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How Lucrative is Digital Marketing in Nigeria? Find Out Now!

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Digital marketing is one of the most lucrative skills you can ever learn in this day and age. So how lucrative is digital marketing in Nigeria?

Short Answer: Yes, Yes, and Yes. 

Longer Answer: It can only be profitable if you make it so.

Many digital marketers in Nigeria still live from hand to mouth but guess what?

That won’t be you, because, in this article, I’d be sharing step-by-step, how to make money with digital marketing in Nigeria¬†

Why is Digital Marketing Lucrative?

Even before the rise of the internet, marketing had always been a crucial element of every business’s success.

Marketing teams were and will always be the delicate spot for many successful businesses.

The internet brought digital Marketing into the picture and this has made it so easy for these businesses to reach their target audience with ease.

Capitalizing on how marketing as a whole ties into the success of every business, digital marketing has quite the upper hand.

There are there so many limitations of traditional marketing when compared to digital marketing.

Traditional MarketingDigital Marketing
Includes Banner Ads, and TV Ads which are all Location-LimitedIncludes SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Paid Ads which is Location-Independent.
Budget is ExpensiveCan be done for free online with just an internet connection
Execution is rigorousExecution in mastery is all too easy
The Effects are Short-TermedMost times, the effects are Long Lasting

Most upcoming businesses as well as successful businesses looking to stay profitable are willing to pay whatever it takes to have digital marketing made a priority.

Hence the reason why digital marketing freelancers are highly sought after and in demand. Your digital marketing skills can also be put into the growth of your very own business.

Here are some amazing ideas for how to make money with Digital Marketing in Nigeria.

How To Make Money With Digital Marketing in Nigeria 

1. Grow a Business of Your Own

Since the 2020 lockdown, many businesses have been started and most don’t even require the traditional brick-and-mortar setup.

You can virtually create a successful business from the comfort of your home using the internet. There are several easy-to-start online business ideas anyone can start venture into just by using a laptop and an internet connection.

The better you are at marketing, the more successful you will be at virtually any business you start.

Imagine owning a 6-figure business of your own just because of your digital marketing skill.

2. Become a Freelance Digital Marketer

Freelancing is a business idea that involves offering services to companies without having to tie them on a basis of a contract.

I’d be the first to tell you that freelancing as a digital marketer brought me financial Freedom at a very young age.

I was able to earn $200 per project I took on Fiverr and you can too.

Meanwhile, Fiverr is just one of the many freelance platforms available for Nigerian freelancers.

Freelancing as a digital marketer takes a lot of effort and strategy, but if you’re serious about this business idea, read our guide on how to start a Freelance Business In Nigeria to get started today.

3. Start a Digital Marketing Agency

If you’re willing to take your freelance business to the next level, then it might be worth considering the agency business model.

Digital marketing agencies are fast becoming one of the best ways to earn a sustainable living online. This digital marketing business idea is very similar to the freelance business model.

The only difference is you have the option to go SOLO as a freelancer, but an agency involves a team.

Growing a team and educating them on how to deliver digital marketing services is so effective because, with more hands on deck, you can sign in more clients and therefore make more sales in your business.

With a marketing agency, you have the luxury of charging higher prices than you would as a freelancer.

4. Teach others Digital Marketing

Once you have attained mastery of digital marketing, it makes a lot of sense to teach other Nigerians.

This is really viable income stream as more and more Nigerians are starting to see value in learning digital skills.

Digital Marketing is still less known and harnessed in Nigeria. Yet, many business owners know of its importance and always seek to learn this skill.

So how can you teach people and make money?

a. Create a Blog

With the immense amount of searches Google gets per day (Billions of daily search queries), owning a blog is one of the lucrative ways of sharing your knowledge,

Start a digital marketing blog and purge out all you’ve learned. Once you’ve built a huge reader base, you can then monetize your blog in a variety of ways.

There are so many ways to make money once you have your digital marketing blog up and running. So of these methods include:

b. Teach digital marketing on YouTube

Millions of people go on YouTube to search for tutorials and guides. How would it feel to teach the digital marketing tips you’ve learned and get paid for it?

YouTube has a partner program and since people seek to learn digital marketing daily, you can rest assured of views on your videos then you can monetize with Ads.

Read this article to learn how to grow a YouTube channel successfully in Nigeria

c. Sell courses on Udemy and Skillshare

Create digital marketing courses and sell them on Udemy and Skillshare, which are two completely free course marketplaces with millions of monthly visitors looking to learn different skills.

5. Become an In-house Digital Marketer

Every business needs a marketing team.

Most startups and tech companies cherish them. Once you mastered digital marketing and are sure of the strength of your skills, it might be time to get a real job.

Create an appealing CV making reference to your previous work, trust me, you don’t even need a marketing degree, your results will get you the job.

How To Start Digital Marketing in Nigeria

1. Pick a Subskill

Digital Marketing is a vast field of study. It has various sub-categories including:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing and more.
  • Paid advertising¬†

All of these are all different aspects of digital marketing and for a start, it’s advisable to learn one of these skills at a time before moving on to the next.

Frankly speaking, each of these Subskills is important and works hand in hand to ensure overall marketing success.

skills text on black background
Photo by Anna Tarazevich on Pexels.com

2. Take a Course

Once, you’ve chosen a Subskill, it’s time to start learning.

There are several places to start learning digital marketing, some of which include: YouTube and Udemy but I have a gift for you.

Specifically made for beginners in Nigeria is our Free Digital Marketing course, covers the basics of digital marketing as well as tips to get started today. Take this free Digital Marketing Course Now.

3. Start Practicing 

Digital Marketing is all about results, the courses you’ll be taking will only give you theoretical knowledge, you need tangible proof of your expertise to do well as a digital marketer.

Start up a test project or business to test your skills before you think of pitching to other businesses and once you can really provide results, you’ll be able to monetize in all the ways stated

I really hope you now see the huge potential in Digital Marketing, if you’re convinced and want to start digital marketing, Make Sure To Take The Free Digital Marketing course to get started today.

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