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How To Make Money On PiggyVest (3 Easy Ways)

how to make money on PiggyVest

The Piggyvest platform is free to join but can make you an insane amount of money in Nigeria. This article outlines how to make money on PiggyVest even as a complete beginner.

Here are 3 easy ways to start making on PiggyVest:

  1. Start a Piggyvest Savings Account For Free

    As opposed to your traditional savings account that offers a 0.5%- 2% interest rate Per Annum, With PiggyVest, you can easily make an interest of 8% up to 20% interest depending on the savings option you choose.
    That translates to a N20,000 interest for every N100,000 you save on PiggyVest

  2. Start Investing on Investify

    PiggyVest has an Investment bank called Investify that houses many affordable and reliable investment opportunities across different industries like agriculture, real estate, and transportation.
    Some Profitable investment projects only cost N5,000 to get started.

  3. Join The PiggyVest Referral Program

    Piggyvest has a referral program that pays you N1,000 for every New SignUp you bring to their app. They also offer N1,000 welcome bonus to the new sign-up as well, making signing up a lot more enticing to them

What is PiggyVest?

Piggyvest is one of the most reliable and high-yielding online savings Platforms in Nigeria. It has over 4 million customers and is completely free to use.

Piggyvest has several opportunities for Nigerians to make passive income online.

As I explained earlier, there are three different ways to make money with Piggyvest and all of these ways are legit.

Piggyvest, formerly known as Piggybank, has an app that is so easy to navigate and use even as a beginner.

All of these features make Piggyvest an awesome platform to make money online in Nigeria.

how to make money on PiggyVest
What is Piggyvest?

How does PiggyVest Work?

Piggyvest, being an online savings platform allows Nigerians to transfer funds from their bank account in order to save or invest.

Owning a Piggyvest savings account is a lot more profitable than owning a traditional savings account with your bank. This is because of the insane 6%-8% interest on your savings in your Piggyvest account as compared to the interest rate of 0-5%-2% for a traditional bank.

It is also one of the easiest ways to assess investment opportunities at a really low cost.

On the savings and Investments tab on Piggyvest, you’ll be able to choose different avenues to make your money work for you.

As to how you are going to withdraw your earnings on PiggyVest, with no payment threshold or limit, you can withdraw your PiggyVest savings or earnings directly to your bank account.

How To Make Money On Piggyest

Make sure you read through to the end, in order to learn how you could get started with saving and investing on PiggyVest without spending a dime.

1. Start Saving on Piggyvest

With the way the Nigerian currency is losing its value due to inflation, the worst move you can make with your money is to leave it in your bank account.

The money in your bank account stays the same or even decreases due to recent insane bank charges and fees.

Saving your money on Piggyvest on the other hand isn’t only safe but also a means to make passive income. Since your money in your traditional bank account, makes little or no money, why not put it to work?

Piggyvest makes saving so easy with its different savings options.

Different ways to save on Piggyvest

On the savings tab,  in your Piggyvest dashboard, there are 5 savings options, all with different interest rates.

how to make money on PiggyVest
How to save on PiggyVest
A. The Piggybank

This option is similar to the traditional piggy bank you know. It is a strict and planned option for saving on PiggyVest.

However you want it, you simply set a certain amount to automatically be transferred from your bank account to your Piggyvest account on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

You could set a savings amount of N500 to go off every single day,  week, or month.

This is a proactive way of saving as you don’t need to actively send in the savings of the period,  hence making it so easy to stay consistent.

The interest rate on the Piggybank option in the savings tab is 10% interest Per annum. This means for every hundred thousand you invest in the Piggybank option, you get a N10000 interest per year.

That is a steal in my opinion. PiggyBank is the perfect option if you have steady income coming into your bank account and need a way to save.

B. The Flex Naira

Flex simply stands for Flexible. This savings option is simply a flexible option that can be withdrawn at any time.

This is the perfect option for your emergency fund and anyone you might need.

It doesn’t work on an automatic basis and you would have to manually transfer the funds when you want to.

It works like your normal bank account, you can freely withdraw your savings whenever you wish.

So instead of leaving your school fees,  utility bills, or monthly bills in your bank account, try out the flex naira option, since your money will be working for you this time.

FlexNaira Has the lowest interest rate of all the savings options. This is because it won’t be a real savings account,  since you can transfer your funds whenever you choose.

Flex Naira offers an 8% interest per annum. Still a good deal to me.

C. Safe lock

This is the option I love the most. You are basically locking up your funds and having them make the most money for you.

Safelock offers as much as a 36% interest rate depending on how long you choose to lock those funds.

It is the most strict savings option on PiggyVest. There are several different sub-options to choose from within the safe lock saving tab. The higher your safe locking period,  the more money you’ll be able to make. 

Summary of the different Safelocking options and their interest rates.

How To Make Money On PiggyVest

So if you have some money and won’t be needing it in the nearest future, I definitely recommend that you safe lock it on Piggyvest.

D. Targets

So let’s say you’re saving towards a wedding dress, a Room Makeover, or maybe even your rent. The Target savings option is the best for you.

You can set different targets for how much you want to save within a specific period of time, and once that target is reached, you’ll be able to make your withdrawal.

This savings option helps you stay focused on your savings goal and prevents you from squandering the funds meant for the target.

Piggyvest offers a very reasonable interest rate of 9% per Annum

E. Flex Dollar

Remember the Flex Naira savings option we talked about earlier,  this is similar but the currency will be in dollars.

One of the widest ways to save is any currency that doesn’t rapidly lose value. The dollar currency is a high-value currency that might continue to grow higher in value than the naira currency.

It, therefore, makes a lot of sense to save your money in dollars,  this way you’re combating the inflation on the Naira currency.

You’ll be earning a 7% interest per year on the flexdollar option

2. Start Investing on Investify

The second way to make money with Piggyvest is by investing.

On your piggyVest dashboard, you can easily access the Investments tab to view different investment opportunities that are easily accessible at a Low cost.

Piggyvest makes it so easy for anyone to start investing as they offer different investment options and profitable categories like real estate,  agriculture, transport, and much more.

Most of these opportunities as so affordable and you can get started with them with as little as N5,000.

This is insane for people who know investing to be a really profitable way to make money yet have little to no funds to assess this opportunity.

So yes, whoever told you you couldn’t invest in real estate should go to sleep now, because, with as little as N5000, you can get started today.

3. Join The PiggyVest Referral Program

Remember how I promised to show you how to make money on PiggyVest without spending a single dime,  this is it.

With the previously mentioned money-making options PiggyVest, you’ll need to have a certain amount of money to get started.

Here’s a magic trick you can apply to make money on PiggyVest for free.

Piggyvest has a referral program and on this program, they reward loyal users who help promote their savings platform to friends and family.

If you can get your friends,  family, or social media audience to sign up for Piggyvest, then you can potentially make a lot of money.

Whenever someone signs up to Piggyvest, yes using your referral link, PiggyVest pays you N1,000 and gives your friend N1,000 as a welcome bonus.

With the PiggyVest referral program, everyone wins.

It is so easy to promote Piggyvest and have people sign up using your link since they’ll be getting N1,000 for free.

People are more likely to use your referral link because if they choose to sign up directly on Piggyvest.com without your link, then they won’t be getting the welcome bonus of N1000.

Even if you get Just 10 people per month to sign up for Piggyvest, that’s already N10, 000 for free.

How to Join the PiggyVest referral program

You are automatically part of the PiggyVest referral program when you sign up for a free PiggyVest account.

Sign up on PiggyVest using this link to get your own welcome bonus of N1000, because remember, signing up directly on piggyVest.com will mean you lose the welcome bonus.

N1000 might seem small but you could easily put that into a savings account and have it start making more money for you.

How To Create a PiggyVest Account

1. Go over to the PiggyVest homepage

Head over to PiggyVest’s homepage now using this link to access a welcome bonus of N1000 on your phone or laptop.

Once you’re on the homepage, click on the “Create account” button.

how to make money on PiggyVest
How to Create a PiggyVest account

2. Fill out the signup form with your correct information

This signup form pops up when you click the “Create button”. You are going to need to fill out the form to create a new PiggyVest account.

Make sure to fill out the signup form accurately as some of this information might be used to contact you if the need arises. On the signup form, you’d be asked for your name, email address, and number.

In the end, you will be able to set a password for your new account.

3. Complete the PiggyVest To-Do List

Once you’re fully signed up, you’ll be taken over to your PiggyVest dashboard.

PiggyVest then shows you a list of things you will need to do to fully activate your PiggyVest account. Some of these tasks will include:

  • Verifying your identity with a BVN or NIN (You can use any of these two options and it is very secure, CBN even approves of PiggyVest)
  • Link your ATM Card (This is how you’ll be transferring and withdrawing your funds)

Read this article to discover more easy ideas for passive income in Nigeria.

Commonly Asked Questions on How To Make Money on PiggyVest

How To Withdraw from PiggyVest

On your PiggyVest Dashboard, there is an option that reads “Withdraw Funds”. There you’ll be shown your different savings wallets.
You won’t be charged any fee if you withdraw money from your Flex Naira wallet. On the other hand, to maintain savings discipline, PiggyVest charges you a 2.3% fee for every withdrawal.how to make money on PiggyVest

How much can I earn from PiggyVest?

There is no limit to how much you can make on PiggyVest. The more you save and invest, the more interest you stand to earn.

With the PiggyVest referral program, the more people you refer to their app, the more you’ll get paid. If you bring 20 people to PiggyVest, that’s N20,000 already.
Do your calculations for how much you can make if the referrals you can get increase.

What is the minimum amount to invest in PiggyVest?

There’s no payment threshold or minimum withdrawal amount on PiggyVest. Once you’re ready to withdraw your earnings, simply head over to the withdrawal tab.

How do you get free money on PiggyVest?

PiggyVest has a referral program and you earn N1000 for free when you get your friends and family members to sign up for PiggyVest. They also get a N1,000 welcome bonus for using your Link.

If you want to make N1000 today for free, Use this link to signup for a PiggyVest account to unlock your own N1000 welcome bonus.

Is PiggyVest legit?

PiggyVest has over 4 Million customers and a 4.5 Star Rating on the Google PlayStore. The platform is also approved by CBN.
All of these show that PiggyVest is a truly legit app to make money online.

How do PiggyVest make their money?

PiggyVest is an online savings app that aims at helping Nigerians save and invest their money securely.
PiggyVest charges a 2.3% fee when their customers break their savings goals and decides to withdraw their funds.
This strategy is in a bid to keep the customers from squandering their savings.

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