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16 Creative Content Ideas For Coaches: To Attract & Retain Clients

Content is arguably one of the best ways to drive traffic to a coaching business and if you’re looking for more amazing content ideas for coaches, you’ve come to the right place.

Content marketing is more than just posting content randomly online and hoping that your content gets impressions and drives traffic to your business

It is a strategic method of aligning your content to solve a specific problem for your target audience.

This should get them to know like and trust you enough to subsequently buy from you.

People are more likely to buy from people building by what they deem valuable and the right type of content will make you valuable to your market.

Importance of the right content ideas for the coaches

The main goal of every content strategy is to grow an audience that makes you money.

It’s not so much about the vanity metrics.

The problem is that most coaches don’t understand that more likes and followers don’t equal more sales.

The wrong content ideas for coaches might do a good job getting you all of the engagement that you want but not so many sales.

With the right content ideas for your coaching business, you’ll be able to create intentional content that nurtures and get them ready to buy from you.

17 Effective Content Ideas for Coaches

The content ideas on this list are effective for building a following that’s not only highly engaged but also pumped to throw money at you.

  1. Tell Stories based on real problems,  challenges, or experiences
  2. Share your hero’s journey
  3. Create unique educational content
  4. Leverage real testimonials and client success stories
  5. Create real case studies
  6. Bust common myths in your industry
  7. Share your life behind the scenes
  8. Answers your common FAQs
  9. Tackle your common sales objection
  10. Rant when you need to
  11. Share lessons based on your real-life experience
  12. Share your wins
  13. Create engaging polls
  14. Share your plans
  15. Make valuable recommendations
  16. Address common mistakes in your industry

17 Best content ideas for coaches and why they work

So the question here is: What makes a content idea effective?

By effective,  I mean able to drive sales and move the needle for your business.

Well, an effective content idea is one that either strikes the Logical or emotional chord of your target audience.

In summary, the content ideas that you share should be logical enough to make potential clients you as a thought leader

 Or emotional enough to strike a strong connection between you and your target audience.

1. Tell Stories based on real problems,  challenges, or experiences

Stories are really powerful for getting clients to feel more connected to you and to your brand.

A good story can help clients visualize themselves getting the results that you offer and Powerful visualization is the key to closing more sales.

The key here is to make sure that your story ties into the context of your brand.

The goal of any good story is to have clients be a Step Closer to making the decision of buying from you.

Stories are powerful for getting sales because while they help clients create a clear picture of what working with you can do for them,  they are not direct sales pitches.

Every hates sleazy salesmen and stories can help you get the message about your program across to your potential clients without being one

So how do you make your stories align with your overall brand messaging and drive the needle for your business?

It’s simple.

Instead of crafting stories off the top of your head,  use problems or challenges your clients might be going through.

For example, as a relationship coach, there are so many challenges people face when dating.

You could just easily pick one of those challenges and create a story out of it.

This story could be from your personal life or an illustration of your potential client’s ongoing life.

E.g how the wrong tinder profile got me the worst date of my life.

Storytelling can only be powerful when you’re able to nail your ideal audience.

It’s impossible to tell a compelling story to your target audience if you don’t even know who they are.

If you are struggling to nail your niche for your coaching,  then you should try out our 7-day launch from scratch crash-course.

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Within 7 days, you will learn everything you need to know about launching a solid and profitable coaching business.

Good storytelling can create endless content ideas that help grow an engaged audience for your coaching business.

If you want to learn more about the different storytelling formulas that you can apply in your business,  then I highly recommend that you watch this video.

2. The hero’s journey

If you’re good at telling stories then you most likely know about this content idea.

The Hero’s Journey is one of the most powerful ways to tell a story that closes and drives sales for your brand.

It is a storytelling formula that describes your whole journey to success.

Talks about your challenges,  your breakthrough, and your current peak moment.

It puts you as the protagonist in the story and shows potential clients that you were once where they are now but through your given secrets,  you overcame that challenges.

Hearing your Hero’s Journey puts you ahead of other cookie-cutter brands that only focus on creating copy-paste educational content.

This is because a hero’s journey is a true life story and you most probably have real strategies that could get them results.

If you are an expert, you most definitely have a Hero’s Journey if you’re showing to craft your Hero’s Journey story then you should definitely read this blog post.

3. Share knowledge-driven content

All of the more popular calling ideas for coaches are the educational content type.

Although not quite effective for helping you get sales, but powerful for building brand awareness and increasing engagement.

People love value and if you can create amazing educational content, they will most likely be grateful to your brand for that.

The problem with this type of content is that almost everyone is creating it.

If this is the only type of content you create for your brand It’ll be difficult to stand out uniquely in your industry.

This is the most common content pit-hole most coaches fall into.

They spend time creating amazing educational content but complain about not being able to close a substantial amount of their audience as clients.

The reason is obvious, if nothing sets you apart from the competition, it will be very hard for clients to choose you and your program over theirs.

The key to success with educational content is to target mini-problems with mini-solutions.

Give them a quick win and dopamine boost by sharing how they can solve a small challenge in their life.

The point with this is to make sure you are not giving way too much information that it almost feels like they shouldn’t pay you.

So think of mini-problems in your overall problem umbrella and create insane educational content to cater to them.

4. Share testimonials,  client success, and transformational stories

This is another powerful content idea for coaches that holds an anchor on one of the most powerful elements of sales: Emotions.

People buy based on emotions and justify based on Logic.

You’ve noticed most of the content ideas for coaches on this list focus on building the emotional connection that you need to get clients to buy from you.

Testimonials and client successes are other avenues for you to tell stories in your content marketing.

Share an inspiring transformational journey of a particular client from when they joined your program and show the real results they’ve gotten.

You could make the strategy even more powerful by bringing them on to your audience and making it a live session.

This way you give your program more validation and your potential clients to take the action so they can get similar results.

This will be especially powerful if you have done the legwork to build an audience for the common goal.

Most likely the result you get for a particular client will be admired by your other potential clients.

When using Testimonials and success stories,  make sure you ask permission from those clients to avoid infringing their privacy.

5. Share case-studies

The studies are more professional ways to build social proof for your coaching business.

A case study is a step-by-step analysis of a transformational journey that highlights the exact steps and strategies that were implemented to get the results

An example of a case study for a LinkedIn coach can be: how Clara grew an audience of 30K followers on LinkedIn in just 90 days after joining the LAUNCHPAD course.

This cotton idea is perfect for more logical buyers who want to see the step-by-step process they will be taken through when they buy your program.

Case studies are easy to create and you don’t even need a client to do this.

You could create a case study from your personal experience stating every step you took to get the results that you have.

6. Myth-busting or belief shifting

This is a polarizing type of content that could help you attract people who have the same beliefs as you or are simply attracted to your way of thinking.

Myth-busting content ideas help you position yourself as an industry leader because you think differently from others in your market.

It also helps narrow your audience to being an engaged community with people who agree with your point of view.

This is perfect for growing a unique brand for your coaching business as you will be sharing thoughts and strategies that can’t be found anywhere else. 

7. The diary style or behind the scenes

If you have a lot of fun things going on in your life, then consider the diary-style content.

This type of content is more laid-back and fresh.

It is perfect for your stories as for a quick post when you have run out of effective content ideas.

This type of content is very popular among coaches who tend to share what they do in their daily lives to invite their potential clients into their world.

Again this content is compelling for helping you build a more relatable brand and nurture a stronger relationship with your audience.

So the next time you run out of what to post on social media,  look at what you’ve been up to in your life and cook up a nice written post.

Make sure to make it engaging by adding elements of storytelling and copywriting.

Also, be sure to leave a CTA that could contribute to the overall growth of your band.

8. The FAQs

FAQ stands for frequently asked questions and the sip of content you posed to answer the questions you get from potential clients.

These questions don’t need to directly come from your own potential clients as you could easily find the frequently asked questions people in your industry pose.

Using tools like answer the public and answer Socrates,  you can crank out a list of commonly asked questions in your industry.

Then set out a time in your content calendar to give out detailed answers to these questions.

This content idea is really powerful for any coaching business because it makes you can’t feel like you really get them.

With FAQs,  unlike other brands in your market, you will be especially targeting the questions potential clients are asking and giving answers to them as opposed to just randomly putting out content.

Sure educational content is amazing, but when you create content based on what your audience is already asking,  that’s much more valuable.

So you do the maths,  who is more likely to close the sale?

A coach who takes out to figure out what their client’s concerns are, or their random competitors who focus on ad-hoc educational content.

9. Objection handling

There are different reasons why people are less likely to buy your products and one of them is your sales objections.

If there is a common objection you notice in your market, then you should tackle it beforehand so it doesn’t reduce your conversion.

In this content piece, you will be reassuring your potential clients that their objection is nothing to be worried about.

This could be a time,  money, or choice objection,  just make sure you help them see less risk in buying your programs.

Let’s say you get a common objection where clients say your program is too expensive,  you should tackle this by listening to all of the perks will be getting with your program and why it’s worth the price.

This can literally double your conversion rates since you will be giving them a logical reason to buy.

10. Rant or Pet Peeve

This content idea is a step ahead of the myth-busting idea.

Here you will be ranting.

You could write about anything.

This content idea is all about being authentic to what personally gets you pissed.

This could be a common trend you see that annoys you in your industry or even a current event that you just want to scream about.

You should use this content idea sparingly, so you don’t come across as a negative Nancy.

Nevertheless, this is an awesome way to add a human element to your brand showing your audience that you can also get angry

11. Lessons based on your experiences

We’ve all been through unique experiences and journeys as experts and this is definitely a huge Goldmine for amazing content ideas.

List out everything you had to go through on your Hero’s Journey. The pains, challenges,  good and bad.

Then try to squeeze out some lessons that you were able to get from all of those experiences.

If you are in a position where your ideal client wants to be,  these lessons will be good nuggets for them.

It will also allow them to see you as someone who has been where they are and can help them get to where they want to be.

12. Milestones 

Did Something you did just happen in your life,  talk about it.

Maybe it’s just a small win,  share it with your audience.

Sharing different milestones of your life allows you to bring your audience into your personal life and that’s how you build a stronger community.

It is the same scenario as how happy and elated you’d be about sharing your wins with a loved one.

This also gives them an avenue to congratulate you and feel more emotionally attached to your brand.

Almost like they know you.

13. Polls

Polls are an easy-to-pull yet effective way to engage your audience 

Just by asking simple questions and getting your audience to answer them you can further nurture your audience or get information from them.

If you have a polarizing question that might engage your audience, share it as a pool with your audience.

This contract year is perfect for growing your audience as he had the potential to reach a massive reader base.

14. Share your plan

If there’s a milestone you’re targeting currently in your life or a challenge you would love to overcome, then share your plan.

Plans are really effective for triggering and provoking a desired action from your potential audience.

So the next time you have something huge coming up and need to craft a plan, consider sharing those with your audience.

Again, this invites them into your inner circle and builds a strong community.

Your plans don’t necessarily have to be tied into the overall messaging of your brand, just keep things real and fresh.

15. Make recommendations

If you have amazing recommendations that tie into the overall messaging of your Brand and can help your audience get nearer to their desired goals,  share them.

This could be the best books for a certain cause,  TV series or even software products.

You can take this a step further by adding affiliate links so you get paid whenever your audience buys through your recommendations.

The key here is to make sure this recommendation contributes to the overall growth of your potential clients.

This content idea is really powerful because it shows that you actually care about the progress of your cans and are willing to share accommodation that might not pay you directly.

16. Address Mistakes and their effects

On your Hero’s Journey, you’ve made a lot of mistakes.

As a relationship coach these mistakes could be:

“Compromising on a toxic relationship or loving yourself less than you should have.

You get the gist. 

Sharing these mistakes is a way to further validate your expert journey.

This s also another avenue to share educational content without coming off as cookie-cutter because these mistakes will be personalized for your journey

Moreso by sharing these mistakes you help your potential client avoid them or stop making them.

This type of content is a lifesaver because it most likely took you a long time to fix those mistakes.

This helps breed gratitude from your audience abuse a more engaged community overall.

How to use these content ideas for coaches

Now you have all of these amazing content ideas for coaches,  what comes next?

Your content is only as good as your strategy.

P.S. These content ideas don’t make your strategy,  in fact having so many golden ideas will do more harm than good.

Your content strategy will help you nail the sweet balance of these content ideas for coaches in your content marketing game.

Your content strategy should contain a blend of content pieces that attract a new audience,  nurture your existing audience and convert potential clients to sales.

If you are struggling to cook up an effective content strategy for your brand, then make sure you read this guide on content marketing for coaches to get the headstart you need.

Also, content marketing is only a piece of the puzzle, your entire digital marketing strategy is extremely important for the overall success of your coaching business.

Read our guide on digital marketing for coaches to make sure your coaching business is well-optimized for success with our proven strategies.


Content is one of the best ways to attract new leads and get sales purely organically.

It is a lot more powerful than strategies like paid ads and outbound marketing, but with so much power comes huge responsibility.

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