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How To Name your Coaching Business (3 Best Ways)

By the end of this post, you will know exactly how to name your coaching business to attract high-quality clients and build your brand overall.

While the name of your coaching business is not a huge determinant of your success,  it is still a very important element of your coaching business.

The name of your coaching business is now more critical than ever for so many reasons.

While digital Marketing is really powerful, we only get a few chances to make real touchpoints that compel potential clients to buy.

Since there will be no way to build real in-person relationships, you need to be able to hook your potential clients into becoming super fans of your brand in any way possible.

One of the best ways to do this is by crafting out a highly attractive and compelling business name.

Qualities of a Good coaching business name:

  • It should be short and memorable
  • It should be unique and not already taken
  • If possible,  it should hint to potential customers about what you do and how you help them.

While knowing your niche and target audience is extremely important when choosing a name for your coaching business,  the point of this entire blog post is to show you the different ways available to help you brainstorm quality business names.

We understand how hard it can be and wanted to make the whole process a lot easier and faster by showing you how to name your coaching business.

Without further ado,  here are 3 ways to brainstorm hook-worthy coaching business names.

How To Name your Coaching business in 3 Ways

1. Use Business Name Generators:

The internet has made it super easy for businesses to come up with amazing business names in minutes.

By simply searching for “business name generators” on Google,  you’ll be prompted with an insane list of different tools that allow you to brainstorm business names for your coaching business.

To save you the stress of research, I highly recommend trying out chat GPT and the Shopify name generator tool.

These two tools are highly intuitive and enough to help you brainstorm hook-worthy business names.

When using these business name generators, it is important to be as specific as possible.

Since many other people will be leveraging these tools to generate names for their businesses,  you want to be able to generate business ideas that are extremely peculiar to your specific coaching business.

Most of these tools will ask you to include a query after which you’ll be prompted with a list of potential names for your business.

The quality of the output and ideas you get from these tools will highly depend on what you input as a query.

A good query should give a super specific while giving a concise description of what your coaching business is all about.

Including details like your target audience,  services and brand goals in your query will allow these tools to come up with amazing business names specifically tailored to your niche.

2. Consider using your real name

If you plan on being the face of your coaching business brand,  then using your name might be a good idea.

Many successful business coaches have shown proof of concept for this naming strategy.

With the likes of Vanessa Lau and Maria Wendt blowing up their business to multiple seven figures with just their business name being a basic combination of their real names, you should know that this naming strategy works.

There are no need to spend hours brainstorming business ideas when you already have an eye-catching name that can serve the purpose.

More so, it will be a lot harder for copycats to duplicate your business name since it’s almost rare to have the exact name combo.

While this is an extremely easy way to name your coaching business,  you want to make sure to keep it as short and memorable as possible.

If you have long names,  you’ll be better off breaking them into short and more attractive name pieces.

If combining your real names feels too unprofessional for your coaching business,  you can also consider adding your name to what your business does.

A perfect example of a person that did this so well is Ashley writes.

Ashleywrites is a conversion rate copywriter whose business name is simply based on her real name in combination with the services she provides.

3. Think about the problems your ideal clients are facing

The final way to brainstorm amazing names for your coaching business is to listen to real problems in your industry and base your business name on that.

A good example of this strategy at work is Ravi Abuvala’s scaling with the systems brand.

His entire business name was simply based off of the problem his target market was dealing with.

By giving you a business name that is relevant to the services and problems you solve in your industry,  you can potentially 10x your brand in the long run.

When people hear your business name, the goal is to get them inspired enough to want to learn more about your brand.

This naming strategy ticks ff this box exceptionally well.

Think about it,  if you have to come across three potential life coaches and had to choose one of them based on just their business names,  you would most likely go for a name that speaks directly to the problem you might have.

Since you won’t need to second-guess what they do since their name alone speaks for itself.

What to do after brainstorming these ideas

1. Check the availability

If you’re still in the naming phase of your coaching business,  then you most probably are just starting out.

Establishing your brand identity online is one of the very next steps you will need to take after brainstorming your business name idea.

More precisely,  you will need to consider establishing your brand online by creating your website or social media pages, 

When creating a website or social media pages,  your name has a major role play.

To make it easier for potential clients to find you on whatever platforms you might be on,  you need to make sure your business name is unique and not already taken.

Here are the three ways I highly recommend you use to check for the availability and uniqueness of your business name online.

Use Namecheap:

Namecheap is a domain name service provider, where businesses come to register their business name online.

If you’ve ever been on the website,  you probably noticed the name of a business attached to a domain extension like .com,  .net, .com, and others.

Your domain name is a very important element of your business, given how much of an impact it’s going to have in your entire marketing process.

The world has gone digital and it is now more of a necessity than an option to have a website for your coaching business.

One of the prerequisites for creating your coaching website is your domain name.

When deciding on your business name, you want to make sure there isn’t any domain name registered for it.

Namecheap makes this process so easy, as by simply searching on the database,  you will be able to check for the availability of a domain name for free.

It tells you straight away whether or not your domain name idea has been taken already.

Here’s a link to the domain name search tool, so click over to Namecheap when you are ready to start the name validation phase.

How To Name your Coaching Business

Search on social media:

Head over to the main social media platforms for your specific industry irrespective of whether you want to even market on them and check for the availability of your business name.

If it’s already taken,  you might want to consider choosing some other name.

Check for any trademark:

This step is an overriding Factor and will highly impact what names you can use for your coaching business

To avoid lawsuits in your business, you generally want to avoid names or specific words in your business name that have been trademarked.

Trademarks are a law thingy that puts restrictions on the usage of a particular term,  word, or information.

Infringement of a trademark can cost you a lot in your business,  so save yourself the stress and check for any available trademarks before you register your business name.

You might need to head back to the brainstorming phase once again if all of your business name ideas are already taken but it’s for the best.

What to do after you name your coaching business

1. Register it in as many places as you can

Once you find a business name that is unique and resonates with your goals and that of your target audience,  then you need to be on your toes and get it registered ASAP.

Who knows? it might no longer be available when you need it.

So go over to Namecheap first off and register your domain name ASAP. even if you do not plan on building your website,  still a good practice to have your domain name set and good to go for when you actually want to use it.

Namecheap is one of the best and most reliable domain name providers plus you will get to enjoy domain security against hackers and info thefts for free.

Other service providers will require that you pay almost $10 to enjoy this free feature on Namecheap.

A .com domain name on Namecheap costs only $6-$10.

So stop procrastinating and register your domain name today.

Aside from registering your domain name, you will need to go over to all of the social media platforms that exist and start creating your profiles.

This might feel wild but you will thank me later.

In my opinion,  there is nothing more attractive in business than a brand that maintains a cohesive brand identity.

Moreso, by registering your social media profiles with the same usernames on all marketing platforms you will make it extremely easy for your superfans to find you.

Just by taking an extra hour to register your business on platforms like Instagram,  Facebook,  Pinterest,  TikTok,  YouTube,  Twitter, and much more,  you will have your profiles all set and ready for when you choose to start marketing.

2. Trademark your business name

While not compulsory,  trademarking your business name is a good practice for so many reasons.

One of them is protection from unauthorized usage.

To protect your business from spam and copyright infringement,  you should consider trademarking your business.

By trademarking your business name, you’re basically sending signals to other potential businesses to stay off anything related.

So while you might have your business name in the.com domain extension, the name trademark will prevent other businesses from registering the same name in other domain extensions like .net and .co.

Thereby allowing your business to stand unique in the competition

From a legal view,  there are so many perks to registering a trademark for your business.

So the question is,  how do you trademark your business name?

Well, I have just the solution you need.

With tailor brands trademark services,  it has become so easy to register a trademark for any business, no matter its industry.

While tailor brands is an all-in-one business branding platform, their legal services are to die for.

You can even register both your logo and domain name as trademarked.

The entire process is extremely easy with tailor brands.

Businesses no longer need to deal with the insane paperwork that comes with registering a trademark because the tool does most of the work.

When you start the registration process, you will be given a step-by-step guide to walk you through the entire process.

In addition, you will get commendable customer support throughout the entire registration process.

Although trademarks might seem a little too Techy,  you should consider the benefits and give it a try with tailor brands.

How To Name your Coaching Business
How to name your coaching business

FAQs on How To Name your Coaching Business

Should I use my name for coaching business?

Sure! Using your personal name for business is one of the fastest ways to pick a name that serves you on the long run.
It is especially effective if you are trying to build a personal brand for your coaching business.

What should I name my life coaching business?

It’s easy. You can either use your real name as a combo as Vanessa Lau does.

Or base it on the specific problem your business solves in your market.

If you want to get really creative, you can also consider brainstorming short and memorable name using tools like ChatGpt and the shopify name generator.

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