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How To Make Money On Instagram In Nigeria (9 Ways)


If you want to learn how to make money on Instagram in Nigeria, you’re going to love this read.

These strategies are so easy to get started with today. Even If you are a beginner, you can do all these completely free.

9 Ways To Make Money On Instagram In Nigeria

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Here’s a quick overview of 9 Profitable strategies to earn a living using Instagram.

  1. Start a Freelance Business

    Choose a service and have potential clients who love your work reach out to work with youwoman in white long sleeved shirt holding a pen writing on a paper

  2. Try Instagram Affiliate Marketing

    With over 300 million users, Instagram sure has a huge potential for affiliate marketers.

  3. Start a Free Online Store

    Start selling your products for free online using Instagram and store builders like Paystack

  4. Build Theme Pages

    Create Instagram pages with the main aim of selling shoutouts to businesses or flipping them for a profit.

  5. Get Sponsored by Brands

    Forget your follower count, Once you grow an engaged following, brands will quickly start reaching out to work with you.

  6. Host Events

    Get your followers to pay to attend virtual meetings, you host.

  7. Create a Paid Membership

    Have your followers pay you on a monthly basis to get access to premium resources from you.

  8. Leverage Your Traffic

    To make an additional income using Instagram, send your followers over to your Blog or YouTube channel and get paid from Ads.

  9. Start an IG Growth Agency

    Once you’re a professional at growing Instagram Pages, build an agency and help businesses.

It’s a commonly asked question if it’s even possible to make money on Instagram.

As you can now see, it’s very possible to make money on Instagram in Nigeria. So let’s get started with learning how each of these strategies works.

How To Make Money on Instagram In Nigeria

1. Start a Freelance business: 

In general,  freelancing is one of the best ways to make money online. When coupled with Instagram,  it can be a powerful way to earn a living online. This business model requires nothing but your skill and a means to find clients to work for. 

These skills can include graphic design,  coding, or anything that solves a real problem for your client.  With freelancing,  there is little to no startup cost required. It can be really profitable as well especially when it involves a high-in-demand skill.

So In essence,  to be successful as a freelancer,  you need to pick the right skill. As for how you’ll be getting clients for your freelance business,  Instagram has got you covered.

Remember how I mentioned Instagram as a platform with a lot of active users,  amongst those are your potential clients.

To make this work,  you’re going to need to grow a following on Instagram and monetize by offering your services.

How Much Can you Make Freelancing on Instagram?

This will hugely depend on valuable the freelance skill of your choice is to the potential buyer.

Less technical Skills like proofreading will yield less profit. Other highly professional skills like marketing and sales will earn you a lot higher. If you’re keen on starting a freelance business on Instagram,  here are some really helpful resources to have

2. Try Affiliate Marketing

Instagram makes several marketing features and tools available to affiliate marketers for next to nothing.

Some of these features include The highlight feature, the link on your Instagram bio, and just recently the link sticker on your IG story.

All of these features allow affiliate marketers to promote their links so effortlessly on the platform. This business idea is for affiliate marketers looking for how to make money on Instagram in Nigeria.

How To Do Affiliate Marketing On Instagram

  • Choose a Program to promote

You are going to need to Find an affiliate program to join in order to get your affiliate links.

There are a host of affiliate programs available for Nigerians to join. Some of these programs include Shareasale and Amazon associates.

My personal favorite is Shareasale. You can also read this article to discover more affiliate programs to join in Nigeria and make money.

Watch these videos to learn some of the best 6 affiliate programs available to Nigerians.

For even more unique affiliate programs for Nigerians, read this article for the best affiliate programs to sign up for.

  • Start Sharing your Affiliate Links

As discussed earlier, Instagram has a lot of features that can be leveraged by affiliate marketers. So start sharing your affiliate links ASAP.

N.B Affiliate Marketing takes a lot of work and effort. From how to find the right affiliate programs to the different seamless strategies to apply while promoting affiliate programs.

As a beginner, it can be quite difficult to know how to get started with making those sweet affiliate commissions.

So If you’re serious and want to make 5-6 figures with Affiliate Marketing on Instagram, here’s one single resource I highly recommend you try.

This Affiliate Handbook has everything a beginner needs to get started with Affiliate Marketing and be successful with it. You’ll be learning the whole principle of affiliate marketing as well as secret strategies to

  • Choose Profitable and Reputable Programs
  • Promote your links in many other ways than Instagram
  • Increase your chances of making sales with a Preselling Strategy

This guide costs N2500 and you can get your copy here.

3. Create an Online Store

Whether you choose to sell physical or digital products,  Instagram is one of the best places to get customers and sales.

You can easily start your online store with software tools like Paystack and Flutter wave.

This will enable you to create a catalog for all of your products. You’ll also get a page to which you can send your customers from Instagram to make purchases.

There’s a wide variety of products you can sell with your online store. Depending on your preferences,  you could choose between selling physical or digital products.

For an idea of possible physical products to sell,  explore the robust categories of products on Amazon.

If you choose to go the digital product route,  you can create PDFs,  courses, templates, and more to sell.

To get started with this idea,  create content on Instagram in a niche that aligns with the products you want to sell in your store.

Don’t forget you’ll need to have a store to host your products. Thankfully there are several ways to create an online store in Nigeria for completely free.

4. Grow Instagram Theme Pages

Instagram theme pages are one of the easiest ways to make money on Instagram. This strategy happens all on the platform and is so easy to get started with.

So What is an Instagram Theme Page?

A theme page is an Instagram account that shares content focused on one topic.

These kinds of pages share ideas and tips for a particular audience in order to grow an engaged following.

They are most times branded and without a face on the front page. If you want to learn how to make money on Instagram in Nigeria Fast, Theme pages are the way forward

How do Instagram theme pages make money?

Once a theme page grows a reasonable following,  they start to monetize with shoutouts. Shoutouts are like brand sponsorships but on a low budget.

Business owners looking to get access to a certain demographic without having to pay crazy prices come to seek solace in Instagram theme pages.

To take this side hustle to the next level,  you can create and sell Instagram theme pages for a change. This is so viable if you’ve mastered the Instagram algorithm and have found a proven to build a following replicable.

Getting a healthy engagement on Instagram is one of the hardest parts of owning an Instagram business.

By creating and selling these pages you’re lifting a heavy burden off their shoulders, and getting paid while doing it.

5. Get brand sponsorship deals

This is an Uplevel to shoutouts and is usually a high-earning stream for influencers.

To unlock this monetization channel,  it’s important to focus on the quality of your audience and less on the quantity.

Sponsors these days rarely bother about the number of followers you have and are more concerned about the engagement rate on your account.

As much as brands can find you, there’s no harm in putting your brand out and scouting for potential sponsors.

As for how much you can earn with sponsorships,  it all depends on how much perceived value you can yield to your clients.

how to make money on Instagram in Nigeria
Photo by Cytonn Photography on Pexels.com

6. Host events

If you are looking for a means to earn money sporadically with your following,  this idea is for you. Events like webinars and master classes on no topic, in particular, are extremely profitable to host. It helps even further that these events can be carried out online seamlessly.

So If you have something to share, hosting events and selling tickets is a genius idea.

You could further monetize this stream by providing access to the video recordings after the event is over.

A simple announcement post on your feed or stories on Instagram is more than enough to get the word out about your virtual event.

Live events can be priced at whatever you choose based on the promised outcome of your live event.

On average, you can charge $30-$100 for your program’s tickets.

To be able to host a successful virtual event, a simple software like Zoom will do the job.

Some of these tools include a quality microphone, a good camera, and a quality light source. I deeply understand the nature of these sorts of supplies and therefore surfed the market based on popular recommendations to find the most affordable of these tools.

Explore the creator kit to discover quality but affordable filming equipment to host your events. You could also use them to create high-quality content on YouTube and social media.

7. Create a VIP Community:

This idea is so easy to get started with especially on an engaged Instagram following. A VIP Community is a closed space for super fans to enjoy VIP Privileges on a recurring basis. It is also known as a membership site. Instagram features like Instagram lives and stories help you nurture your followers into becoming an engaged community.

A VIP community is an extra spice to help you make money with your Instagram following. I use a tool called BuyMeaCoffee to host my VIP Community and here’s the model I work with.

I share valuable content on my Instagram account and even more premium value on my stories and Lives all for free.

On special occasions, I announce my VIP Community listing out all the enticing benefits and perks it offers. Some of these perks include weekly zoom coaching sessions, Monthly challenges, and a resource library.

Here’s a better example: I recently came across a genius membership site idea. The owner had an Instagram page and was exposing the antics of the music industry.

A huge chunk of his content was restricted by the terms and conditions of Instagram. Being limited on the information he could dispatch about the music industry, he built his VIP community.

On his VIP Community, he spills out all of the juicy tea that Instagram would have otherwise banned his account for.

Interested followers can decide to upgrade to his VIP Community to enjoy the perk.

BuyMeaCoffee is a completely free tool that’ll allow you to create these kinds of programs in minutes. So If a VIP community sounds like the perfect idea for you, sign up for a Free BuyMeaCoffee account here.

How To Make Money on Instagram in Nigeria
Photo by Canva Studio on Pexels.com

8. Maximize your traffic

An intelligent way to build a new income stream using Instagram is by sending your followers over to other monetizable platforms.

Some of the best platforms to channel your Instagram traffic to will include Blogs, an email list, and Youtube.

Blogs are highly profitable as an average blogger is able to earn $1000 per month. YouTube channels on the other hand are able to earn a killing from ads and other monetization channels. It’s therefore so smart to build new income streams by leveraging your existing followers.

To further elucidate this business idea, read the following article to know how to get started with being a blogger or YouTuber in Nigeria.

9. Become a social media manager

More and more business owners are beginning to understand the impact of social media on their business revenue and sales.

They are also aware of the hassles that go into building an engaged following for their brands. Most would rather have an expert handle this aspect of their business while they focus on their expertise.

This is where a social media manager comes to play.

So once you’re confident about your prowess for growing Instagram pages effortlessly, find interested business owners and pitch your offer.

There are a host of places to find potential clients for your social media management services. Some of these places include Fiverr, Upwork, and 7 more freelancing platforms in Nigeria.

You just create your account on these platforms, put up a listing, and have clients reach out to work with you.

If you’re interested in trying out this idea, Read this guide to learn how to become a social media manager in Nigeria

how to make money on Instagram in Nigeria
Photo by Tofros.com on Pexels.com


Making money on Instagram sure is possible but it’s going to require way more planning than you know. You’ll need to grow an engaged following and not just increase follower count.

So to speak, Instagram Monetization is most effective when you have an influencing impact on your audience.

The goal here is to grow an audience that knows and trusts you and you need a plan to do this. I have one more resource to share that’ll help you immensely on your Instagram Journey

how to make money on Instagram in Nigeria

Brief but powerful, this checklist outlines step-by-step what needs to be done in order to grow an engaged following on Instagram.

From your content strategy to your competitor research, this checklist delves more into the technical aspect of growing on Instagram.

It costs N1000 to own a copy and I can say it’s worth more than what it costs. Click here to get your Instagram checklist.

I can’t wait for you to try out these money-making methods on how to make money on Instagram in Nigeria.

Commonly Asked Questions on How To Make Money On Instagram In Nigeria

How to make money on Instagram without followers?

The best way to make money on Instagram without having any followers is by Freelancing with Cold Outreach.
This process involves finding potential clients for your services and reaching out to them through their Instagram DMs.
To Make this work, you’ll have an Instagram Profile that convinces potential clients that you’re a professional.

Does Instagram pay Nigerian creators?

Instagram pays its creators directly through the creator fund but this feature isn’t available to Nigerian creators.

How much does Instagram pay for 1 million followers in Nigeria?

The average income you can make on Instagram cannot be determined by your follower count, Instead by how high your audience engagement is.
Brands alone can pay over 6 Figures for a sponsored post on an account with 1 million engaged followers.

How much do Nigerian Instagram influencers charge?

This will hugely depend on the Influencer in question, how engaged their audience is, and how much brands are willing to invest in them. On average, an influencer with 10K followers can charge over N100,000 for a sponsored post.

Who is the highest paid on Instagram in Nigeria?

Davido happens to be the highest-paid creator on Instagram in Nigeria, on average he charges, $128,000 per post.

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