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How To Become a YouTuber In Nigeria (7 Easy Steps)

how to become a YouTuber in Nigeria

YouTube is fast becoming the new 9-5. With how profitable YouTube can be, it’s no surprise why you want to become one.

If you’re looking to learn how to become a YouTuber in Nigeria, you are in the right place.

Here’s a quick overview of what it takes to become a successful YouTuber in Nigeria

  1. Choose your Niche

    The first step is to choose one or two topics your channel is going to be about. You will want to build a brand on YouTube and be known for something specific.

  2. Choose your Channel Format

    Decide how you will be creating your videos. If you don’t want to show your face on camera, figure out other ways.

  3. Create a YouTube Channel

    This step is easy, you just need to create and brand an aesthetic channel

  4. Find Content Ideas for your videos

    Find and list out ideas for potential YouTube videos, so you don’t run out of what to post on your channel.

  5. Batch create your YouTube videos

    Create your videos and schedule them to go off even in your absence.

  6. Optimize your YouTube Videos

    Add keywords to your videos so YouTube can understand what it’s about and rank it on their search results in front of millions of YouTube Users.

  7. Promote your YouTube channel

    Promote your videos to Facebook groups, Forums, and on social media to get the ball rolling and start getting your initial views and subscribers.

Why You Should Start a YouTube Channel in Nigeria?

1. YouTube is a search engine

Unlike social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook with posts having a lifespan of barely 2 days, Creating content for YouTube is like an Investment.

In years to come, YouTuber users will use the search engine in search of terms in your industry, and your content, if optimized properly can be found easily in years to come.

If valuable enough, YouTube can generate revenue for your business consistently.

2. YouTube monetization is on steroids

No social media platform pays its creators as YouTube does.

Many YouTubers earn a full-time living creating content on YouTube just from the YouTube Partner Program.

Sure, TikTok and Instagram might have a creator fund but ask around, it’s nothing compared to YouTube.

3. YouTube is built for business

Asides from YouTube, No social media platform is so robust in marketing features for business. Most of these platforms make it so hard for you to convert your views to leads and sales for your business.

This is evident in how they frown at links and will decrease your content’s reach when they contain a more promotional intent.

This isn’t so for YouTube as YouTube equally favors posts with or without links in their descriptions.

More so, YouTube has various other promotional features for businesses, and these include:

  • The About Us Tab
  • The Banner Section
  • The Community Tab
  • The Comment Section

How To Become a YouTuber in Nigeria.

1. Choose Your Niche

A Niche is a subset of a large audience with a super-targeted profile of individuals who have a common problem, interest, or goal.

Listen, if you must grow on YouTube, you need to know the difference between your YouTube channel and your WhatsApp status.

While you could share what makes you happy on your status with your personal contacts who actually care about you., with your YouTube channel, it’s different. 

When your YouTube goes live, it’s public and worldwide, except you make it otherwise.

Imagine subscribing to a channel to get the latest music videos and instead they start sharing recipes for weight loss and disrupting your feed. Chances are you’ll end up unsubscribing and never watching any more videos.

You need to make sure that a certain person can land on your channel and know that there’s something entertaining and predictable to anticipate with your channel.

How To choose a niche for your YouTube channel?

a. List out all your skills, experience, and hobbies.

To go viral on YouTube, you need to provide value through your content. This value could come in several forms, some of which include:

  • Entertainment Type Videos
  • Informational or News type videos
  • Educational type videos
  • Motivational or inspirational type videos.

So I want you to think about which of your current skills, hobbies, or experience meet any of the categories listed above.

b. Analyze Them

Once you’ve made a list of potential channel ideas, you need to choose one for every single channel you start.

You are better off starting different YouTube channels for each of these topics than creating random videos and posting on the same channel.

In all you do, make sure that the niche you choose meets the following criteria:

  • It should have a lot of potential content ideas for videos. You don’t want to risk running out of content ideas. More content means more money to be made.
  • You should be able to monetize your YouTube channel idea in ways asides from the YouTube Partner Program.

There are several ways you can make money on YouTube without Adsense. Some of the best ways you can choose from include: Affiliate Marketing, product sales, sponsorship deals, and lead generation.

The whole point of creating YouTube videos is to make money.

Many new YouTubers make the mistake of creating YouTube videos and building a following before looking for ways to monetize their following.

There are so many ways to monetize your YouTube following but picking the wrong niche can reduce your revenue stream potential.

This is why it’s so important to put into consideration your monetization methods while choosing your niche.

Whatever monetization method, do make sure it’s ethical.

If you are looking to sell your products and services in the nearest future, take this free digital marketing crash course to learn how marketing works on YouTube and other Media.

2. Choose your channel format

If you’re used to watching YouTube videos, you’d notice that not everyone shows their face on the screen.

Gone are the days when the excuse for not starting a YouTube channel was Camera Confidence. Nowadays, there are various other ways people use in creating YouTube videos.

Different Ways To Create Engaging YouTube Videos

a. Use a Camera

This is the traditional way to do YouTube.

To create YouTube videos where you show your face, you will need to get a microphone, camera, and lighting setup.

To be frank, this is the best way to do YouTube for maximum impact. Videos with a face to them help you build relationships with your viewers and subscribers, which is extremely important for building a powerful brand.

On the flip side, this method can be really stressful on the creator as there’ll have to be a lot of processes to follow in order to keep the quality high while being consistent.

Such processes might include, setting up the video background while finding the perfect lighting, creating the video outline or script to avoid long pauses or awkward moments, and editing the video to make sure it’s engaging enough to keep your viewers hooked for the longest time.

With all that stress, these types of channels have the highest monetization potential, especially with sponsorship deals. So here are the resources you’ll need to make this work 

  • Your Filming setup equipment (If you need suggestions on the best and most affordable filming gear for your YouTube videos, here’s my personal recommendation)
  • Your Video editor (Unless you’re a video editor, you don’t want to mess with this aspect of your video creation process)
b. Use stock footage

If you’re not really into building a personal brand and are just looking to make money on YouTube without having to go through the hassle of creating and filming YouTube videos. 

To use this channel format, you will need to film the voiceover of your video after you must have written the script.

Then you will have stock videos as the background while a voiceover recording plays reading out your script.

To make this work, you need to use high-quality engaging clips with context rhyming with that of your voiceover.

For your voiceover, you’ll need a high-quality microphone.

Since you won’t be showing your face, you need to spike engagement in any way you can. Clear and crisp audio sound is definitely a good place to start.

c. Use a text-to-speech generator.

There are tools online that allow you to convert articles or text to videos. This is a perfect lifesaver for content creators who are particularly more confident with written words.

You could even add voiceovers generated from your text to these videos. You can also customize the scenes of your videos to suit your taste and branding.

The best text-to-speech generator in my opinion is InVideo, it is free to use and has a beginner-friendly user interface.

d. Use PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint presentations still remain one of the best ways to share knowledge, especially in more formal niches.

So if your YouTube channel is more inclined towards sharing educational information, try using PowerPoint presentations.

e. Outsource Your Entire Video production

What if you could enjoy YouTube profits hands-off? Well, this is possible and these types of YouTube channels are called Cash cow channels.

YouTube Cashcow channels are channels that were created for the sole purpose of making money.

There’s a new wave of millionaires who create YouTube assets that make them insane amounts in passive income.

You will definitely agree that growing a youtube channel can be extremely hard and time-consuming but still profitable.

Some entrepreneurs were smart enough to eliminate these downsides by outsourcing content production and overseeing the entire process.

Matt Par, a YouTuber who makes 7-Figures per year, uses this same strategy.

He finds profitable Niches and employs a team to handle the whole process of putting out videos. From ideation to Monetization.

What’s even more amazing is that he has more than 9 of these sorts of channels, with more than two of them having surpassed a million subscribers.

Just imagine how much money he makes without having to do any work. This is almost like Real estate, he invests in production and reaps massive revenue in passive income.

Matt Par has helped thousands of people make millions of dollars as he does on YouTube with his course.

If you are serious about making money on YouTube without having to show your face, Matt Par is the best YouTube Coach I can recommend.

He teaches aspiring YouTubers how to make money on YouTube without doing much of the work.

So if you are serious about making 6-7 Figures running a team of content creators, make sure you check out Tube Mastery by Matt Par

3. Create your YouTube channel.

Once you decide on what niche, format, and monetization method you’d be using for your YouTube growth, it’s now time to take action.

With all planning and no action comes zero results.

With creating your YouTube channel there are some things you need to keep in mind:

a. Your name: 

Make sure your name is attractive enough while being able to tell your potential subscriber what your brand is all about.

b. Your branding: 

You have the option to upload a logo and banner image on your channel. So make sure it is as attractive as possible.

This is because when your potential subscriber watches a video from your channel, they have the option to click to view your YouTube profile, where they decide whether or not to become subscribers.

c. Your About Us section: 

Your About Us Section on YouTube allows you to add necessary links and information about your brand.

So Make sure you leverage this feature to drive sales and traffic to your business.

If you already had a social media following of any sort as somewhere else, it makes sense to copy-paste your existing Bio to your YouTube channel to maintain brand consistency.

4. Find content ideas

New and expert YouTubers find it really hard to stay consistent on the platform.

There are so many reasons for this, the most common reason being a lack of content ideas.

Having a list of content ideas to run to when creativity fails is more than necessary for your YouTube success. For days your creative juices fail you, these ideas will be around to save you.

All niches are not equal, some have a library of topics to talk about while others only have a handful.

Let’s say you decide to go for the weight loss niche, you need to create a list of possible topics you’ll be creating content for. For example:

  • Recipe ideas to lose weight
  • Weight loss mistakes
  • Fitness routine to lose weight.

These content buckets will give the foundation for your content idea brainstorming sessions. Take Recipe ideas for example There are many recipe video ideas that you can think of and create.

5. Batch create and schedule your videos

It’s now time to create your YouTube videos since we have our video format and content ideas.

The only task left is to Outline your YouTube videos before producing them in whichever way you choose as explained earlier.

To outline an engaging video, you’ll need to keep the following elements in mind:

  • Your Introduction
  • Your Content Body
  • Your Outro
  • CTA

Once you’re done outlining your videos, start creating.

The smartest way to create videos is to do so in batches and thanks to the YouTube scheduler, you can your videos ahead of time and have it go live even in your absence.

6. Optimize your YouTube videos

As a small and new YouTuber, no one knows you and is searching for you.

You need to optimize your videos for SEO, allowing them to show up on the YouTube search results when someone types in your target keyword.

YouTube videos rank for keywords on both Google and YouTube searches. With billions of people using these search engines, there’s no limit to the traffic potential you can enjoy with YouTube.

Find keywords your potential audience is actively searching for. For a weight loss video, this could be: HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT.

YouTube needs to understand what your videos are about in order to show them to a relevant audience. So once you find the keywords you want to rank for, add these keywords

  • Your Video descriptions
  • Your Title
  • Your Tag section
  • Your Hashtags
  • In your video content [Make sure to say the keyword at least once]

7. Promote your YouTube Channel and videos

Waiting on the gods of YouTube to finally look upon you can be a frustrating decision with a lot of shortcomings.

You could instead take the smarter route by marketing your YouTube videos yourself.

If you did your due diligence, your channel should most definitely be set up for success and you’ll be doing others well by letting them know who you are and how your video can help.

You’ve taken the time to create amazing videos, you need to take the time to market your videos.

Some powerful marketing strategies for YouTube videos include

  • Share on relevant communities like Reddit and Quora
  • Transcribe your YouTube Video with Rev.com and post it on your blog, then Embed or link to your YouTube Video. This way you’re killing two birds with one stone.
  • Make shorter snippets of your videos and upload them to YouTube shorts, Reels, and TikTok.
  • Use the notification bell to your advantage: 

The initial engagement you get on any social media platform is crucial for whether that content piece goes viral or not. 
On YouTube, there’s a power called the notification bell. People who turn that on, receive push notifications when your videos go live, watch your videos and engage if they like it.

If you’re looking to go viral on YouTube, try asking your viewers to turn on this feature.

FAQs on How To Become a YouTuber in Nigeria

How much does a YouTuber earn in Nigeria?

How much a YouTuber earns will hugely depend on the niche or industry they choose. A YouTube channel that shares topics on Finance will be a lot more profitable than a channel that just shares comedy and films.

How do YouTubers get paid in Nigeria?

YouTube pays its creators through the YouTube Partner program. Once you have 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 Subscribers, you can join the program and get paid per thousand views on your videos.
Once you are part of the program, you can withdraw your payments through checks or Electronic funds transfers.

Does youtube pay Nigerian YouTubers?

Yes, Nigerians are allowed to join the YouTube Partner Program when eligible. In fact, many Nigerians earn 7 Figures per month, creating videos on YouTube.

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