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Top 13 Digital Products To Sell in Nigeria & How To Sell Them.

This article has everything you need to know about the best digital products to sell in Nigeria. If you keep reading, you’ll also learn exactly how to sell digital products in Nigeria.

13 Digital Products To Sell In Nigeria

To give you a quick hint on how to sell digital products in Nigeria, here are 13 of the best digital products to sell in Nigeria.

  1. Spreadsheets

    Exceptionally good with spreadsheets or excel? Cook up some templates and sell them online.

  2. Low Content Books and Interiors

    Sell journals and coloring books on a marketplace like Amazon KDP

  3. Design Templates

    Are you a graphics designer or have a creative eye, create design templates to sell in your spare time.

  4. Lightroom Presets

    Good with Adobe Lightroom, Create presets when you get the chance.

  5. Audiobooks

    Turn your book into an Audiobook and sell it on Findaway and ACX.

  6. Stock Photos and Videos

    Happen to be the photogenic type, why not sell those photos on stock photo sites?

  7. Scripts and Themes

    Are you a developer? Write out helpful scripts and sell them on Envato, creative market, and other marketplaces.

  8. Domain Names

    Buy domain names for cheap and flip it over on Domain Marketplaces like Flippa and EmpireFlippers

  9. Services

    Have an awesome skill up your sleeves, then try starting a freelance business online.

  10. Membership Sites

    Love the idea of getting paid on a subscription basis, you should create a membership site.

  11. Courses

    Have something you’re knowledgeable about, Create a course about it.

  12. Ebooks

    Prefer to share your knowledge in words, then create an ebook.

  13. Tshirt Designs

    Create PNGs and JPEGs for Tshirts, mugs, and other products

Before I shed more light on these digital product ideas, Here’s a step-by-step process for how to sell digital products in Nigeria.

What is a digital product?

A digital product as the name implies is a product in digital form. Unlike physical products, they have so many advantages and can be a huge income stream for busy entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

The crazy thing about digital products is you only have to create them once. If you get everything right the first time, they can make you passive income over and over again.

Benefits Of Selling Digital Products.

  • You don’t need to handle inventory:

Starting a physical product business can be really draining. More so, you might need to pay for the storage rooms in which your products will be stored.

The story is quite different with digital products. Cloud-based storage services like google drive and dropbox are more than enough to store your digital products online.

If anything, most online stores allow you to sell these digital products directly on their platform.

  • You only have to create them once

With physical products, to sell a thousand pieces, you’ll need to create a thousand pieces of your product.

On the other hand, with digital products, you only have to do the work once. Upload it to your online store, and then watch that sweet income flow in.

  • Instant delivery

No need to worry about delivery or shipping costs for your digital products as you would for physical products.

Once your customers click the buy button, they immediately get access to your digital products at any time of day.

  • Huge profit margin

When it comes to pricing your physical products you’d definitely need to put some things into consideration. This includes the cost of production and other fees that may be involved.

When all these fees are subtracted from your total revenue as a physical product-based business owner, you might have nothing left to call profit.

It costs little to nothing to get digital products created. This allows you to make a 100% profit on the products you create.

  • Low overhead cost

You need little to nothing to start selling digital products in Nigeria. On the other hand, to sell physical products, you need a huge sum of money for capital to cover your product cost.

How To Sell Digital Products in Nigeria

1. Select an idea for your digital product

From this list of digital products to sell in Nigeria, choose one and move on to the next step.

Make sure it’s one you’ll have fun creating. This will ensure you put in your best in creating digital products that customers would love to buy.

2. Select the niche and topic of your digital product.

This step is really important because the wrong topic and niche might mean you never sell any copy of these digital products.

How To Choose a Niche For Your Digital Products

  • Brainstorm different Topics you could create digital products for:

E.g Let’s say I wanted to create design templates to sell on the Creative Market.

I’d have to list possible topics like Poster templates, ebook cover templates, banner templates, YouTube thumbnail templates, and so on.

  • Analyze the demand for these topics

Before you start creating your digital products, you have to validate the topic idea.

Make sure the digital product topic you choose has a high demand but a low competition rate.

3. Create The Digital Product

I can’t teach you how to create your own digital product because you’re the expert. You have the knowledge and expertise and that’s all you need to make this work. So don’t give me excuses and get started with creating your digital products.

4. Build Your Online Store

Once you have your digital files for your digital product, it’s time to get it published. Depending on what digital product you’ll be selling, there are different options for how to sell them online.

You’ll need to decide on one thing for sure, do you want to sell on a marketplace or on your own online store/website?

The difference between these two is this. Marketplaces have an inbuilt audience already looking to buy products like yours. Whereas, owning a website means you have to control everything yourself including Marketing.

Selling On Marketplaces Like EnvatoSelling on Your Own Website
You share your commissions with these MarketplacesYou can keep all of the income
You don’t have to do any marketingYou will need to send traffic over to your store
You can get kicked off these platforms if you break their terms and conditions.It’s your website, No one is suddenly going to shut you out
You are up against the fierce competition on these marketplacesWhen customers are on your website, your products are the only focus.

From this comparison, it’s obvious that owning a website is a lot better for selling digital products online. Don’t forget you can consider selling on marketplaces as well as on your website.

5. Drive Traffic To Your Products

If you won’t be using marketplaces to sell your digital products, you need a way to get customers to your store.

This is the art of marketing your online store. You could have the best digital products but if no one knows about them, they are as good as useless.

To grow your digital product business online, You need to be actively marketing and driving people to your online store.

Digital Marketing is the way to go. You’ll need to learn various marketing strategies like Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.

These strategies will help you get your products in front of your target customers hence making bringing sales for your digital product business.

13 Best Digital Products To Sell in Nigeria and How To Sell Them.

1. Spreadsheets

If you’re exceptionally good with excel and google spreadsheet, this might potentially be a new income stream for you.

Did you know not everyone is as good with excel and google spreadsheets as you might be? So creating a spreadsheet that makes someone’s life a lot easier can mean you potentially make a lot of money.

As to how you’ll be selling these spreadsheets, it’s a good idea to try out Selar.co and Gumroad Marketplace.

2. Low Content Books and Interiors

These kinds of products are fast growing in popularity and this is for obvious reasons.
Low-content books as their name scream are books with Low content basically.

Unlike the generic book you know with words and images, low-content books have barely any of those.
Examples of these kinds of books include Journals,  notebooks,  graph books, and a lot more.

You simply make the interior of a low-content book with a software tool like Canva. Then upload it to Amazon KDP,  after which you’ll have to create the cover for your low-content book. Think of the random notebook you’d buy on a normal day and make a cover similar to that.

Once that’s done,  you’d need to add the title,  descriptions, and tags for your book then click publish.

Amazon has millions of monthly buyers who come to the KDP store in search of books to buy.

If you can create a high-quality book with a catchy cover,  it won’t take long before you start making a lot of money.

You could further monetize this side hustle by uploading these KDP interiors onto marketplaces like creative Fabrica for other KDP sellers to use.

Selling Low content books on Amazon KDP is a really profitable side hustle and requires a tutorial of its own. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how I make $500 per month selling books on Amazon KDP.

3. Design Templates

This idea is for my designers out there, so whether you design websites, graphics, or anything you can think of. You can turn them into a passive income stream for your business.

I can understand that rendering services online can be very time-consuming. It is therefore smart to turn your service-based business into a passive income machine by selling your templates.

As a designer, you just make design templates for clients who are maybe on a tight budget. Most of these clients would prefer to DIY their projects. That’s where your design templates come in handy.

These templates could be from projects made during your leisure or even for your past clients. Once these templates are ready, you simply upload them onto design marketplaces like

  • Creative Market
  • Graphic River
  • Creative Fabrica

4. Lightroom Presets

Growing a following on social media platforms like Instagram requires a lot of personal branding.

Even more, brands will only sponsor influencers who have a professional brand. One of the best ways to build an aesthetic brand is by maintaining a consistent theme.

This is why selling Lightroom presets will allow these influencers to edit their Instagram photos in a consistent theme. So this is definitely a digital product any influencer will be willing to spend their money on.

So, if you’re exceptionally good with adobe lightroom,  consider creating Lightroom presets.

5. Audiobooks

Audiobooks are obviously normal books in an audio format. These types of books are quite preferred by readers nowadays as you can listen to them while going about your daily activities.

So if you’re already a writer, what’s stopping you from converting your book into an audio version? Then uploading them online.

Marketplaces like Findaway voices and ACX have millions of monthly audiobook listeners looking to listen to a book like yours.

6. Stock Photos and Videos

If you’re more photogenic than most of us or can create amazing illustrations,  then consider selling them online.
Stock photo sites like Dreamstime,  Shutterstock, and istock, allow anyone with professional photos to upload them for a commission.

Bloggers,  content creators, and business owners go to these platforms in search of quality photos and images for their brand’s content.  If yours get bought or downloaded,  you make money.

Check out this income stream if you’re an influencer or graphic designer with a lot of images to be monetized. 

7. Scripts and Themes

If you’re a professional developer and have some time down your alley,  put together a helpful script or code.

I’ve seen scripts for WordPress widgets,  apps, and much more.

These might take you days to create but can be of great value to your buyer.
You create these scripts and upload them onto platforms like TemplateMonster, Themeforest, and Codecanyon.

These marketplaces once again have millions of people going on in search of different plugins to buy.

If you’re unsure of what scripts and code to create,  simply head over to these different platforms and get an idea of what’s already selling well. Then create something unique from your expertise.

8. Domain Names

Domain names are the name you see whenever you click on a website on Google.  These are simply the address of a website and most times in this format “brandname.com“.

To buy a domain name,  you simply head over to domain name registrars like Namecheap and buy them for $7.

Now how can you make money selling domain names?

Well here’s how it works,  you buy a potentially profitable domain name in hopes that someone would see it as more valuable and choose to buy it from you but at a higher price.

This hustle can feel like a gamble but if you play your cards well,  it can be really profitable.

Think of a potential domain name in a niche that anyone would want to buy. For example, americanplumbers.com, can be bought by almost any plumber in America,  so your chances of making a profit are a lot higher.

To earn a profit,  you could use websites like GoDaddy auctions and Dan.com. These are both popular marketplaces for you to sell your domain names for a profit.

In rare cases,  domain names bought for dirt cheap on Namecheap have sold for more than $10, 000 when flipped.

If this side-hustle sound great to you, Sign up for a free account on Namecheap here.

Then start doing your research to find profitable domain names to buy.

9. Services

If you have a valuable skill that people would actually want to pay for, you should monetize it online.

Skills like Graphics design, copywriting, and website design are widely sought out by online brands. If you possess these skills, you should be leveraging the internet to monetize them for a profit.

This is basically called the freelance business model, where you’re selling your services without having to work for any company.

Freelancing is one of the best ways to start making money online In Nigeria as a complete beginner.

It has a special spot in my heart, being one of the first ways I started making money online. It’s a perfect side hustle for beginners.

No money is needed to get started, just your skills. So, If you want to start selling your existing skills, Here’s a complete article on how anyone can start a freelance business in Nigeria.

10. Membership Sites

This digital product idea is the holy grail for making recurring income with your business.

A membership site is a digital product where you have people subscribe with a monthly fee that automatically gets paid to you unless they cancel their subscription.

For a proper illustration of this digital product, I need you to think of Netflix. Every month people pay to access the amazing library of films the platform has to offer.

This digital product idea is perfect if you have a product or service that keeps people coming back. Instead of having them pay each time they need to use your products or service, they’ll only have to pay a monthly fee and enjoy the benefits.

To build an attractive membership site, You need a product or service that keeps people coming back. This way you can reduce the chances of people unsubscribing and canceling their subscriptions.

If you’re looking to create a professional membership site for free, I highly recommend BuyMeaCofee. It’s completely free to sign up and the platform makes the whole process easy.

If this business model interests you, sign up for a free account on BuyMeaCoffee.

11. Courses

These are the “Holy Grail” for digital products to sell in Nigeria and make a killing.

If you have any valuable skill up your sleeve, one that solves a pressing problem for your potential clients, then you should launch your online course.

Your online course can be as short as 10 minutes and as long as you deem fit.

What matters is that you need to provide premium value for students. By creating quality course content, you can guarantee a healthy engagement of students.

There are many ways you could create an engaging online course to sell. You could do video recordings, audio recordings, email series and the list goes on.

The most popular format of online courses is the video course format. To create engaging video courses, you could try a few of these ideas.

How To Create Engaging Video Courses

  • Show your face on camera:

If you’re confident on camera this should be the option for you. All you need is good lighting, your beautiful face, and a good camera.

  • Use Stock Videos as your course background:

You could also try recording your voice. Then play it on a B-Roll tape of stock videos from free sites like Pixabay,

  • Convert your written text to speech:

If you have a thing for writing instead of standing in front of a camera, then you’ll love this tool called Invideo.

It literally converts your articles and write-ups to videos with a click of a button.

This way you’re focusing on creating your course the best way you can. You do this by writing out the content of the course, then converting it to videos using invideo.

  • Use Powerpoint presentations: 

You could also consider creating your online courses the old-school way with Presentations. This video style makes your course look really professional and organized, so don’t run from them.

Once you’ve decided on how you want to create your online courses, let’s discuss how you’ll be selling these products.

Where To Sell Online Courses in Nigeria

There are several platforms that allow you to sell courses online, for the most part, these tools are free. I’d be giving my personal recommendation for which platform you should choose.

apple laptop notebook office
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
  • Udemy:

Udemy is an Online course marketplace with over hundreds of millions of monthly visitors actively looking to buy courses.

If you can get your course in the faces of these buyers, you’ll easily start making passive income from day 1.

With Udemy, you’ll be facing certain issues with their price promos that slash your course price into almost nothing.

You’ll also have to share a huge percentage of your earnings with their admins and this can be really demeaning. Fortunately, Udemy compensates for this disadvantage in the number of students you could get to your online courses. 

Don’t forget, Udemy is a completely free course marketplace to try out.

  • Gumroad:

This completely free software allows you to build an online store and sell your online courses.

The user interface on Gumroad is extremely user-friendly and I’d rank this as the best online store builder for newbies.

  • Skillshare

Skillshare is the new kid next door and allows you to sell online courses to its large database of students.

It has over 8 million monthly users. If you have something creative to share, you should most definitely check out this platform.

Make sure you’re reading the terms and conditions of skillshare before taking the time and effort to build your online course.

  • Thinkific:

If you can’t handle having to share the commissions of your sales or can’t imagine your price being slashed into crazy bits, then thinkific is the platform for you.

It’s a professional online course builder for savvy entrepreneurs looking to build high-value courses.

Some of these features include a drip schedule format for your course, a dedicated website with your custom domain, a community-style course builder, and a lot more.

It’s crazy how to tool is completely free to use seeing how valuable its features are.

12. Ebooks

Books have for the longest time been the medium for professionals to share their top-notch insights and knowledge.

Books existed even before the rise of online courses and are still a medium used by industry leaders and experts.

Traditional books are the common form of books in hard physical format, but there’s such a thing as an ebook.

You simply place information in a physical book but in a digital copy instead.

The cost of production is extremely low and you don’t have to worry about traditional publishers or the other formalities with a physical book.

 Where To Sell Your ebooks in Nigeria

  • Amazon KDP

Amazon KDP is a platform by Amazon that allows you to publish books in both physical and digital formats for completely free. Giving your book access to the millions of users the platform has every single month.

All you need is a free account and a bank account to receive payments from the platform.

Uploading and publishing your books on the platform is really quite easy. They do an excellent job of walking you through how you could get started with publishing on their free platform.

  • Gumroad:

This software is an all-in-one platform for building an online store to sell any form of digital product and this includes ebooks.

  • Draft2Digital:

This website is a book aggregator. It takes your book and distributes it to huge platforms where ebooks are sold. Some of these platforms include: Amazon KDP, Barnes and Noble, e.t.c

This service is completely free to use and Book creators will testify that it creates a huge source of passive income for writers.

13. Tshirt Designs

It’s funny how T-shirts can even be classified as digital products but let me explain how this strategy works.
You are simply going to create designs for T-shirts and apparel. Whenever someone chooses to buy your designs on their new shirt,  you make a commission.

Think of amazing shirts you bought just because of their custom design.  You can become the one on the back end earning whenever someone buys.

This business model is called Print on Demand. You’ll be creating designs and uploading them to be listed on marketplaces like Teepublic and Redbubble.

These marketplaces have millions of monthly buyers. If you have a creative eye,  you could easily create amazing designs,  slap them onto these apparel and make huge commissions in passive income.

If you enjoyed this post, then you will definitely love this post we made about 11 Unique digital products you can create on Canva and sell online for a huge profit.

Commonly Asked Questions on How To Sell Digital Products in Nigeria

What are the Top Selling Digital products in Nigeria?

Online courses still top the list for me, seeing how Nigerian course creators earn 6-7 Figures cheaply by selling online courses, there’s no doubt that Courses are profitable digital products to create.
Next to online courses on the list are eBooks. With Platforms like Amazon KDP, writers are now able to earn $500-$1500 every single month in passive income.

What are some hot selling information products in Nigeria to sell?

Courses and eBooks will always be the best ways to share information and sell them for a profit but some other hot-selling info products in this day and age include Email courses and Audiobooks.

How To Sell digital products with Paystack

Paystack is one of the best free online store builders in Nigeria and in order to sell digital products with Paystack, you’ll simply need to create a free storefront and upload your digital products. Their user interface is beginner friendly and easy to navigate.

What is the best Platform to Sell digital products in Nigeria?

There are so many platforms to sell digital products in Nigeria, some of which include: Paystack, Flutterwave, Selar.co, and WooCommerce but in my opinion,
creating a marketplace of your own on WooCommerce is the best way to sell your digital products in Nigeria for maximum profit.

How to sell digital products on flutterwave

Selling digital products on Flutterwave is really very easy and free to get started with. You simply create an account and verify your identity on Flutterwave, after which you’ll be able to seamlessly build a professional e-commerce site where to can sell your digital products by simply uploading the files onto Flutterwave.

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