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How To Use Creative Fabrica For KDP (Step By Step)

How to use Creative Fabrica for KDP

I can’t wait to show you how to use creative Fabrica for KDP to grow an Insanely profitable KDP book business.

This guide will show you how to find good niches, create high-quality books and make sales on Amazon KDP using Creative Fabrica.

There are three main ways is Creative Fabrica for KDP.

  1. Find Profitable KDP niches

    Use Creative Fabrica to create an endless list of profitable book ideas to sell on KDP.

  2. Create high-quality books

    If you want to sell low-content books on Amazon KDP, you no longer need to create them from scratch. Professional designers on Creative Fabrica have done all the work for you. 

  3. Create attractive book covers

    You no longer need to break the bank to get a professional cover made for your book. With hundreds of editable book cover templates, Creative Fabrica is all you need.

KDP has made it so easy for anyone to make money. You simply need to create a good book in a good niche, sit back, and watch Amazon handle the rest.

Before now the only way people knew how to make money with KDP was to write and design the books themselves. If you want to create a six-figure business on Amazon KDP. You need to think big.

Amazon KDP has millions of monthly Buyers who come to the platform in search of books to read or buy. The more you have books that show up on Amazon search, the more money you could potentially make.

The keyword here is QUALITY and QUANTITY. To grow a profitable Amazon KDP business, you need to be able to create more KDP books. Without impacting the quality of your books.

Before we hop right into this guide, you need to know that Amazon KDP is not a magical way of making money.

There is a logic behind it. You can’t just expect to create a bunch of random books and hope to make a lot of money miraculously.

You need to be able to do your research to find books that people need.

This way you know your book is in demand and will actually make sales. Therefore a crucial part of your KDP success will highly depend on your Niche research.

QUICK DISCLAIMER: This guide on how to use creative Fabrica for KDP will work a lot better if you plan on selling low-content books on KDP.

How To Use Creative Fabrica For KDP

1. Do Profitable Niche Research

One of many secrets to massive success on Amazon KDP is Niche research.

KDP niche research is finding profitable book ideas to sell on Amazon KDP.

The main difference between a business-minded book creator and someone just looking to make a quick buck online is the RESEARCH process.

To be profitable with your book business, there is a three-step process you can use to find and validate a book idea using Creative Fabrica.

A. Get an endless list of KDP book ideas

Creative Fabrica has a huge database of niches, and most of the Niches fit perfectly well for a book idea.

With creative Fabrica, you’ll be able to create a vast list of potential book ideas. 

Many book designers on Amazon KDP upload their KDP Interiors onto Creative Fabrica, these Interiors can give you an idea of what people are creating on Amazon KDP.

How To Find KDP Niches on Creative Fabrica
  • Go on to Creative Fabrica and Sign Up for a Free account (You can use a free Creative Fabrica account to do your KDP Niche research)
  • On the Creative Fabrica search box, type in the category of low-content book you want to create. Some of these book categories include journals, notebooks, or coloring books.
How To Use Creative Fabrica For KDP

In the example above, I used NOTEBOOKS for my niche research. I also narrowed down my search by selecting the “KDP INTERIORS” checkbox.

This simple search made me discover endless ideas for a KDP notebook. Enough to help you create a library of Profitable low content books.

B. Validate these ideas

Creating KDP low-content books take a lot of time. The worst thing you can do is create a bunch of KDP books that don’t make you any money.

To be more efficient with your time you need to validate each of the ideas on the list.

So how do you know which of these book ideas on your list are profitable? Here’s a practical step-by-step guide on how I validate KDP book ideas.

After doing my research on Creative Fabrica, I found this book idea “BRAINSTORM NOTEBOOK”

How To Use Creative Fabrica For KDP

First, I need to figure out its SEARCH VOLUME. The search volume of a book idea is the number of searches a keyword gets on Amazon.

To find out how many searches this book idea gets, I use a free keyword tool called THE GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER.

With this Tool, I’m about to see how many searches my idea gets per month.

This book gets 1OO searches on average per month. (This is just an estimation, it is usually higher in the real sense).

As long as the book idea gets more than 100 searches per month, it’s a good one for me.

Next, I go on in search of how competitive this book idea is. Like you, many people understand how profitable selling books on KDP is.

So this book idea you have in mind will most likely be on the kindle store already. This is why you need to research your competition. In order to see if it’s possible for you to break into that market as a new book.

To check the competition for this book idea, I use Amazon’s search bar.

As a beginner, you need to stick to book ideas with less than 1000 search results on Amazon. This way your books will stand a chance at ranking on Amazon.

The larger the competition for a search term,  the harder it will be to break into that niche and rank on the 1st page for that search term.

To follow along with this tutorial, sign up for a free account on Creative Fabrica to find endless book ideas.

2. Create High-Quality Books

Before discovering creative Fabrica, I had to use several software and resources to create my low-content books. This process took ages.

I used to take weeks to create a low-content book.

If you are a beginner who hasn’t mastered profitable KDP Niche research, this is a risky way to use your time.

You’re putting all the effort into creating one book that might not get you any sales.

If I wanted to create a Journal in the past, I’d first sketch out what it would look like. Then take days to make the design in Canva before using a PNG combiner to create a PDF file for my KDP book.

With creative Fabrica,  in that same span of time, I could create up to five high-quality books without breaking the bank.

Professional designers take the time to create amazing KDP interiors that buyers love. You just have to come up to the platform and download these Interiors for your KDP book.

Creative Fabrica gives commercial use licenses so you don’t need to worry about any copyright issues.

Moreso, Amazon isn’t so strict about the interior of a low-content book.

Think of a blank Journal, the interior will be the same for any niche you pick, yet Amazon publishes these kinds of books.

So Amazon is perfectly fine with creators buying interiors and using them for their books.

Creative Fabrica is the best resource for KDP Interiors, especially for those who lack design skills but still want a piece of the Amazon KDP cake.

So when you’re ready,  here’s how to buy KDP interiors for your low-content books.

  • Head over to Creative Fabrica and type in the Niche interior you might want to buy e.g BRAINSTORM NOTEBOOK. (Select the KDP interior box to narrow down your search).
  • Select the interior listing that catches your attention, learn more about the interior specifics and proceed to the checkout to buy by clicking on the “ADD TO CART” button.

With Creative Fabrica, you will be able to build a library of high-quality books making you passive income on Amazon KDP.

If you plan on scaling your KDP business to multiple 6 figures, you will need to create a lot of books and for this, you will need to download as many interiors as you can.

Well, I bet you didn’t know that KDP offers 100% access to their creative library for 7 days.

Within those 7 days, you can download as many book interiors as you please, this trial will be more than enough to get you started on your KDP journey.

All you need to do is pay just $1 and you will be granted unlimited access to their insane library of over 6 million graphics.

How to create an Upload Ready Book Interior with Creative Fabrica

Most of the book interiors on Creative Fabrica either come in PNG or PDF files which can easily be made ready to be uploaded on Amazon KDP.

Here’s a quick process to convert these Creative Fabrica resources into Upload-ready KDP interiors.

For PDF interiors

If you buy a KDP interior that comes in a PDF format, you can easily re-upload the file on KDP if it comes in a dimension you like.

If not, you can always resize your KDP interior to a much-preferred dimension by uploading and resizing the file on Canva.com

For PNG interiors

If your Creative Fabrica interior file comes in a PNG format, you will need to use a PDF combiner to convert your PNG files to an upload-ready PDF file in any dimension you choose.

Here’s how to create a KDP interior PDF from a PNG file:

  • Go over to Bookbolt.io, and Hover over the RESOURCES TAB. Then click on the INTERIOR PDF COMBINER PRO option. This software is free to use for your KDP books.
  • Drag and Drop your file on the PDF Combiner
  • Select the (+) sign on the PDF combiner to combine your uploaded PNG
  • Select your uploaded PNG file and select the number of pages you want your PDF to have, then click the close button.
  • Before you download your PDF file, choose your preferred PDF dimensions as well as some other features of your PDF. Once that’s done, DOWNLOAD your PDF file.

3. Create Attractive Book Covers

Buyers on Amazon really do judge the Books they buy by their covers.

For almost all the book ideas you will find in your Niche research process, there will already be some books selling consistently.

The only way you stand a chance even when you show up on the search results is when you have a good book cover.

When a buyer on Amazon types in a search term, Amazon gives several book results to choose from. Most buyers will choose the book that is most appealing to them. 

Even if you find a profitable book idea and high-quality book interiors, you stand a chance of getting little to no sales if you fail to make an attractive cover.

How would people see the content of your low-content book if they don’t even click to learn more?

Your book cover can single-handedly cause the failure of your book project.

It is therefore very important to go all in when creating a cover for your book.

To create an attractive book cover for your book before now, you’d have had to either learn graphic design and DIY your book cover or outsource to a professional book cover designer.

Either of these ways would have taken a lot of your money or time to execute well.

Creative Fabrica allows you to find aesthetic and editable book cover templates made by professional designers with commercial-use licenses for affordable prices.

Even better,  these book cover designs can be used for other projects.

Most of these books even come in a KDP paperback format (Front and back) with specific dimensions. Most of these books will be easily editable on a free and easy-to-use graphic design tool called Canva.com.

This KDP book cover for example is easily editable on Creative Fabrica on Canva.

You just have to tweak the colors,  fonts, and maybe graphics to have your unique book cover ready to be uploaded on Amazon KDP.

You can also resize your KDP book cover to match your Interior PDF to avoid any book errors.

Using the amazon book cover calculator, you can easily calculate the dimension of your book cover depending on the dimension of your KDP interior.

Once you have gotten your book cover dimension, it’s time to resize your KDP book cover template using Canva.

For a full step-by-step guide covering all you need to sell KDP books online, here’s our guide on How to make money on Amazon KDP.

Still skeptical about trying out Creative Fabrica for your design projects?

Read my honest opinion on Creative Fabrica to make your final decision.

FAQs on How To Use Creative Fabrica For KDP

How to use creative Fabrica for free

Once you sign up for a free account on Creative Fabrica, Creative Fabrica offers you a $1 Free trial of Creative Fabrica with Unlimited access. You pay just $1 to get access to all the graphics you need at no added cost and with Commercial use license.

Sign up for a free account on Creative Fabrica to get started today

Can you make money on creative Fabrica?

Yes! With Creative Fabrica, you can easily create endless high-quality KDP books and make passive income selling Low content books on Amazon KDP.

You can also make money on Creative Fabrica wih Print on demand, affiliate marketing and by becoming a seller on creative fabrica.

Read this guide for an in-depth tutorial on the 4 ways to make money on Creative Fabrica.

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