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How To Become a Social Media Manager in Nigeria (4 Easy Steps)

As a social media manager, you can potentially make 5 Figures in predictable income every month. This skill is so easy and if you want to learn how to become a social media manager in Nigeria, keep reading.

Here are the 4 steps to becoming a Social Media Manager in Nigeria

  1. Choose One Social Media Platform

  2. Learn The Social Media Algorithm

  3. Build your resume

  4. Start Finding clients

Social media is one of the best places to market a business.

These days, everyone hangs around on social media and these people are potential customers for many businesses.

Social media management on the other hand has to do with managing the growth of a social media page by doing tasks that boost organic growth.

Social media is a lucrative marketing platform no doubt, but the rewards can only keep coming if the page stays active.

Social media requires consistent efforts and that’s basically where the work of a social media manager lies.

Most business owners know they need social media to grow their business on a larger scale but these CEOs can’t be bothered about creating content and engaging day in, and day out.

They would rather outsource the work and reap the reward still.

That said, it is so easy to communicate the value of your social media management services and land high-level clients as a social media manager.

There’s a host of services you can offer to business owners as a social media manager. Some of these services include:

1. Content ideation and Planning

This social media management service involves finding viral content ideas that fit the theme of your client’s business.

These ideas should be on content that helps them attract their target audience

One of the main struggles of growing on social media is creating consistently engaging content.

By helping business owners and entrepreneurs with ideas to keep the content ball rolling, you’re offering real value.

2. Content Creation

You can go further offering to help these businesses with their content creation process.

This service will hugely differ from various social media platforms.

Your TikTok content creation service can be professional video editing with the transition while content creation on Instagram will involve designing aesthetic graphics.

3. Content batching and Scheduling

With most social media platforms having a means for creators to schedule their content in advance, you also have the option to offer this service in your social media management package.

4. Daily Engagement

This is particularly what businesses look for in a social media manager.

No one grows on Social media by simply posting and running the platform.

Successful creators grew because they took the time to interact with their communities, and reply to texts and DMs.

Most businesses will need a social media manager to handle their community engagement.

So if you love interacting on social media and responding to comments, this might be the service for you.

How to Become a Social Media Manager in Nigeria

1. Choose Just One Social Media Platform

The worst mistake you can make as a social media manager is trying to offer services across several social media platforms.

Learning the algorithm of one social media platform is hard enough, let alone trying to juggle different platforms all at once.

The time spent on learning how each of those algorithms works would be better invested in focusing on one single social media platform.

2. Learn and Practice for yourself

Business is no child’s play and unless you want to be called a fraud, you need to be able to provide replicable results for clients before you even think of pitching your services.

So buckle down. Take a couple of months to learn and practice how the platform of your choice works.

You need to test the waters for yourself. It is not enough that you watched some YouTube videos on how to grow on Instagram.

You need practical experience.

So on whatever platform you choose, start growing a page for yourself and learn in real time.

3. Build your Resume

Your resume as a social media manager will more likely be your portfolio of growing social media pages.

You just need to show businesses different accounts you grew, convince them of your strategy and make them a promise.

This is why it is so important to grow a following for yourself first before trying to find clients.

4. Start Finding clients

At this point, you’re ready to start pitching your service as a social media manager.

There’s no business without clients, right? When you are just starting out as a social media manager, barely any business knows you exist.

You are going to need to market your social media management business in order to land clients.

Below are some of the best ways to market your social media management company:

a. Go Local

Finding local clients is one of the easiest ways to get social media management clients.

By Local, you will be reaching out to businesses near your location and pitching your services.

Most of these brick-and-mortar businesses don’t know the value of social media yet.

So you are going to need to do a good job conveying the impact social media can have on their business.

Once you are able to convince these business owners to start marketing on social media, you are almost always going to be their first choice.

b. Use Freelance platforms

There are so many freelancing platforms available online in Nigeria.

Some of the best freelance platforms include Fiverr, Upwork, and Legiit.

Almost all of these platforms have nothing short of millions of monthly customers looking to hire freelancers.

Social media management, being a high-in-demand skill gets a lot of job postings on these freelance marketplaces, and you can land your first client in as little as a week.

Just create a profile on all of these freelance platforms and optimize your profile to show up on search and before you know it, you’ll start getting DMs of people wanting to hire you for a social media management position.

c. Use Job boards

Did you know you could have a real job as a social media manager, well you can.

Most successful companies know the value of social media and are always going to be more than willing to hire an in-house social media manager for their brand.

Most of these job boards have jobs that allow you to work remotely and that’s a plus.

You just need one or two of these jobs to make a full-time income. Some of the best job boards to find in-house jobs as a social media manager include Indeed.com, LinkedIn.com e.t.c

FAQs on How To Become a Social Media Manager in Nigeria

How much does a social media manager earn in Nigeria?

You can expect to make $500 per month for each client you land as a social media manager.

What does a social media manager do in Nigeria?

A social media manager is short is concerned with nurturing the community and growth of their client’s page.
Some of the tasks carried out by a social media manager include:
Content Research, content creation, content batching, and community engagement.

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