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How To Make Money on Chipper Cash (3 Easy Ways)

In this Chipper Cash tutorial, I will be sharing tips on how to make money on Chipper Cash even as a complete beginner with no experience using the app.

At the end of this post, you’ll be able to know, how to turn Chipper Cash, a free app into a money-making revenue stream for your business and finance.

Chipper Cash is one of the most versatile apps in the financial market.

With its robust platform, you can do basically anything you need to do including transfers, investing, and more.

There are so many ways you could use the chipper Cash to make money and all of these ways are free.

First, here’s a Chipper Cash tutorial that covers what you need to know about Chipper Cash before you can start making money.

3 Ways To Make Money on Chipper Cash

  • Start Investing
  • Refer Friends and earn
  • Create an agency

And without further ado, here are 3 of the best ways to make money with Chipper cash.

How To Make Money on Chipper Cash

1. Invest

Did you know you could invest in foreign stocks just from your chipper cash dashboard?

From the outside, it might seem like just an app to send and receive money home and abroad, but when you sign up and start using the app, you’ll be amazed at how much you can gain with this app.

Chipper Cash happens to be a stock brokerage company as they allow individuals to invest in foreign stocks like Tesla, Amazon, and even Twitter.

The best part is that you don’t need to go through the rigorous process most brokerage accounts take you through.

To start investing in Chipper Cash, sign up for a free account here, and create your investment profile.

Your investment profile can easily be verified with a simple passport and ID.

If you had wanted to invest in the foreign stock market prior to now, you would have needed to have special identification documents in top-tier countries like USA and UK.

In this day and age, all you need is a Chipper Cash account which can be created using just your mobile phone.

So if you have for the longest time been interested in following advice from top stock investors like Warren Buffett, here’s your chance.

Learn how to create your Chipper Cash here to start investing today.

Make sure to do your research before investing in any stock. (This isn’t financial advice)

2. Refer and earn

Did you know you could literally make money by telling people about Chipper Cash and having them sign up for the app using your link?

Chipper Cash has a referral program that allows you to make money by telling people about their app.

Anyone can join this referral program. All you need is a free and verified account on the app.

Once you get verified, you will be given a custom link with a unique tracking code.

Anyone that signs up using your code or link is automatically your tagged referral.

How much you earn per referral will highly depend on the country the new referral resides in.

For example, if you refer a friend or family that resides in Nigeria, you will only get N400 whereas if that same referral was to be from a top-tier country like the US, you could earn up to N4, 000.

The Chipper Cash Referral program is a really enticing one because both you and the new referral win.

Alongside you earning N400 or more in referral commission, the new referral also gets a welcome bonus of N400 as well.

This welcome bonus is only valid when they sign up using a referral link like yours.

When you look at it this way, your referral link is almost like a gift to them.

So the question remains: how do you find and get people to sign up for Chipper Cash using your link?

This process of marketing your referral link to friends, families, and anyone who might be interested in Chipper Cash is called Affiliate marketing.

By Simply talking about this app to your friends and family, it would surprise you to know how many of them would find value in a free app like Chipper Cash that would allow them to send and receive money home and abroad.

If you have friends on Facebook or even a small follower base on Instagram, you can also talk to them about the benefits and perks of Chipper Cash.

If you want to earn big with affiliate marketing, you would need to share your link with a larger audience.

Creating a YouTube channel or blog where you talk about different payment gateways and apps might be the best option to promote Chipper Cash and earn big.

To join the Chipper Cash Referral program you need to first create a free account on the app.

Once you create and verify your free account, you will get a custom referral link to start promoting.

You can sign up for your account using my link if you want to activate your own welcome bonus.

Activate your welcome bonus on Chipper Cash.

3. Start an Agency

It will surprise you to know how many people still find it difficult to send and receive money digitally.

Many people don’t know about services like Chipper Cash and you can bank on that fact to earn a living online.

Here’s a brief on how this business model works,

You find someone who needs to receive money from abroad, especially from the US.

Then use the Chipper cash app to receive the money on their behalf and then send it over to their local bank account.

Your service here is very easy to offer and probably all done for you.

Since you’ll be receiving money on people’s behalf, you need to be with a brand they can trust.

It is very easy to market your money-receiving agency, starting with your closest network of friends and family.

Look for someone who might need your service and offer a transaction charge for every withdrawal you help them make.

So to get started, follow this simple step process

  • Create your Chipper Cash account
  • Verify your account and login into your dashboard
  • Request A 9-payment service bank account

Chipper Cash gives you 9 payment service bank accounts that will be valid both at home and Abroad for receiving money.

You can easily send this 9 payment service bank account to your clients as the account they could use to send their funds from a foreign country.

Seeing how this kind of agency solves a real-life problem, it is so easy to make money once you’ve built the initial trust.

Simply put, think of this business model as a crypto exchange network.

Most people don’t have the ability to convert their crypto into cash and different crypto exchange networks bank on this problem to earn their income online.

In a nutshell, this business finds people who cannot receive money from foreign countries like the US and African countries accepted with Chipper cash then offer to help them receive the money in exchange for a commission.

FAQs on How To Make Money on Chipper Cash

How much does Chipper Cash pay per referral?

How much Chipper Cash pays with its referral program will vary. You earn N400 when you refer a user in an African country and up to N4,000 when the user is from the US.

How do I invest in Chipper Cash?

To invest in Chipper Cash, you will need to create and verify your Chipper Cash account for free.
Then create an investment profile on the app.
Once you complete the verification process, you will be able to invest in stocks using the app.

What are the benefits of Chipper Cash?

Whether you are looking to send or receive money, with Chipper Cash you enjoy a 100% free transfer across borders.

You can also earn up to $10 on Chipper Cash with their referral program when you send new users to their app.
There are so many other benefits of Chipper Cash, read this guide to discover 7 ways to use Chipper Cash.

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