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How To Use Chipper Cash (The 7 Best Ways)

Chipper cash is a robust app with top-notch financial services at no additional cost to its users. If you’re looking to learn how to use Chipper cash to its fullest potential, I’ve compiled this blog post to share the 7 best ways to do so.

7 Ways To Use Chipper Cash

  • Send money to friends and family
  • Receive money for free locally and internationally
  • Shop online worldwide
  • Pay your utility bills
  • Start Investing
  • Refer and Earn
  • Buy Airtime and Data bundles

With over 5 million active users, this mobile app is one of the best free apps for mobile International transfer and Payment services.

So without further ado, here are more details on how to use Chipper cash for personal and business purposes.

How To Use Chipper Cash (7 Best Ways)

1. Send Money To Friends and Family

This is what the Chipper cash app was originally meant for.
It helps it send money across borders fast free and easily without having to necessarily go through popular payment gateways like PayPal and Payoneer.

With this app, you can send money to your friends and family, and even business associates seamlessly.

What I love about this sending feature is how the beneficiary of the funds doesn’t necessarily have to have a Chipper cash account.

Just as long as they have a local bank account in one of the seven countries where they offer their payment services, you’ll be able to send money directly into their bank account with just your app.

Crazy right? Even more, all of this can be done using just your mobile phone and their app.

Sending money using this app is extremely easy, here’s how:

How To Send Money using Chipper Cash

How To Use Chipper Cash
Chipper Cash Dashboard
  • Choose how you want to send money. You could send money using their Chipper Cash usernames or local bank account number.
How To Use Chipper Cash

2. Receive Money

You could also be on the receiving end of the spectrum with Chipper cash.

You can easily send out your app profile details to business partners, friends, or family members and have them send money directly into your Chipper cash bank account.

There are two ways to go about this:

  • Use Your Chipper Cash Username

When you first create your account, you will be asked to set a custom user name for your profile on the app.

This username can then be used by other chipper cash users to send you money.

Basically, they just need to click the send button and then the username option where they will be able to type in their username.

Since only one exact match username can exist on their database, your exact account on the app will be prompted when your username is typed in and then they will be able to send you money with just that detail.

  • Request a 9 Payment Service Bank Account number

There is a feature on Chipper cash that allows you to request a bank account on the app, once you get verified on the platform.

When you request your bank account number, you’re almost immediately given a unique and custom one.

This bank account number is called a 9 Payment Service bank account number.

It will be valid when anyone tries to send money to your Chipper Cash account either on or outside the app.

This bank account number will then be functional both locally and globally to help you receive money using just the app.

Just like that, using a free app, you now have access to a widely recognized bank account number.

Take Nigeria for example, with your new bank account, you or anyone else can send money from a local bank account like GTB to your 9 Payment Service bank account number.

This is because your new account number will be recognized by these banks.

How To Request your Bank account number on Chipper cash

  • Once you create your Chipper Cash account, log in to your dashboard, select the PROFILE ICON
How To Use Chipper Cash
  • Scroll down to the ENABLE CHIPPER ACCOUNT NUMBER button
How To Use Chipper Cash

3. Use Chipper Cash for Online shopping

This is one of the more sophisticated ways to use the app and I love it.

Just recently, the platform introduced its very own Visa card.

Its users can now easily claim this visa card straight on their dashboard in the app and have it sent to them physically.

This Visa Card like any other can be used to make online purchases worldwide.

To claim your Chipper Cash Visa card, you will need to upload more verification documents like your passport photograph and ID card.

Once you get approved for this Visa card you be able to shop online using your app account balance.

Before you have second thoughts on whether or not you should own this Visa card, here’s a secret.

The Visa card offers a 5% cash back on every qualified purchase you make online.

So let’s say you buy a bag of 15,000 Naira online using the Visa Card, It offers you a 5% cashback.

This might seem like just a little amount but think about how you can save when you buy something of a higher price.

How To Claim Your Chipper cash Visa Card

  • Select the Card icon below on your dashboard.
  • Select the CLAIM YOUR CARD button and complete the free verification process.

4. Pay Your Utility Bills

Once again with your account balance on the app, you can now make your utility bill payments for widely recognized utilities like your Nepa and TV Bills.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the bills that could be paid using the app:

So to use your wallet this way, simply click the UTILITY BILLS ICON on your dashboard and you will be prompted with a list of bills that could be paid using the app.

5. Start Investing

This is one of the more valuable financial features Chipper cash offers its users.

Before now, it would have been almost impossible to invest in stocks in the foreign market or any local African country.

You would have had to make various registrations and go through verification processes for this.

Today, you can easily own shares in companies like Coca-Cola, Amazon, and even Tesla using just their investment tab on the app.

There are other apps that allow you to invest in the stock market from countries in Africa but Chipper cash makes the whole process so easy.

To start investing using the app, you will need to do some additional verifications which can be done in less than 10 minutes.

Once to get approved for this feature, you simply need to deposit money into your app wallet, and from your balance, you’ll be able to invest in stocks of your choice using the app.

So if you love investing and are looking for a way to tap into the foreign stock market, definitely sign up for a free Chipper cash account here.

How To Invest On Chipper Cash

  • Select the INVEST icon below on your dashboard
  • Select the CONTINUE INVESTING button when you are prompted to this page.
  • Complete your investment profile and get approved.

6. Refer and Earn Money

One of the most popular ways how to use Chipper cash is with their referral program.

Chipper cash offers its users a small cash token for every new referral they bring to the platform.

In Nigeria for example, you will earn N400 for every new person that signs up for Chipper cash using your referral link.

They make the offer so enticing by also offering a welcome bonus of N400 to anyone that chooses to sign up with your link.

People will then be more incentivized to use your link as opposed to signing up for the app directly.

Since they can only activate their welcome bonus by using a referral link.

If you love free money and haven’t yet signed up for your Chipper cash account, use my referral link to activate your welcome bonus.

Once you’ve created your account, you will want to get your custom referral link to start promoting to your friends and family and earning free cash in referral income.

Read this post to learn other ways to make money with Chipper Cash.

7. Buy Airtime and Data

Just like how you can pay utility bills, you can also purchase data and airtime bundles using the app.

Once again, the process is so easy and I prefer to buy my data and airtime bundles using the app because of their discounted offers.

This means you will spend a lot cheaper on your data and airtime purchases by just using the app.

Hopefully, this post gave you an idea of how versatile this app can be.

To learn more about their app services, here’s a brief overview of all you need to know about Chipper cash.

And if you’re excited about how much money you can make or save using this app, complete the tutorial on how to create a verified account on Chipper Cash.

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