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How To Start a Podcast in Nigeria (6 Easy Steps)

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If you think you have something interesting to share on a Podcast, this post will take you through an easy 8-step process for how to start a podcast in Nigeria.

Here are 8 easy steps to start a podcast in Nigeria

  1. Choose a Niche and theme for your Podcast

  2. Plan On a Name, Tagline and Banner Art for your Podcast

  3. Planning your Podcast’s Episodes

  4. Prepare your Podcast Equipment

  5. Create and Launch your First Episode

  6. Market your Podcast

From the outlook, Podcasting might seem like a hobby experts take up in their free time to share their knowledge and insights.

While that’s true, Podcasting is still a really profitable side hustle to try out in Nigeria.

How To Make Money From Podcast in Nigeria

  1. Get brands to Sponsor your podcast
  2. Write a book and sell it to your audience
  3. Create valuable products and services to sell on your Podcast
  4. Land Public speaking Gigs
  5. Monetize your Podcast with Ads
  6. Start Affiliate Marketing
  7. Create and sell customized merch to your Podcast Fanbase

These ideas are just a few of the many ways you can make money with a Podcast in Nigeria. The potential is insane.

Get ready to discover how to start a podcast in Nigeria.

How To Start a Podcast in Nigeria

1. Choose Your Niche and Theme

If you want to be profitable as a Podcaster, you’re going to need to choose a theme and Niche.

For whatever you are going to be sharing on your Podcast, there are a certain group of people that will find your content valuable.

If you try sharing random content pieces on your Podcast that contradict what these listeners initially subscribed to, you will end up losing these listeners.

When you try to speak to everyone with your Podcast, you end up talking to no one at all.

I know you probably have a list of topics you’re considering sharing on your pending Podcast, but sadly you’re going to have to choose and stick to one broad topic.

You can always have some digression here and there but for the most part, you are going to need to stick to a niche.

As an entrepreneur, I plan to launch a podcast for aspiring entrepreneurs and have my general podcast theme be “BECOMING A SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR”.

This will mean that every podcast episode I share will have a goal of taking my listeners a step further toward reaching being successful entrepreneurs.

Some Subtopics ideas for this podcast niche might include:

  • Online Business ideas
  • How to start an Online Business step-by-step
  • Mindset shifts to make to become successful as an online entrepreneur

Choosing the right niche sure does take time and effort but it is for the best.

I am certain you might already have a list of potential topics to talk about on your Podcast.

If you are struggling to pick one of these topics, you are going to need to analyze each of those ideas and choose the best based on your analysis.

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to analyze a niche for your Podcast.

2. Plan On a Name, Tagline and Banner Art for your Podcast

Every podcast has a name and a tagline. In a subtle way, these two have a growing impact on your podcast.

As you will soon learn, you will be getting the majority of your listeners on podcast directories.

A good example of a podcast directory is the APPLE PODCAST. People go over to these directories to find new podcasts to listen to.

When they search these directories for niche podcasts, they are given recommendations to choose from.

These listeners are more likely to subscribe to a podcast with a Name and banner art that hooks them in.

These branding elements of your podcast, therefore, need to be really catchy and compelling enough to get people to want to give you a listening ear.

Your Brand Art show, therefore, works hand in hand with your podcast name to hook new listeners in.

This is a good example of a podcast with a catchy name and banner art.

4. Plan your Podcast Episodes

You can get away with posting irrelevant and unprofessional content on TikTok and maybe Facebook but it’s a different story with podcasting.

Potential subscribers will only subscribe if they perceive value and some form of consistency from you as a content creator.

They expect more of what made them stay. Therefore, you’re going to need to plan every single bit of your podcasting content creation.

From the average length of your Podcast to the format and Posting frequency.

Here’s a practical illustration of what this might look like for you.

a. The average length of your podcast: 30 minutes – Your choice

(Once an episode starts to exceed that length, you can then create chapters and have listeners continue to the next chapter).

This way your listeners are able to train themselves to listen throughout your episode.

b. The Format

Podcasts come in different formats, we’ve seen monologues, interviews, and conversations.

You simply need to choose which of these works best for your person and stay consistent with this format.

c. The posting frequency

The best way to grow an engaged audience on your podcast is to train your subscribers to anticipate your content.

You can do this by following a consistent schedule and letting your subscribers know when to expect an episode from you.

5. Prepare Your Podcast Equipment.

You saw this coming right? To start podcasting, you need to have your gadget ready to be switched on.

The basic equipment for podcasting is quite basic, you just need:

  • A Quality Microphone
  • Podcast Hosting Software:

To start a podcast, you’re going to need to have a hosting service. This is going to be more like a storeroom for your podcast episodes.

These Hosting services don’t have an inbuilt audience, so you shouldn’t upload your episodes and expect a magical influx of downloads.

Most of these hosting services have a distribution feature. This means you will be able to host your podcast and distribute it to several podcast directories.

6. Create and launch Your First Episode

With all of the above in place, it’s time to create and launch your first episode to the world.

Like any other content type, a huge determining factor for how well your podcast episodes perform is how engaging it is.

You can’t expect people to stick around listening to a boring episode all because it’s yours.

You are going to put your all into ensuring your podcast episodes are as engaging as can be

Engaging content can either be inspirational, educational, or entertaining.

Whichever route you choose, run with it.

The end goal is to keep your listeners engaged for the most part of the episode. That’s how you’ll make money from this.

Also, there’s a viral structure most engaging content have in common

a. A powerful Headline:

You need to start your episodes on a strong note.

Be it a Podcast, TikTok video, or whatnot, you should never start your content with a boring intro.

The attention span of humans is at its lowest today and so you need to be able to hook your listeners into listening to your content through to the end.

b. Body:

This is the meat of your content and should contain some form of value related to what you teased your audience on.

c. CTA:

At the end of your podcast, I don’t want you to ever leave your listeners hanging.

You have done so much work to have these podcasters discover your brand.

You shouldn’t let all that work go to waste. You’re therefore going to need to usher your listeners to the next line of action to further engage them with your brand.

This could be as simple as asking them to subscribe to your podcast or visit your website.

Once you’re done recording your Podcast episode, you might need to do some editing work to remove annoying background noises and add sound effects.

7. Market Your Podcast

There’s one major downside to building an audience on a podcast.

Unlike on YouTube, Instagram, and other marketing channels, your podcast hosting service is a storeroom and isn’t going to have an inbuilt audience.

The magic with podcasting happens when you get insane exposure from large Podcast directories like Itunes and Spotify but as expected the story isn’t all so magical.

These directories have millions of monthly listeners and as you guessed getting them to recommend your podcast to their listeners takes a lot of work.

You are going to need to market your podcast outside of these directories.

If you are able to drive listeners and downloads in a short period of time, this sends a signal to the podcast algorithms causing them to recommend your podcast episode to a relevant audience on their database.

How To Market Your Podcast In Nigeria

a. Create Transcripts of your podcast episode and Post them as blog posts

This happens to be the best podcast marketing strategy in my opinion and here’s how it works.

  1. Record and publish your Podcast as you normally would
  2. Find an affordable and accurate transcriber to listen to your podcast and transcribe it)
  3. Create a blog and upload the transcript as your post
  4. Rank your blog on Google with SEO (Millions of Potential Visitors to your blog)
  5. Get blog visitors to subscribe to your podcast after reading the transcript, that way they get notified of your subsequent podcast episodes.

There are 2 reasons why this is so powerful:

  • Google gets billions of daily search queries. Getting your blog posts ranked on Google will mean extra traffic for you.
  • Blogs can make you a lot of money. With this much traffic, you can monetize in diverse ways.

The first step in executing this strategy for your blog is to first create your website.

This article will show you a detailed estimate of how much it costs to run a blog in Nigeria.

b. Use Directories

Leveraging directories may seem like an obvious way to market your podcast.

Yet not enough podcasters remember to syndicate their podcast host to a directory. By so doing, they lose out on an immense potential to get exposure.

Popular Directories like Itunes, Google podcast, and Spotify have millions of active users.

Although it might be quite hard to get discovered on these platforms, when you do get featured on their recommended section, you’d be surprised at the crazy influx of listeners you stand to get.

Also make sure to ask listeners to subscribe to your podcast in every one of your episodes, this way they get notified of your new content and can easily click to listen in.

c. Post snippets and promote them on social media

With Podcast episodes, there are always going to be those short moments that really hit deep.

You can create short videos and quote posts on social media to share these valuable thoughts. To drive traffic over to your podcast, you will need to leave a Call To Action asking your followers to subscribe to your podcast.

There are so many other ways to market your podcast in Nigeria, so if you’re serious about growing your podcast, Grab your free copy of our digital marketing course to learn how to market your podcast.

FAQs on how to start a podcast in Nigeria

How much does it cost to start a podcast in Nigeria?

The cost of your podcast will hugely depend on your budget.
To start a podcast in Nigeria, you will a quality microphone and a good recording studio/room.

These equipment have varying prices so it’s, therefore, hard to make an estimate of how much it costs to start a podcast in Nigeria

Does podcast pay in Nigeria?

Yes, there are so many ways you can make money with your podcast once you’ve grown an engaged audience.
Some of the best ways include brand deals and product sales. You can also get paid to have ads played on your episodes.

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