with this guide, I need you to understand that your coaching business branding goes beyond just having the perfect logo, website, and all other superficial.

While these are added bonuses to help level up your branding, branding for coaches is a much more intricate concept.

Also, before we get started, it’s worth knowing that your entire branding efforts will be worthless if you haven’t built a solid foundation for your coaching business.

If you are still struggling to

  • nail your niche,
  • create a solid offer or
  • craft out a powerful marketing strategy to get more clients,

then you need to take this free 7-day LAUNCH FROM SCRATCH crash course now.

Why Do Coaches Need branding?

1. To Stand Out

The coaching industry is a thriving one and If you play your cards well you could easily earn 5 figures in consistent income every month.

Being a profitable industry, many have sought to become coaches and so this business has become a very saturated model to dive into.

Proper Branding makes you stand out and look a lot more attractive, relevant, compelling, and appealing to your ideal client.

2. To Create Resonance

Resonance Is the key to High ticket sales.

The more a potential client resonates with your branding,  the more likely you are to convert them into raving fans and potential clients for your business.

Ever wondered why so many coaches solve the same problem but attract different audiences?

This is resonance at work.

People will more likely follow and from whence they find a common touch point with.

A lead that feels connected to your brand is a lot more likely to buy from you than one that just feels obliged to follow you for fear of missing out.

The 4Ps of Branding For Coaches

1. Purpose:

At the heart of every magnetic personal branding is PURPOSE. A business that serves no true purpose is more or less a PASSION PROJECT.

If you are in the coaching industry to make money, you need to have a real purpose.

Your purpose is nothing complex and in simpler terms is just “The Essence of your business existence”.

Since every profitable business exists to solve real problems, the purpose of your business can be easily communicated as:

  • The VALUE it brings to potential clients
  • The PROBLEM your services solve in the real world

Nailing the purpose of your branding requires much more work than you think.

If it was just as easy as finding a problem in your industry and choosing to provide a solution to it, then almost every coaching business would serve the same purpose.

Your unique purpose is what makes this pillar of branding extremely powerful.

Asides from just “THE VALUE” you bring to potential clients, your purpose should be birthed from:

  • Your unique journey and story
  • Why you feel they need to help others solve that problem
  • The driving force behind your business launch

These prompts will help you craft a soul-driven purpose that attracts your dream clients to your brand.

2. Perception

You guessed it already, but this pillar of branding entails how you want to be perceived by your ideal clients.

You will need to list out some qualities you want your brand to be associated with and then figure out ways to inject these qualities into different elements of your branding.

Take Proagencyspot for example We are a team focused on helping coaches thrive online with digital marketing.

Some of the qualities, we’d love clients to associate our brand with include;

  • Professional but stylish
  • Customer-centric
  • Value oriented
  • Creative

Once you have a list of qualities you want clients to feel when they encounter your brand, you can then infuse them into different elements of your branding

For example: Instead of randomly choosing brand colors, we focused on picking colors that would communicate stylishness while maintaining professionalism.

Quick Question: Did we do a good job on that?

digital marketing for coaches

3. Your Brand Story

Your brand story is going to be one of your most powerful assets when it comes to building the brand of your dreams.

A catchy and relatable brand story can work wonders in helping you break even in your target market and become super magnetic to your target market.

The basis of a powerful brand is its story. Stories help you better communicate your journey as an expert in a much more fun and digestible way.

It allows clients to potentially have more human touch points with your brand.

This is important for humanizing your brand and getting your followers and leads to engage with you on a deeper level.

Developing your brand story takes a lot of work and strategy because ideally, your brand story will stick with your brand for almost forever.

3. Positioning

Brand positioning as a solid pillar for magnetic branding for coaches sort of ties into the PURPOSE pillar.

The purpose of brand positioning is to help establish your brand as a reliable resource for people in your target market.

The goal is to build a brand that is regarded as an INDUSTRY EXPERT and this single shift can work magic for your sales and business revenue.

When people see your brand as trustworthy and regard you as the expert, it will become so easy to convert your leads to sales.

The psychology here is that: People love to buy from experts that can guarantee results and if you want more premium clients, you need to be well-positioned to attract them.

How To Position your brand as an industry expert

  • Stop Sharing Cookie Cutter Strategies:

Stop sharing information that can be found anywhere online.

Instead, focus on sharing real-life tips and strategies that have personally gotten you results.

  • Become a Result-Oriented Coach

Less talking, more showing.

If you are a career coach, show people your previous results, client successes, and case studies in real-time.

This will help establish you as the expert and not just an imposter trying to earn a living online.

More trust means more sales!

  • Maintain a consistent overall brand messaging

While there is nothing wrong with sharing content pertaining to your hobbies and personal life, you need to do so sparingly.

Try as much as you can to center your entire brand around one core topic so that when people land on your profile, they know just what to expect and what value you could potentially add to their lives.

More so, this will increase your sales conversion significantly as you will end up attracting only those interested in what you have to offer.

Branding For coaches: How To Build a Magnetic Coaching Brand

Step 1: Know your ideal Client: 

The whole essence of branding is so your brand becomes familiar to your target audience because familiarity breeds sales.

Powerful branding is therefore impossible without a clear picture of the target client.

You need to have a clear and deep understanding of who your ideal client is before you even begin your branding process.

How To Nail Your Ideal Client Avatar

Nailing your ideal client isn’t technical at all.

When you think deeply,  there’s always a particular profile of people you would like to work with more often as a coach.

Those are your dream clients or better still your ideal clients.

Once you can figure out the consistent characteristics of clients you would love to work with,  you can then create an outline that states your ideal client Avatar.

As a Marketing expert turned business coach myself, I work better with

  • Female coaches and online service providers
  • women of color
  • Life, spiritual, and health coaches, and therapists preferably

With this profile intact,  I now have an idea of who exactly is it I would prefer to work with.

Knowing who your ideal clients are will help you tailor your content and messaging to resonate deeply with them

This way you are attracting more clients you would actually want to work with.

Step 2. Nail your USP

Having a specific client profile does not guarantee that you will better attract and convert them.

With so much competition in the industry,  people will more likely work with established industry leaders than a coach just starting out online.

The only chance you have at better-attracting dream clients over your competitors is through your USP.

Your USP stands for Unique Selling Proposition.

In simpler terms, it is how better you are at solving your target problem than your competitors.

Your USP is what makes you stand out from your competition.

It is the reason why your potential client should choose you over the competitors that already exist in the market.

Your USP could come in different ways. It could be in your pricing, energy,  messaging,  or brand story.

Your brand story is one of the best ways to create your USP.

As a coach,  you have a unique expert journey and story. 

Building your coaching business around your unique circumstances will help better attract those facing similar circumstances.

This group of people will see you as a much better solution since you have gone through similar issues and can better understand whatever situation they are in.

You can also try having a better pricing and offer structure than other coaches in your industry.

Or by simply being more playful or energetic in delivering your solution.

4. Develop your brand’s style

This is the normal branding everyone knows and focuses on.

It involves choosing a cohesive physical brand identity that feels welcoming to your dream clients. 

Your brand identity is a very important part of your entire branding process.

Since you will be creating content to market your business online,  you need a consistent identity that is unique to your branding voice,  tone, and messaging.

Let’s say you share content that is more alarming and controversial,  a bold font and red color might be a better brand Style.

Most times your color palette and entire brand style will be based on your personal preferences but you should also consider sticking with a brand style that resonates with your target audience.

For example, if you’re targeting more of the female demographic, you might want to go for a much warmer color than if it were to be males.

Your brand style will also come in handy when planning out your coaching website design.

You want to ensure that your entire website design matches the brand identity you’ve crafted.

Read this website design guide for coaches to learn how to infuse branding into building out the coaching website of your dreams.


By following this 4-step brand checklist, you will have built a strong and appealing brand that you love and your dream clients can’t resist!

Once you are done crafting the brand outline for your coaching business, you should consider getting serious with digital marketing for your coaching business.

This will help you get more eyeballs for your powerful brand and convert them to paying clients for your business.

Read this guide now to learn how to get started with digital marketing for coaches.

FAQs on Branding For Coaches

How do I brand myself as a coach?

It’s simple. Just nail the 4 pillars of personal branding for coaches and these include: Start with a unique purpose, strong positioning, and end with a powerful brand story.

Do coaches need branding?

Yes, Very important. Branding is especially important for coaches, as it adds an extra layer of validity to your business and positions you as an industry leader.

Why personal branding is important for coaches?

The competition in the coaching industry is really fierce.

To stand and attract premium clients, you need to have a compelling brand that does the selling for you and validates you as the expert.

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