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How To Make a Website With Namecheap (A Beginners’Guide)

How to make a website with Namecheap

Namecheap is one of the best places to build a website. If you want to learn how to make a website with Namecheap, this Namecheap website builder tutorial will take you step-by-step through the whole process.

Using Namecheap you can make build a fully functional WordPress website at half the cost.
At just $4 per month, you can have a professional website of your own built on Namecheap.

If you want to learn how to create a WordPress website with Namecheap, follow along with this tutorial.

What is Namecheap?

Let’s get the basics covered first. Namecheap is a one-stop shop for all things website creation.
You can buy a domain name, hosting plans,  SSL certificates and so much more to increase the functionality of your website.

Their services are really affordable for bloggers and business owners while providing the premium quality required to run a professional website.

To build a WordPress website on Namecheap, you will simply need to follow the steps outlined below.

How To Make a Website in Namecheap.

Watch This Video to learn how to make a website on Namecheap

1. Sign Up For a Free Account on Namecheap

Namecheap allows you to sign up for a free account and with this can be able to explore their different services as regards the type of website you want to build.

So to get started with this Namecheap website builder tutorial you’re going to need a free Namecheap account to follow along.

It takes about 5 minutes to sign up for a free account on Namecheap, after which you can then return to this Namecheap website tutorial to follow along properly.

How To Sign Up For a Namecheap Account

Namecheap Sign Up Button.
  • Fill in your contact details as requested by namecheap and create your new account.

With your new account now created, you can now start building your website on Namecheap.

2. Choose your domain name

Your domain name is the address of your potential website.

It is usually the name of your brand or business.

There are different extensions for a domain name.

Some of the more popular ones are the .com,  .net, .org domain extensions.

You simply pick whichever works best for you and your taste and then continue over to the next step.

To select your desired domain name, you’re going to need to check the availability of your potential domain name. As it might have likely been taken already.

How To Check The Availability Of Your Domain Name

Namecheap allows you to check the availability of your potential domain name for free.

So, after you must have signed up for your account:

  • Type in your desired business or website domain name.
  • Namecheap then tells you if it’s available for the extension you’re planning to use.
    Keep typing in keywords and combinations till you find the best suited domain name for your business.
  • Once you find the best domain combination, select it by clicking the add-to-cart button.

Make sure to keep it short and avoid figures and numbers.

For your domain name you only have to pay once a year to renew your ownership.

3. Choose your Hosting Plan

Your website hosting is the storage house of your website.

It contains an allotted space for your website files,  plugins,  pages and even blog posts.

Your domain name can’t function without a web hosting.

So to make a website with Namecheap, you are going to need to choose a Namecheap Hosting plan.

On Namecheap,  there are different hosting plans.

Each having different storage capacities.
One thing to note when building a website is this.

If you’re planning to build a robust website you need to prioritize the quality of your web hosting plan.

Namecheap offers different kinds of hosting serving unique purpose.

Below is a graphic showing the different web hosting plans available on Namecheap and their unique functions.

To avoid choosing the wrong plan for your basic website, follow the steps below to pick the best hosting plan for a basic WordPress website with Namecheap.

Choosing The Best Suited Hosting Plan

  • Use the hamburger bar on Namecheap and select the HOSTING option.
  • On the hosting page, head over to this section and select the SHARED HOSTING PLAN.
  • Select the STELLAR SHARED HOSTING PLAN. This plan is more than enough for a basic website.

With the STELLAR PLAN, your website is going to be fully functional while running at $2 per month.
That’s a STEAL.

You can select the STELLAR PLAN by clicking the GET STARTED button.

4. Connect your Domain name to your Hosting Plan

You are going to need to connect your newly added domain name to your web hosting.

When you click the GET STARTED button on the hosting page, you will be automatically redirected to the domain-hosting connection page.

How To Connect Your Namecheap Domain To Your Hosting Plan

On the domain-hosting connection page, you will be shown the domain name and hosting plan which you had previously selected.

All that’s left now is to make further selections to connect them.

Simply choose the above highlighted options and your domain name and hosting plan will be linked.

Once you’ve made those selections, select the ADD TO CART button to proceed to the next step.

5. Make The Payment on The Checkout Page

On the checkout page, you just have to review your selection and complete the transaction.

You will also have the option to select more addons for your website, but your domain and hosting plan are the basic requirement of a website.

There is also a field for discount codes on the checkout page.

You can search Google for active discount codes to use in this field.

Once that’s done, confirm your order at the checkout page.

5. Change Your Domain Name Server

Now your domain name and hosting is connected on Namecheap, it’s time to start building your website.

By default, your domain name will be hosted on Namecheap basic DNS.

You are going to have to change this to Namecheap Web Hosting DNS since you bought both your domain name and hosting from the platform.

To do this, follow these simple steps.

  • Locate this icon and select the dropdown
  • Select the dashboard option to be taken over to your Namecheap dashboard where you will be able to access all your purchases on Namecheap.
  • Select the DOMAIN LIST section and you will be shown all your domain name purchase.
  • Select the domain name you just bought and click the MANAGE option.

6. Locate your Namecheap cPanel

This is where the real work begins. Your cPanel is the backstage of your website.

Your cPanel has all the options you need to manage your website on the backend.

To locate your cPanel, simply head over to your hosting list option on Namecheap dashboard and select your recently purchased hosting plan.

Then click the MANAGE dropdown option and you will find the GO TO CPANEL option.

Select that and you will automatically taken to a page that looks like this.

7. Install WordPress

To create a wordpress website, you obviously need to install WordPress.

WordPress is a free content management system on which most modern websites are built.

To install WordPress on your Namecheap cPanel, follow the steps outlined below.

  • Locate the SOFTACULOUS APP INSTALLER grid on your cPanel.
  • Select the WordPress option and you will be taken to a page where you can install WordPress using just a click.

After WordPress installation, you will be asked to set a unique username and password for WordPress website.

Once that’s done, you can then log into WordPress Dashboard using those details.

7. Login to your WordPress Dashboard

Your WordPress dashboard on namecheap is going to be the same as on websites hosted by other website building platform.

To login, you will need to head to your login page using: DOMAIN NAME.COM/wp-admin.

For example, let’s say your domain name is ella.com, your login link would be https://www.ella.com/wp-admin/

This link is going to prompt a page that looks like this.

To login now, you simply need to type in the details you set while installing WordPress.

Once you login to your WordPress dashboard, it’s time to let your creative juices flow.

If you’re going to be building a website for your business you will be able to design your pages on your WordPress dashboard.

You can also start blogging at no additional cost.
You can even add an e-commerce store for free on your name cheap website.

So designing a website once you’re on your WordPress dashboard is going to be similar to how you design any WordPress website.

If you want to DIY this process, watch this tutorial to learn how to build aesthetic pages for your new website.

The above outlined steps are all you will need to go through to build a fully functional website on Namecheap.

Make sure you bookmark this article and follow step by step when you are ready to build your website on Namecheap.

You can get started today, by signing up for a free Namecheap account here.

(At least, to acquire your dream domain name, so it doesn’t get taken by someone else).

Frequently Asked Questions on How To Make a Website With Namecheap

Can I create a website with Namecheap?

YES! Because With just $4 per month, you can build a fully functional website on Namecheap.
You also have the option to host your WordPress website yourself using their SHARED HOSTING PLAN or try the NAMECHEAP WORDPRESS HOSTING plan.

How do I create a website with my own domain?

Using website service providers like Namecheap, you can connect your domain name to a hosting plan on Namecheap for just $4 per month using the Step by step Namecheap tutorial.

How do I publish my site on Namecheap?

Publishing a fully functional website on Namecheap is extremely easy at just $4 every month. You just have to register your domain name and connect it to a hosting plan on Namecheap. Then you will be assigned a cPanel where you will be able to build your website from the ground up.

Which is better GoDaddy or Namecheap?

Different criteria can be used to judge these service providers but based on the service price in relation to quality, Namecheap offers standard and affordable website services better than GoDaddy.

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