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How To Use Opay To Transfer, Save and Make Money Online

In this blog post, you’re going to learn how to use Opay either for personal or commercial purposes.

You will learn how the app works, how to open an account, and how to use the app and leverage its free features.

Opay is a free all-in-one mobile banking app that offers premium financial services to individuals and business owners in Nigeria.

Using the app, you can seamlessly send, receive and transfer funds online.

You can also make money and save money on this mobile app.

As a payment service in Nigeria, this app is fast becoming widespread, therefore here is an ultimate starter guide for new users on how to use the Opay app.

What is opay all about?

Opay is a microfinance bank and payment system that is used by many businesses in Nigeria.

The app functions like a bank, and also comes with a lot of advanced features that can be leveraged for free.

The app aims at providing a seamless payment solution for Nigerians tired of the insane fees and hassles that come with the banking and financial services of a traditional bank.

How Does Opay Work?

To get started, you will have to sign up for a free account on their app.

The registration process is extremely easy.

You can easily sign up using this link or read this complete guide on how to register on Opay.

Make sure to activate the insane welcome bonuses that they offer its new users by using a referral link when you choose to sign up.

When you sign up with a referral link, here’s a list of the referral that would be automatically credited to your account

Opay referral bonuses

Use this referral link when you choose to get started to enjoy the above referral bonuses.

When you first sign up for an account, you’re automatically placed in TIER 1.

The app has several tiers and every tier upgrade comes with a boost in your account features and limits.

You can upgrade to tier 2 on your account for free by verifying your new account when your first register.

The verification process can be completed in as little time as minutes using just your BVN.

If you feel skeptical about giving out your BVN, just know this app is a trusted microfinance bank licensed by CBN, so you can rest assured that your details and private info are secured.

Once you verify your account using your BVN, you will be automatically upgraded to tier 2 which comes with new perks in your account features.

You can as well choose to leave your account unverified and leverage the features of your account tier 1.

Benefits of using OPay

Owning an account comes with a lot of benefits.

Just using your mobile phone you can now process important transactions a lot faster.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Make utility bill payments like Dstv Subscriptions and NEPA bill payments in the comfort of your home.
  • Lock & save your funds on Opay and earn up to 15% interest
  • Get a loan of Up to 1, 000, 000 on Okash (A subsidiary of Opay)
  • Send money to a bank account or another Opay account at no added cost.
  • Enjoy insane cashback on your data and airtime purchases
  • Receive fast transfers and payments right into your Opay wallet
  • Fund your betting account and get up to 20% cashback
  • Become an Opay merchant and make money
  • Claim your Opay ATM card and shop online in Nigeria (Enjoy cashback on verified purchases)
  • Enjoy insane referral bonuses when you sign up with a referral link
  • Enjoy daily rewards and cashback when you log in.
  • Refer and earn money when new users sign up using your referral link.

Is it safe to use OPay?

Opay is a very safe mobile banking app and can be trusted.

Based on my personal experience, it is a legit app that has made me a lot of money in various means.

Based on their reviews: The app has a total review of 4.4 on Playstore and 4.2 on the AppStore.

Moreso, They are licensed by CBN to provide premium financial services to its users.

Finally, based on their privacy policy, you can trust that all of your information on the app is encrypted.

As long as you keep your login details safe, the app is extremely safe to use.

How To Open an OPay account

To open a new account, you will need a mobile phone number in permitted countries like Nigeria.

You will also need to download the Opay app on the app store or Play store.

An OTP code will then be sent to the provided number and once you verify the number, you can then begin the registration process.
Read this Opay registration guide to learn how to open an account on Opay.

How To Use Opay To Make Money

For knowledgeable users, Opay is more than just an app to send and receive money.

There are so many ways to make money with OperaPay.

These methods are not merely theoretical earning opportunities but real ways people are earning a killing using the app.

Some of these Methods include:

1. Refer and Earn

One of the easiest ways you can make money on Opay is by using their referral program.

Directly on your account dashboard on the app, you will have the option to join the referral program.

Just like any other refer and earn program, they pay you for every new user you send to their app.

Getting people to sign up using your link is a simple process called REFERRAL MARKETING.

Promoting this app as a mobile bank option to friends and family can be very easy, especially with how enticing their welcome bonuses are.

When a new user signs up using your link, the referrer earns up to N800 while the new user earns up to N8,000 in referral bonuses.

Hence, a new user is better off using your link than they are signing up directly on Opay.

To be able to join the app’s referral program, you’d first need to register your free account.

If you haven’t already, sign up to Opay here to activate your welcome bonuses.

Once you sign up, here’s how to generate your custom referral link

  • Login to your account and locate the REFER & EARN button
  • Select invite friends to generate your referral link.

2. Start a POS Business

Part of the financial services offered with the free mobile money app includes the transfer of funds.

You can use this feature to make money on the app by starting a POS business.

You will need to meet some requirements in order to be able to start a POS BUSINESS with Opay.

Read this guide to learn all about starting a POS Business with Opera Pay.

How To Buy Airtime on Opay

To make airtime purchases on this app and enjoy insane bonuses and cashback, follow these steps

  • Select the AIRTIME option on your account dashboard
How To Use Opay
  • Input the mobile phone number to be credited
How To Use Opay
  • Then select your network provider and the amount of data you’d want to buy.

You can also choose from provided prices to enjoy cashback on your airtime purchase.

You can also buy airtime using the USSD *955# and you will be credited with airtime using your wallet.

How to get a loan on OPay

Another amazing banking service Opay offers its users is the Loaning feature.

They allow qualified loans of up to N1, 000, 000 to interested users.

Read this guide to learn how to secure a loan using the app.

How To Save Money on Opay

You can earn up to 15% interest per annum using the savings feature.

The savings tab features a lot of options for how to use the app to save money.

To get started,

  • Locate the FINANCE tab on your app dashboard
  • Review the interest rate of different savings plans and choose a plan that best suits your needs.

Here’s a more in-depth guide on how to save money on Opay

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start using OPay?

To start using the Opay app, you first need to download the app for free on the Google play store and the app store.

Then register for a free account. Once you are done with the registration process, you will be to enjoy all of the mobile banking services Opay offers to an extent.

To Increase the features of your account, you will need to verify your Opay account using your BVN.

What is OPay and how does it work?

Opay is a mobile banking app that allows its users to send, receive, save, loan, and make money for free using just their app.

It works almost like your traditional bank but is much better.
You will enjoy fast and free transfer services as well as various amazing banking services Opay offers for free.

You will need to register an account to get started, so read this Opay registration guide.

Can I use OPay to transfer money?

Yes, Opay allows you to transfer money to friends, family, or business partners for completely free.

The app offers various transfer methods as you can choose to transfer funds to a local bank account or to another Opay account using just the username of the beneficiary.

Can I open OPay without BVN?

Yes, and although your unverified Opay account will be limited in features, you can still process payments and transfer money without verifying your Opay account with a BVN.

What is the limit of OPay?

There are different account tiers on Opay, and each of these tiers comes will different daily withdrawal and transfer limits.

With a free account, you can transfer

You can also choose to

How much does OPay charge per transaction?

You can get up to 3 free transfers on the app per day, after which you will have to pay a fee of 15 Naira to make subsequent transfers.

How To Get Free Money on Opay

You can earn up to N800 in free money when you generate a custom link and send your friends and family over to sign up using your link.

This free money method involves using their Refer and earn program

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