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Everything About Chipper Cash: (A Quick Overview)


You’re in the best place if you’re looking to learn everything about chipper cash.

At the end of this blog post, you are able to know what chipper Cash is, how it works, how to create an account, and also how to make money using the app.

What is Chipper cash?

Chipper cash is a virtual bank that allows business owners and individuals to send and receive money internationally.

Asides from sending payments and withdrawing funds, The app also allows its users to invest and make money in various ways using the app.

So, before we go into the nitty-gritty of everything about chipper cash, here’s an overview of what to expect with the app.

  1. Free and reliable International mobile money transfer:
  2. Low-cost withdrawal rates
  3. An easy verification process
  4. An inbuilt investment platform with access to international stocks like Amazon Disney Coca-Cola and much more
  5. A robust and legit referral program

In a nutshell, Chipper cash isn’t only an app to send and receive money across international borders.

You can also make money and pay your utility bills directly on the app.

Verified Chipper Cash Countries

With over 3 million users, the Chipper cash app is only currently functional in seven countries but has promised to expand further into other countries.

Currently, the seven countries include Nigeria, US, UK, Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda, and South Africa.

Verified Chipper Cash Countries

How does Chipper cash work?

Chipper cash is a virtual bank that can be used to Pay bills or send and receive money right from the comfort of their home with just the app.

To get started you simply download the app on the Play Store using this link sign up for a free account and explore its robust feature.

Once you create your account, you will be assigned a specific username and profile on the platform.

You can also enable the account number feature which will enable you to receive your funds from any bank account to your wallet locally.

Recently chipper cash introduced its own Visa card.
It works like any other visa card and allows you to shop worldwide and make global payments as well.

You can claim your VISA card for free once you verify your account and you will be able to earn a 5% cash back on every qualified purchase for a limited time.

Imagine shopping online and getting 5% cash back.

This is why I say the app is so versatile and allows you so much leverage.
You don’t need to know everything about Chipper cash to know it’s a good app.

So, if you’re looking to just send money, withdraw funds and shop online, sign up for a Chipper cash account here.

When you sign up using this link we both get a referral bonus of N600, so if you don’t mind earning free money, sign up using my link.

Can this App be trusted?

Chipper Cash makes it so easy for you to withdraw your funds, once you’ve received it from a friend, family member, or business partner.

It isn’t like most of its alternatives that make their withdrawal process very rigorous and might even end up hoarding your money.

You can check the Google Play Store for real reviews from active users who have commended the platform for its amazing user experience and overall financial services.

These are snapshots of some of these testimonials and reviews.

Everything About Chipper Cash

From the Google Play Store alone, It has garnered an overall star rating of 4.5 and a total of 5 million app downloads.

Requirements to open a Chipper cash account.

To open your account, you simply need to download the app and follow the signup and verification process step by step using just your BVN.

You can create and verify your own account in about 10 minutes.

Do rest assured that your details are saved and encrypted on Chipper Cash, a virtual bank widely accepted even by the CBN.

From my personal experience, I can say it is totally safe to share your BVN during their verification process.

Without a verified account, you will not be able to access the robust financial services offered by the app.

The verification process usually takes up to 2 days after which you’ll be sent a notification that your account has been verified and is now fully functional.

Also, before you can create a new account, you are going to need a valid email address and phone number.

Here’s a complete guide on how to create a verified account on Chipper Cash.

How to deposit money into your chipper cash account

If you plan on using Chipper Cash to invest, pay bills or send to friends and family, you’re going to need to deposit money into your account.

Once again, the withdrawal process is so easy.

Once you create and verify your account, you will be automatically given a valid 9 Payment Service bank account number that can receive money from other banks including your traditional bank.

All you need to do is input this account number as you would during a normal transfer and deposit money directly into your account.

Everything About Chipper Cash

How To Send Money to Friends and Family on chippercash

Once you have money deposited into your account, you have the option to pay your utility bills using the app

Everything About Chipper Cash

or send money to friends and family.

The sending feature on the app is extremely robust as there are diverse ways to do so.

You can choose to send money to friends and family who have accounts and usernames on the app.

You can also send money to them outside of the app and directly into their bank account as long as it falls into the 7 listed countries above.

Everything About Chipper Cash

To access both sending options, just click the send button on your dashboard.

How to Send Money From Chipper Cash to Bank Account

So now you have money in your account and want to make withdrawals.

You simply need to add a payment method to your account on the app.

Everything About Chipper Cash

You will have the option to add details of your local bank account directly on the app.

How To Invest in Chipper Cash

Once you verify your account using just your BVN or other identification documents as required for your country, you will be able to buy sell, and hold different stocks from international companies worldwide.

Investing in stocks using Chipper Cash will allow you to own a portion of successful global companies and earn passive income in dividends.

You can now buy stocks from companies like Coca-Cola, Amazon, Tesla, and other popularly known companies.

So, you are not in any way limited to Nigerian or local stocks.

To invest using the app, you are going to need to complete your investment profile and with as little as $1, you can own shares and earn dividends.

Read this guide for more ways to use Chipper Cash.

How does chipper cash referral work?

This guide will not be complete without talking about their referral program.

It has an inbuilt referral program that pays you for the new user you refer to the platform.

You get paid N600 for every new and verified user you refer to the app.
The program also gives a referral bonus to the new user as well.

That means if you sign up using my link we both get N600.
Sign up for your free Chipper cash account here to claim your own referral bonus.

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