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3O Business Logo Samples (Professional and Sleek)

Are you a creative artist looking for business logo samples for inspiration on your next business logo project?

Or maybe just a small business owner looking for ideas for a new logo?

Welcome on board!! Because today I’ll be sharing insane business logo samples to give you a head start for whatever the case may be.

What is a business logo?

A business logo is the imagery or symbol of a brand.

It is unique for any business and portrays brief but important values and details of a brand.

A business’s logo is one of the major elements of its brand’s identity.

Therefore, a business logo has to be unique and aligned with the purpose of the business.

Today, I’m going to be showing you some logo samples that you can replicate for your business or next project.

These business logo samples will be easy to gain inspiration from and also professional enough to be used as a business logo.

At the end of this post, I’ll also be sharing a simple step-by-step guide on how you can create your own business logo from scratch.

N.B For each of the samples I’ll be leaving links for you to check them out on the different websites from which they were sourced.

Some of these business logo samples are editable templates that can be bought and reused for your own personal business purposes.

Without further ado let’s go right into these incredibly simple business logo samples.

50 Best Business logo samples for Design Inspiration.

1. Lettermark logo examples

A letter mark-type logo happens to be one of the simplest logo models to consider for your business logo.

This logo design style basically makes use of letters to portray the image and identity of your brand.

There are two ways you can incorporate this logo design model into your next business logo project.

Usually, businesses like to use the first initials of their name in their letter mark logo.

While other businesses choose to have a symbol already created with a tagline below written in text.

Either way, the standard letter mark logo design is highly minimalistic and always coherent with the brand’s identity.

It is straightforward to make and hence usually the first option for most businesses.

Remember the letter mark logo uses letters basically.

So below are some business logo samples that incorporate the letter mark model.

B. Emblem Logo Examples

These are a lot more complex and intricate logo models but often give a memorable brand experience.

These kinds of logos are unique and take a lot of work to create.

Usually, businesses have an existing idea of what they want their brands to embody.

They usually then describe this creative to a professional graphics designer who does the heavy lifting to make their imagination a reality.

Don’t want your business logo to be more than just a letter in a graphic file?

Then you may want to consider these emblem logo examples.

A peculiarity to note about emblem logos is how each is custom-made for a certain business.

The best you can do is gain inspiration as editing these kinds of business logo samples will mean you stealing a company’s brand identity.

Here are some examples of unique emblem logos

C. Wordmark logo examples

A logo designed with the wordmark logo design model follows the basic principles of a letter mark logo.

They both use unique fonts to demonstrate the name or initials of a business.

While that happens to be true, wordmark design-type logos take the concept to a different dimension.

Most professional companies prefer to use the wordmark logo model to further embody their Brand’s identity while still maintaining an element of professionalism.

Some examples of companies that use an emblem-type logo include Google, FedEx, and Coca-Cola.

In an emblem logo design, unique fonts and colors are used to showcase the brand identity of a business.

The fonts used in a wordmark logo project are usually created from scratch and not just picked from a font library on Google.

This happens to be another distinction between the letter mark and wordmark logo model.

Below are some wordmark logo examples that you can take inspiration from or use in your business.

D. Abstract Logo Examples

These kinds of logos as you might have guessed already are basically abstract.

Usually, they are not recognizable and are just a blend of different graphics in order to portray the intricate brand style of that business.

They could be illustrative, dynamic, or geometrical.

Nevertheless, these kinds of business logos should stand out, be memorable, and also able to interpret the unique values of your business.

E. Monogram logo examples

The logo design model is a hybrid of the letter mark logo style.

It includes a combination of one or more letters portraying the name or initials of a brand.

In a monogram-type logo, these letters are mounted or placed close to each other to create a new and unique shape or geometric.

These kind of logo design is a lot more sophisticated and descriptive.
It is also easily recognizable since it usually says the brand name or initials.

F. Pictorial logo examples

I’m sure you’ve guessed it already.

These kinds of logos are basically pictures.

So unlike the letter mark logo design model that focuses majorly on the font, this model instead leans more towards designing unique imagery for your business.

This imagery should be able to depict the purpose and value of your brand.

This can be done by the addition of already recognizable symbols that tell a story.

For example: using

  • A horse in your logo imagery can be used to tell a story of integrity.
  • A bull can be used to tell the story of strength.

The point is this. Your pictorial logo should tell a short story about your brand using a picture.

G. Crest logo examples

If you run a more professional type business or company, like an educational institution or a sports Academy, this might be the logo model for you.

The Crest Logo is commonly used by Sports teams and schools.

The crest logo model is an advanced version of the emblem logo.

It uses a Crest geometric in addition to graphics that embody unique brand values and style.

H. Modern logo examples

Figuratively speaking, modern logos are a logo model that banks on unique trends and elements.

The design industry is constantly evolving.

Different design styles come and go.
With modern logos, you make use of elements that are in trend.

Making use of design styles that are in season and currently trending allows you to portray your brand as current and up-to-date.

At least till another design trend surfaces.

I. Illustrative logo examples

An illustrative logo design uses simple or complex illustrations to convey a unique brand story.

It is usually custom-made for a business just like in the emblem logo model discussed above.

This model allows businesses to tell stories using illustrations.

They can be designed in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop or custom-made by a professional graphic illustrator.

J. 3d logo examples

So 3D stands for three-dimensional and these kinds of logos are quite different from the traditional 2D logos.

It is more realistic and interactive.
This means you can revamp the above-mentioned logo models but instead in a 3D Style.

For example, you could have a letter mark logo design that isn’t flat but three-dimensional.

You can also have an illustrative three-dimensional logo.

My opinion about 3D logos is that you can take an already existing logo design and switch up the geometric configuration.

Overall, these Logo designs are a lot more Stylish and professional.

For more logo ideas for specific industries, check out these other posts here.

How To Create a Business Logo (Without business logo samples)

Follow this easy-step process to craft a unique and professional logo for your small business

  1. Create your Brand style guide

    A brand style is a simple guideline specific to a business containing a rundown of branding elements that should be used consistently.

    Before you even consider creating a business logo, I expect you must have chosen your specific branding elements.

    You might need to do a little market and customer research to find out what font and branding style works better in your industry.

    After which you will have to choose fundamental branding elements to build a cohesive brand from scratch.

    There are so many factors that go into creating a successful brand style, here’s a free brand style template and checklist to help you choose the right branding elements and business as a whole.

  2. Ideation Phase

    Once your brand style guideline is ready and set to go, you need to sketch out ideas for your future logo.

    Many passionate business owners can literally visualize what the perfect logo would look like for them whereas others need helping hands from creative artists.

    Whatever the case may be, you don’t need to spend a dime sourcing ideas for your business logo.

    Use design portfolio websites like Dribbble.com, Pinterest, and Behance, and you should be able to find inspiration for your next logo.

    If you plan on DIYing your business logo in order to save cost and stay in line with your budget, you can skip the ideation phase and simply use platforms like Canva and Creative Fabrica to source editable logo templates.

    You can use the above-mentioned logo styles as the basis for your logo template search.

    Once you find a template you like on Canva or Creative Fabrica, you just have to follow your brand style guideline to create a unique logo that suits your brand identity.

  3. Outsource to a freelancer

    Okay!! Skip this step if you choose to be minimalistic enough to DIY your business logo but if not, hire a designer.

    Most memorable and sophisticated brand logos are created this way, FROM SCRATCH.

    If you want an eye-catching logo and are willing to cover the cost, you can scout websites like Upwork, Fiverr, Behance, and Dribbble for professional designers.


FAQs about Business Logo Samples And Ideas

How Much are business logos?

If you choose to hire a professional graphics designer, you can end up spending up to $500 for your logo depending on how complex your demand is.

You can as well decide to DIY your business logo using editable templates created by professional designers.

Although you will be limited in how much you can customize your logo, it’s still a cost-effective way to create your business logo.

Some of the best places to source these kinds of templates are Canva and Creative Fabrica.

What are the best colors for the business logo?

There is no one size fits for what colors work better for logos.

You should instead use whichever colors you have on your brand style guideline.

Your unique logo colors help a great deal in creating a unique brand identity for your business.

Where can I buy a logo for my business?

You can choose to outsource your logo design on Fiverr and Upwork.
OR better still DIY your logo using a free software tool like Canva.

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