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Digital Marketing For Coaches: The ONLY Guide You Need

One of the best investments you can make in your coaching business is learning the art of digital marketing for coaches.

Digital marketing can help you generate more sales and scale your business just by working from the comfort of your own home.

If you want to scale your business with the concept of digital marketing for coaches then keep reading!

What Is Digital Marketing for Coaches?

Digital marketing is quite different from traditional marketing you know.

Back in the day whenever you had to get a new client for your coaching business, he would have had to use flyers, word of mouth, or referrals, and if you had the budget TV ads.

The concept of digital marketing is quite different.

With digital marketing, you will be leveraging the power of the internet to spread the word about your Brand and get more clients.

Why is digital marketing important for coaches?

  1. It provides massive Potential

As an online coach digital marketing is extremely important because of its huge potential.

Which traditional marketing you would have been limited to just a small number of clients who are most likely located in your region.

Quite different with digital marketing as the entire world tends to be your marketplace.

  1. A Necessity

Digital marketing is more of a necessity than a strategy.

More and more people are coming online and transactions now occur more online.

The potential clients have social media profiles and are actively engaged on the platform.

Where there are Potential clients, there is money to be made.

It is therefore very important that you craft a digital marketing strategy that gets you in front of your target audience.

If you are stuck on where and how to get started with digital marketing for coaches, then this is the only guide you will ever need.

Digital marketing for coaches: 4 steps to get started

Step 1. Building a strong foundation

Before you even consider cooking up a digital marketing strategy for your coaching business, you need to ensure that you have the basic foundation well set up.

It’ll be a huge loss to send potential leads to your marketing campaigns using the online marketing strategies in this guide only to find out your entire business structure isn’t even built for success.

There are certain fundamentals that need to be in place in your business before you even think of getting eyeballs to your brand.

Some of these basic elements of a successful coaching business include:

A. Your Niche
Before you even consider starting a full-blown coaching business, you need to have first nailed your niche.

Niche research is a real step in every business’s success and that includes your coaching business.

You will need to know early on in your coaching journey

  • Who exactly it is that you help
  • How you help them
  • What all of your dream clients have in common?

This is just a summary of what your niche research should help you accomplish.

Most coaches struggle to break because they neglect this phase of their business.

Without proper knowledge of who your ideal clients are, it will be almost impossible to implement a digital marketing strategy tailored to attract and convert them to sales.

B. Your Offer
Another very important aspect of the coaching business is the offer.

A huge misconception most coaches have is that they need more traffic to get more sales.

On the flip side, more traffic doesn’t equal more sales.

If you don’t have a high-converting offer, you will almost never be able to get people to willingly type in their credit card details and buy from you.

Your offer needs to be compelling enough and way too irresistible for any potential client to say no.

If you don’t even have a program or course to start with, read this guide to learn how to create your first online coaching course.

If you have an existing program, the way to make it sell like hotcakes is by adding certain elements based on human psychology they have proven to help ease the buying process for any client or customer.

The more attractive your offer is, the less resistance your clients feel when making the purchase.

You can easily make your offers more irresistible by adding up special bonuses, discounts, and guarantees but there is more that could be done.

By understanding why people buy in your niche and what problems these potential buyers have you can, you can structure your offer to come across as the perfect solution these people need.

If you are struggling to Nail your coaching niche your offer is to be compelling and irresistible enough to get you the sales that you want,

then you need to take our free 7-day crash course.

It’s free and by the end of this seven-day period, you’ll not only have named your sweet coaching spot but be able to cook up programs and offers that sell time and time again.

Launch a coaching business

2. Set up your online presence

To build your client-generating machine with digital marketing, you will first need to set up your online presence.

  • How do you want your potential clients to perceive you and your business?
  • Where do you want them to find you?

These are the questions you’re going to be answering to get started with building your online presence.

In this stage, you be crafting a brand identity for your coaching business as well as a digital home where potential clients can find you.

A. Your Digital Home

If you going to be marketing your coaching business online, you need a place to call home.

So where will you have all of your value and expertise to show potential clients that you are the expert they need?

Whatever Media you choose, this is going to be your digital home.

  • You could choose to have to own a website,
  • start a podcast show
  • or just simply create a social media profile on the platforms where your ideal client hangs out.

If you want an honest opinion from someone who has been in the game for a long, I’d say you create a website.

There are so many benefits to owning a website as an online coach

  1. You own your platform

I’m sure you must have guessed this already, but your social media following is not yours.

Instagram could shut down anytime or TikTok could go and never come back, that would mean years of hard work flushed off in a matter of seconds.

Moreso, social media platforms constantly undergo algorithmic updates it can be really hard to maintain a certain level of reach and traffic.

The case is different from your own website. You own your platform as well as the traffic that comes.

So it makes sense to put years of hard work into building a home that won’t ever go away.

2. You get to leverage the best marketing strategy in the world

Have you heard of Google SEO?

Google is the largest search engine in the world with over a billion search queries every single day.

With so much traffic, comes a lot of potentials.

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it’s simply the process of optimizing your website to show up whenever someone searches your target keyword on Google.

It takes a lot of work but definitely pays off well.

This traffic is free and highly targeted.

Whenever someone finds your website from Google, they most likely searched for the term relevant to what you offer.

There’s no better potential client than one who is already searching for a solution like yours.

3. You can showcase everything you need clients to know

Instagram limits you to just one link in your bio.

Facebook does the same and with TikTok, it’s even a lot harder to drive people who are in for entertainment over to your website.

On the other hand, you can showcase all of your services, programs, and even your entire portfolio at scale on your website.

With more info about your business, comes more trust from potential clients and as you know, your trust score can easily translate to how many sales you get on your website.

If you are pumped about the possibilities that exist with owning a website, then read these guides now on How to create your coaching website from scratch and insane website design tips for coaches.

B. Your Brand Identity:

Another important element of your online presence is your brand identity.

Most clients prefer to work with coaches with a professional personal branding style, so you need to take this seriously.

Now before you think about designing your brand yourself, you need to take into consideration how clients will perceive your value.

With a cookie-cutter brand identity comes a lesser perceived value from clients.

In the long run, it will be really hard to charge premium prices for your services when your brand doesn’t even feel premium as much.

This stage isn’t about spending huge on hiring a graphic designer to create your logo and graphics and design your entire brand Style

Rather it’s about ensuring that you maintain consistent and neat branding across all your marketing campaigns.

Once you cook up a minimalistic style for your coaching brand, ensure that your brand colors, fonts, and entire identity are consistent.

Whether in your coaching material, social media graphics, or even website design.

This will increase your chances of being perceived as professional and onbrand by your dream clients who will be more like to want to work with you

As an online coach myself, I understand it can be really hard and expensive to outsource the entire branding aspect of the business to a professional graphics designer.

This is especially true for new coaches who have a limited budget.

No worries just the solution you need.
Have you heard of Canva?

Canva is an insane design told that works perfectly for both designers and newbies.

This tool has a huge library of premade templates by professional artists.

Whether it’s for your logo, social media content, or even coaching materials, Canva will fast-charge your productivity and help you chunk out professional graphics on a large scale.

Hey!! Why don’t you get started by designing your business logo using templates already available on Canva.

N.B A powerful coaching brand goes beyond having the perfect brand logo and graphics, so if you want to learn the intricacies of building a brand for your coaching business, then this Branding for coaches guide we wrote should be on your reading list.

Step 3: Develop a content marketing strategy

Once your branding is on point and you have your digital home all set up, then consider creating your content strategy.

Over the years, the competition with digital marketing for coaches has grown fierce.

Just like you, many other coaches now realize the gem in digital marketing for their coaching businesses and want to hop on the moving train.

The only problem with that is that it has become a lot harder to stand out in the competition and show potential clients that you are the expert they need to get their problems solved.

Back in the day you could get a lot of clients with digital marketing by just up some crappy Facebook ads and selling your offers in between.

You’re going to need a lot more than that to get you in today’s age.

Don’t get me wrong, paid ads are still one of the fastest ways to get more leads and convert them to sales but unless you have a robust project to spend on hiring an ads expert and paying the ad spend, you need a more beginner-friendly strategy.

That is where the content comes in.

If you haven’t heard already content is King.

Content marketing is one of the best ways that you could get yourself and your brand in front of your dream client and get them to convert to sales.

Content marketing is a strategy that involves creating valuable content for your potential client in hopes of getting them to know like and trust your brand.

When this trust has been established, you can then convert them to paying clients for your business.

The concept here is to build enough Trust people to pay a premium for your services.

The internet is full of so many scams and it’s not surprising as a potential client to scare away from hiring coaches unless they truly trust them.

An effective content strategy will include;

  • A brief description of who your target audience is
  • The marketing platform of your choice
  • A list of your main content buckets with your core topics
  • A content calendar with more potential content ideas for your content machine.

Your content strategy is a very delicate part of your entire marketing strategy.

When you’re ready, make sure to read this guide on content marketing for coaches, to learn how to craft a powerful cotton plant that grows your business on autopilot.

Step 4: Utilizing email marketing and funnels

If you’re an expert coach, you are most likely used to charging $1000 for your coaching packages.

This was so easy with channel marketing strategies that involved more in-person and Real-Time interactions.

People were more likely to pay such huge prices to get their problems solved because they were almost sure that their investment was for a good cause.

Nowadays coaches have a lot of convincing to do with potential clients to get them to see the value in investing in their premium services.

Lead nurturing is a process of getting a potential client to gradually see reasons to invest even at premium rates.

It involves building a strong relationship that gets them more confident in investing in your services.

There are several ways to nurture your leads as an online coach.

  • You could create a Facebook community and go live regularly with more value with them in real-time.
  • You could also use your stories on social media to invite them into your personal life and build a more trustworthy relationship with them

There’s one way that sticks better than others for building relationships with your ideal clients.

The strategy is called email marketing.

Sure, social media can help you build an emotional connection with your audience and potential clients but you don’t own the platform.

Social media platforms could close down one day and all your efforts would have gone down the drain.

With email Marketing, you’ll be sending clients to a list.

This email list is yours for life.

You can then follow similar processes and send in daily or weekly value to help the audience grow more in love with your brand

Moreso social media isn’t a realistic way to nurture your leads.

Building an email list can be quite technical but in simplified terms, You will need to create

1. A lead magnet

This is a free resource that you will give potential clients to get them over to your email list.

Trust me, with the increasing rate of email spam today, no one will listen to your plea for their email address if you don’t have anything to offer them in return.

Your lead magnet is a magnet for your leads, you entice them with a freebie and get them to willingly give you their email address.

Don’t let FREE fool you, you need to make your free resource as valuable as any paid offer, here’s why

When you offer resources to a potential client, you are unintentionally setting a standard for your brand.

Make it crappy and clients will feel skeptical about making premium investments in your brand.

Make it awesome and you have the leverage to piggyback off of when selling your offers.

2. A funnel

Once you have your freebie all set up, you need a system in place to have this lead magnet grow your business on the backend.

Your funnel is an automated step journey potential clients go through to be nurtured and be made more likely to buy your offers.

You need a system to deliver your lead magnet to clients on autopilot and a set of emails to build trust with them and get them to convert to sales.

Funnels are one of the most important elements of digital marketing for coaches.
Wonder why some coaches make 6-figures per month while others struggle to even break even in earning a consistent full-time income online.

It’s these systems.

To truly grow your coaching business, you need a system that runs itself.

Potential clients should be able to come into your business and become sales for you on autopilot while you focus on sending even more traffic to your funnel.

To build an insane funnel, you need to know what works and what doesn’t.

Read this guide now to learn how to create your first coaching sales funnel.

I got started with my sales funnel journey by learning for free from the best.

Heard of Russell Branson? Maybe you haven’t.

This guy is a beast when it comes to building systems that grow your business behind the scenes.

And When I said FREE, I meant it…

If you are serious about learning how funnels work and how you can build your 1st funnel by learning from someone who has been in the game and has made multiple 7 figures creating funnels for a living, then here’s your chance.

This is the Bare minimum you need to know to get started with email Marketing, for all my inquisitive coaches out there, here’s a more in-depth guide on email Marketing for coaches.

5. Measuring the success of your digital marketing efforts

One of the benefits of implementing a digital marketing strategy is how you get to track the results of your campaign.

In comparison to traditional marketing, you will have real data from your business to work with.

Most digital marketing tools give you analytics and stats from your coaching business.

This will help you know where to improve and what strategies to Double Down On.

Once you get this data, you need to use it to improve your current strategy

4 Proven Digital Marketing Strategies for Coaches

1. Blogging

Starting a blog for your target audience is one of the best ways to get in front of your target audience and build brand awareness.

To start blogging, you will need a website and your expertise too, but that’s so little of an investment compared to how much money you could make in your coaching business by driving traffic using a blog.

As explained earlier, your blog will open you to the many possibilities that exist will ranking on Google and getting traffic for free.

If you like the idea of having a blog to share your expertise, then you need to check out this Guide on SEO for Coaches I recently wrote about.

This will show you everything you need to get started with blogging in your coaching business.

2. Social Media Marketing

With so many options to choose from, you should definitely consider marketing your coaching business on social media.

Your potential clients most likely have a social media profile and you should be engaging them with your expertise even when they mindlessly scroll through social media.

The key with social media is to pick just 1 or 2 of these platforms where your potential clients are actively engaged, and learn their different algorithms.

For example, LinkedIn might be an awesome platform for Career coaches but not as much for a health coach.

We have helpful guides to help you get started with social media marketing and I highly recommend that you check them out.

Social Media Marketing for Coaches

How to use Instagram for your coaching business

3. Network Marketing

A real relationship is the name of the game for more sales, especially as an online coach.

People love to buy for people they know like and trust.

By building real relationships with your potential clients, you increase the chances of them on a pain level.

Before you think of shoving in your lead’s face, think again and instead focus on building a strong relationship first before pitching your services.

A way to do this at the scale is by joining various Facebook groups or subreddits where your ideal clients are and making it part of your daily routine to go in and engage with them.

You can engage by answering the questions and establishing yourself as the expert or by making your own post and giving unique value to these communities.

If you do this well, it won’t take long before you start getting inquiries about your services from people who now see you as the expert.

4. YouTube

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world and one of the most powerful marketing platforms for various reasons.

The first and obvious one is the fact that your potential client already actively searching for videos that solve their problems.

Showing up on these searches can help you establish your brand and with that much potential, offer a lead magnet and get your viewers and subscribers onto an email list where you can convert them to sales.

But that is just one reason.

YouTube harnesses is one of the most powerful marketing strategies, video marketing.

  • Did you know that people are 10 times more likely to convert to sales after watching a video?
  • Or that video helps you build Trust with a potential client a lot faster than any other marketing strategy would?

YouTube is actually a lot easier to get started with as opposed to other strategies on this list if you know how to do the work.

All the long run the strategy pays the best and you’ll be able to Leverage your audience to earn money in other diverse ways asides from your services.


Hopefully, this post gave you the step formula you need to get started with digital marketing for coaches.

Keep in mind that this is going to be a long-term game, and so slow and steady wins the race.

Once you craft your digital marketing strategy, make sure to stay consistent and in due time you will see insane results with how much your coaching business will have grown.

If you are pumped about the possibilities of digital marketing, I highly recommend you read this post on Lead generation for coaches to help set the standard of how to generate coaching leads and clients in real-time.

FAQs on Digital Marketing For Coaches

How do I market my coaching business?

There are a million and one ways you can market your coaching business.

To choose the best strategy for your industry, you will need to figure out where your dream clients are and market to them on those platforms.

On that note, you will need to first analyze your target market, then craft a marketing strategy suited for it.

Digital marketing for coaches has insane possibilities and more coaches need to realize this.

Can you be a coach without social media?

Most definitely!! With digital marketing for coaches, there are so many other ways to market your business online.

You could try blogging, paid ads, or even forums with your ideal clients.

The point is to find where your target audience is and meet them at the point of their need.

How do I market my coaching business on social media?

The key to marketing your coaching business successfully on Social media is to build real-time relationships with clients and get them to know, like, and trust you enough to buy from you.

You can do this by staying consistent in delivering value so much that they almost anticipate your content.

Once you establish yourself as the expert, you will be able to sell effortlessly on social media.

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