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How To Create an Online Coaching Course in 7 Easy Steps

One of the best ways to make money in this day and age is by creating an online course. If you want to learn how to tap into this massive creator economy, keep reading to discover how to create an online coaching course that makes you money.

Why are courses so profitable?

No one would have ever imagined that you could create something once and make money from it over and over again.

The potential of creating online courses is extremely unimaginable.

  • It’s passive
  • It’s ethical
  • It’s scalable

As opposed to selling your usual coaching services, you will no longer need to trade your time for money.

By simply converting that same knowledge into a packaged online course, you will be well on your way to making that sweet course income you so dream of.

With the perfect online course in hand, you can easily be banking six figures per month in profit.

Many creators have done this and you can start today.

This post is a step-by-step guide showing you exactly how to create an online coaching course, so stay tuned and keep reading.

How To Create an Online Coaching Course that makes you money

Step 1: Brainstorm potential course Ideas

The backbone of every successful online course is the idea.

Your course idea will impact how much you will be able to make from your online coaching course in the long run.

For the most part, the ideation phase is where most coaches struggle the most.

This is because the wrong idea can easily translate into wasted hours put into creating the course without any sales to compensate for your effort.

Gone are the days when you could just put together some crappy courses, run ads to them, and be making a lot of money.

Buyers are a lot more sophisticated.

The best way to combat this roadblock and ensure that you make the most sales in your online course business is by starting with the right idea.

So the question isn’t “How To Create an Online Coaching Course” rather it’s ” how to come up with the perfect course idea”.

There are so many ways to find viable course ideas.

You can think about your experiences, work expertise, special talents, and a lot more.

You can also carry out research on the competitor that has your exact target audience and see what type of courses they are creating.

If that idea is selling for them, it will most likely work for you as well.

So feel free to list as many ideas as possible because once you have this list in hand, it’s time for analysis.

Step 2: Analyze your idea

One major mistake to avoid during course creation is guesswork.

The worst thing you can do with your time is to create a bunch of online courses that no one even needs.

The key to making sales with your online course is very simple.

1. Solve a real problem

While online courses on random topics might do well in some cases, it is not a reliable income stream to bank on.

Let’s take two-course creators for instance:
One sells an online course on how to play hockey, while the other sells an online course on how to make money with dropshipping.

By implementing the right marketing strategies, both courses can easily make six figures in revenue per month.

The problem comes when we talk about sustainability.

Which of those online courses will likely have more sales even in a recession?

You guessed it right….the dropshipping course.

Humans hate problems and if you have an online course that solves a real-life problem, you are almost 50% ready to go.

It can be really hard to figure out whether or not your course solves a real-life problem, but a simple hack to overcome the struggle is this.

Focus on ideas that fall within the health, wealth, and happiness categories.

This is because people will always be willing to splurge and spend on resources to help them better these areas of their life.

More so if you have a course idea that solves a real problem you’ll be able to charge higher prices for your knowledge, since the solution you’ll be providing can easily translate into thousands of dollars for your target market.

Some of the best categories within wealth can include:

  • How to make money online
  • How to invest in Real Estate
  • How to pay off your student loans.
  • How To Create an Online Coaching Course (😉, courses can make you money too!)

2. Focus on the demand:

Another criterion for a good online course idea is the demand.

While solving a real-life problem with your online course can mean you making a lot of money in sales, the demand for the solution, you plan to provide is also very important.

I need to make sure that a substantial amount of people are actively searching for that solution month in and month out.

The higher the demand for your course topic has, the more money you with your online course potentially.

This Step isn’t at all abstract.

In fact, I have a practical method to help you analyze the demand of your course idea.

Head over to the free Google trends tool and type in your course idea and view the trend chart over a long period of time.

Make sure to select the location specific to your target market.

How To Create an Online Coaching Course

As you can see the trend for DROPSHIPPING has been stable over time, so you know this idea is viable with respect to its demand.

Ideally, you want to choose a topic that has shown plan evergreen trend in popularity, this way you are sure it’s in demand.

3. Beware of the competition:

The last metric you would need to consider is the competition.

While you shouldn’t completely throw out a course idea that has a lot of competition,

It is still a good practice to evaluate how much supply is already available for the solution you want to provide already existing in the market.

This simple information will help you better plan out your marketing to hook in your target audience better than your competitors.

Because face it, why would anyone buy from that random New Kid On The Block when there’s an established vendor by the side?

An easy way to measure the competition for your course idea is by using Google’s free keyword planner.

How To Create an Online Coaching Course

The Keyword planner is a free keyword research tool from Google that will allow you to analyze the competition of your course topic in your market.

Remember the competition shouldn’t get you worried, instead, you want to focus on creating a better strategy overall that beats your competition by far.

Step 3: Set a price for your course

For some weird reasons, people happen to think that this step needs to come last after you must have created your entire offer.

On the contrary, I’m of the opinion that your course is to be done even before you’ve created the content of your program.

I say this for many reasons.

By knowing how much you want to sell your online course beforehand, you will be able to know exactly what amount of work is required on your part to create a course that over-delivers and gets real results for students.

Sadly many course creators struggle with picking the perfect price for their course, but no worries I’m here to help.

Here are 4 steps to picking the perfect price for your online course

  1. Write out how you would love to make per month with your course, let’s say $10, 000 for starters
  2. Divide your dream revenue by a realistic number of students you plan to enroll per month, let’s say 20 students i.e $500 per student
  3. Compare your pricing with that of your competitors

If it’s less than the average price point, then you’re in luck.

If it’s more, then you will need to create insane course content that beats the competition and justifies the higher pricing

Step 4. Create your course curriculum and outline

In my humble opinion, this step happens to be the easiest because now you have a valid idea as well as a specific price point for your online course.

All that’s left to do is to write out an outline that conveys the value that is proportionate to the price point you’ve chosen.

This means you can create two online courses on the same topic but with different price points and still make sales on both of them.

It’s all about your curriculum or course outline.

So in a nutshell, your course curriculum is basically an outline of the different aspects of your course idea you will be shedding light on.

So while a $50 dropshipping course might teach you how to set up your store and find a winning product, a $2, 000 dropshipping will most likely go a lot more in-depth showing you the exact strategies that can guarantee sales for your dropshipping store.

A good curriculum should be able to list exactly what your students will be learning with your online course.

So you start out with the idea in question and price point in mind, then list out all the necessary information that your clients need to know to solve the problem you’ve chosen and provide them with the solution they are dying for.

The goal is to make sure your course curriculum takes your students through the entire process of achieving their desired goals.

One of the easiest methods I use for brainstorming in different sections of my course curriculum with my three-in-one power prompt.

  1. Who do you help and what problems do they have
  2. What small steps or knowledge do they need to gain to achieve the results they desire?
  3. How can I break these small steps into actionable modules that help them learn these skills faster?

If you go blank when creating your course curriculum, feel free to get inspiration from your competitors and create your curriculum based on what’s already been proven to work.

Step 5: Create the Course content and materials

Your course idea stays an idea unless you are able to create the right course content and materials to convey your knowledge.

There are so many ways to create the content of your course and thanks to the internet, there’s a lot more accommodating of different formats of course content.

Sure, the conventional way to create your online course content is by standing in front of your camera and hitting the record button.

While this might work for a lot of people, we still have a category of experts, who have a lot of knowledge and expertise to share but are way too camera-shy and introverted.

Thankfully there is a workaround for this.

You can create engaging course modules even without showing your face or jeopardizing the quality of your course content.

You can try animated videos with your voice in the background or tutorial videos of you showing just your screen.

As long as your course content has a good base quality and delivers on the Promise, you won’t have any problem.

One tool we highly recommend you try out for creating engaging course content in Canva.

You most likely already know about Canva but I would love to highlight two features of the software that could help you seamlessly and effortlessly create engaging content for your online course for totally free.

Canva is a free design editor that allows anyone even without any basic design skills to create high-quality graphics that serve any purpose.

With Canva’s huge template library, you can create engaging slides and graphics to record your course as a presentation, that way you won’t have to show your face at all.

You can even use the screen record feature on Canva to record your screen as you talk and teach through your presentation right on Canva.

Guess what, you can do all of this for completely free.

We have a complete step tutorial that will show you exactly how to record your online course using Canva.

Step 6: Choose a place to sell your course

While there are so many options in the market for where to sell your online course, our best recommendation especially for new course creators and coaches is Podia

Podia is an all-in-one platform built for nontechy coaches and course creators just like you.

If you thought for a minute that you were going to need to create an entire website to be able to sell your courses, then think again.

I love Podia because of how easy they make selling courses feel.

Asides from the basic features to sell your courses, Podia has a user-friendly interface and provides endless features to help you skyrocket the sales of your online course including:

  • Webinar integrations to market your online course and earn passive income even from your replays.
  • A fully functional website to showcase all of your products and services.
  • Bundle marketing features to make more of your existing courses
  • A robust digital product variety you can sell asides from courses
  • Insane email marketing features like automated campaigns, drip funnels,

Here’s what some of their customers even have to say about their software services.

How To Create an Online Coaching Course

They even have a free version that is just enough to get you started on the right path.

Before you create your online course, I highly recommend you create your Podia account and get familiar with the tools you will leverage to sell your online courses.

Either way, the platform works magic when it comes to helping you sell your online courses.

So when you are ready to go when you actually need to use it.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for your free Podia account now and get started right away.

They will also provide you with a lot more resources if you want more knowledge on How To Create an Online Coaching Course that sells.

Step 6: Start Marketing and making sales

Marketing is by far the hardest part of making money with an online course.

I wish this business idea was as easy as just having the perfect idea and program overall, but it’s far from that.

In fact, studies have shown that copy courses with a good marketing strategy tend to make a lot more money than quality online courses that fail to market their best.

As an expert in your field, you most likely have no idea how even start marketing and making sales, but that’s a thing of the past now.

Below are some of the fastest ways to make sales with your online course

  • Create viral short-form content in your line of knowledge and hint more value in your course at the end.
  • Start a YouTube channel and share valuable content that draws leads into being interested in your paid course.
  • Run regular giveaways on social media for your course to get more testimonials and get more people interested in getting similar results.
  • Run paid ads, not to your course, but instead to a sales funnel that nurtures your leads into becoming sales for your course.

If you want to build a more sustainable marketing system for your course business, we have just what you will need.

So make sure to read the guide we have on digital marketing for coaches to get the exact step-by-step strategy you can follow to make consistent sales.

This post will give you to get an idea of what you need to be doing to get the word out about your course in order to start earning commendable income from it.

FAQs on How To Create an Online Coaching Course

It’s simple. In summary, here are the 7 steps to follow to master exactly how to create your online coaching course

1. List out potential course ideas
2. Analyze each of these ideas and choose only profitable ones
3. Do your research and pick the perfect price for your course
4. Create your course curriculum and outline
5. Record your online course. Make it engaging.
6. Set up a store to set up your courses
7. Start marketing and making sales.

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