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How Much Does it Cost To Own a Blog In Nigeria? Detailed Breadown!

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So How much does it cost to own a blog In Nigeria? I’ve been asked this single question time and time again and have decided to make it official.

To kill the suspense, it might surprise you to know that when I first launched my first blog. I only had to pay N500-N1200 per month to keep it running smoothly.

Watch This Video for a Deep Breakdown of How I was able to create a website for just N500-N800 Monthly.

You’d need to keep reading to find out the software tools and resources I used to make this possible  Hence, this is your blogging budget guide and today I’ll be sharing exactly what it costs to run a profitable blog online. The blogging business model has become really attractive to aspiring entrepreneurs and this is for a reason though.

If you are still in doubt about the profitability of starting and running a blog in Nigeria, then you need to snap out of it because the blogging industry is literally a multimillion-dollar industry while costing almost nothing to get started compared to its rewarding benefits. Read this article to discover how profitable blogging is as a business.

Knowing the monetary worth of owning a blog, you’ve decided to create one for yourself and I tell you that’s a good decision but there’s one bad news. Though, insanely profitable, blogging can take a while to yield profits as there are so many factors that need to be set up right in place.

How much does it cost to own a blog In Nigeria?
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Here’s a technical fact about blogging:

The profit-yielding potential of owning a blog lies in your ability to rank your posts on Google search, and with so many complicated algorithms this might take a while.

It is therefore wise to have your blog run at a really low cost just to ensure that you don’t incur a huge loss if it takes way too long to grow online using S.E.O.

So How much does it cost to own a blog In Nigeria?

Luckily, the internet has made it really easy to own a blog for free or at very little cost. Unfortunately, new entrepreneurs are oblivious of the advanced tools and software available to do so and spend a fortune running blogs that almost never turn a profit.

Also, while it’s good to invest the minimum possible amount to run your blog, it’s also important to prioritize quality. So rest assured that the tools on this list will be highly affordable and of great quality.

There are both paid and free options available for new bloggers online all with their own fair share of pros and cons.

Here’s a huge list of the different platforms for blogging, both free and paid but out of it all, one has to be my favorite. That is WordPress.

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While other free or paid blogging platforms provide you the luxury of setting up your blog for success very easily. Only WordPress provides you with the full ownership and flexibility which is necessary for running a successful blog.

This is because the other blogging platforms basically have you host your blog with them and you stand the risk of losing it upon policy violation or any other unforeseen circumstances. You have to have heard of WordPress and its insane popularity is justifiable.

WordPress is a content management system, totally free of charge for bloggers. I say free, with a caveat, because to own WordPress you’ll need to pay for the following yourself:

  • A Domain Name:

Buying proagencyspot.com literally costs just N4500 yearly, crazy right? This was only possible with my best domain service provider, WhoGoHost.

Trust me, nothing can go wrong from buying your domain name on WhoGoHost. By The way, keep reading to discover how to get a free domain name in Nigeria.

  • Web hosting

This is the home for your website with your domain name being the address. If anything needs to be of premium quality, it’s your hosting. Spend on poor-quality hosting and watch how slow it takes to see growth in your blogging business. This is because Google prioritizes page loading speed and mobile responsiveness as important blog ranking factors.

A poor web hosting service rarely provide you the luxury of a smooth-running website. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend a fortune on quality web hosting service as once again WhoGoHost saves the day. They also provide website hosting services and I love it.

Remember how I said you could Register a Free Domain Name, Watch how WhoGoHost saves the day and helps you get a free domain name + Your Web Hosting plan.

As promised in the video, Here’s a Link to activate your N500 Discount code on WhoGoHost. Sign Up For Domain name and Webhosting Today.

Read this guide to get a complete step blueprint for how to build a website in Nigeria. In the meantime, head over to Namecheap right now and sign up for your free account, scout the platform for the different service plans for when you’re ready to buy.


Once you have your website all set up, there’s a lot of work to do in order to ensure your blogging business pans out to be profitable and one of those includes the art of digital marketing. You’d need to learn Search Engine Optimization to ensure your blog shows up on google searches.

You’d also need to learn the art of content marketing and email marketing to build an audience of your own, after which you can start monetizing in diverse means.

So if you’re ready to learn digital marketing as a skill to grow your blogging business, here is basic training for completely free.

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