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Instagram For Coaches: Generate Quality Leads on IG in 7 steps

Using this guide on Instagram for coaches,  you will be able to use the platform to fuel your business and make money as an online coach.

With the 100s of millions of active users logged into the platform on a monthly basis, Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for lead generation.

 The Power of Instagram for Coaches

1. The large database:

Instagram has a wide variety of audiences from parents to business owners and teenagers.

This is a good thing because notwithstanding how bizarre or new your nice is, your target audience will most likely be on Instagram.

2. Insane media for growth

Instagram’s robust media is one of the reasons I love them so much, there are so many media and tools available to help coaches, creators, and business owners get more reach on the platform.

From Stories to lives, reels, feed posts, hashtags, the explore page, highlights, pinned posts, and the list goes on and on.

With this much leverage, the possibilities in growing on Instagram as needless and exciting.

Now that you understand why you should be using Instagram for your coaching business, here’s a  step-by-step guide to help you get started today.

6 Steps to get started with Instagram for coaches

Step 1: Nailing the basics

It is a rule of thumb that before you start marketing on any platform including Instagram,  you should nail these basics.

1. Know your Niche

Before you start marketing on Instagram, you need to know exactly who you’re trying to reach with your content.

  • Who is your ideal audience?
  • What type of content resonates best with them?
  • In what format do they love to consume information?

Knowing these little details about your ideal client will help you become a better content Creator on Instagram.

When marketing on Instagram it’s all about your audience.

You need to be able to nail their exact demographics,  needs, and desires in order to create content that they resonate with and potentially gets them interested in your programs.

If you fail to nail your niche from the start,  you will find it hard to build a brand on Instagram that speaks to them,  hence making it hard to make sales on the platform.

Even worse,  you might end up building an audience only to find out that they are not in need of the services and products you have to offer.

So do your due diligence and find out who your dream clients are.

2. Have a good offer

Another important basic you need before you start marketing on Instagram is your offer.

The main goal of marketing any Social Media platform is to make sales.

This is only possible when your offer is a killer, to begin with.

People hate spending money and will most likely refrain from buying any product or service you have to offer unless they deem it important.

By creating an irresistible offer,  you will increase the chances that your dream clients will say YES when you make a pitch.

There are so many elements that make your offers much more irresistible and appealing to your ideal clients.

You might also need to do a lot of testing and tweaking to come up with an offer that moves the needle for your business

Nevertheless,  It is very important that you build your main offer first before you start marketing on Instagram.

This will help you align strategy and entire marketing efforts to cohesively lead your followers into becoming sales for your business.

If you are struggling to nail the above-listed marketing basics i.e your niche and your offers, then I highly recommend you take our free 7-Day LAUNCH FROM SCRATCH course.

In this free course, you will learn everything you need to know about starting a coaching business from scratch including nailing your sweet coaching spot and creating an irresistible offer.

Instagram for coaches

Step 2: Learn the algorithm

While Instagram is an extremely powerful platform for coaches, it has its downsides.

The Instagram platform is extremely robust and its algorithm is extremely frustrating.

If you’re looking to go all in on Instagram in 2023 and beyond,  there are so many things you’re going to need to know.

A solid knowledge of how to use the Instagram platform is the reason why most coaches fail while only a small percentage succeed.

The real struggle with growing on Instagram is in knowing what to do to get on the algorithm’s good books.

Irrespective of how hard it is to get any Organic reach on the platform,  so many coaches still make it work every day and are able to generate thousands of leads every month for free.

So make show you do your homework and master how the platform works.

A good YouTube channel I recommend you watch to learn how the Instagram platform works in 2023 and beyond is Heydominik.

You can watch his videos on YouTube to learn new strategies to grow on Instagram in this day and age.

Step 3: Setting Up Your Account

Once you have a good idea of what works well on Instagram,  it’s time to put it into practice.

For this, I highly recommend you create a new account and grow your audience from scratch.

It is not a good practice to use an existing Instagram following to fuel a business in a different niche.

This is because your existing audience is most likely not going to be interested in what you have to offer in your offers and programs since it wasn’t what they initially signed up for.

So unless you have an Instagram account that has the exact target audience as the business you want to get leads for,  you’re better off starting from scratch.

Setting up an Instagram account is very easy. You just need to sign up at Instagram.com and create a new username for your account.

Once you have created your new Instagram account, the next step is to set it up for Success.

You will need to optimize your page to be attractive and appealing to potential clients.

This is stage is called the Instagram profile optimization phase. Some of the tasks to execute here will include:

  • Adding a catchy profile picture
  • Creating an Instagram bio that speaks to the needs and desires of your dream clients.
  • Updating your highlights with compelling information about your brand, offers, and programs.
  • Make sure to keep Instagram S.E.O in mind and use keywords in your profile name, bio, and posts so people searching for the services you offer can find you.

The goal of this step is to make sure that a new follower landing on your page for the first time can clearly tell what you do and have to offer.

This way you’re sure that those who choose to follow your account and most likely interested in what you have to offer.

Step 4: Developing an effective content strategy

There are two ways to use Instagram to generate leads for your coaching business.

You can either do it organically or use paid ads. both strategies work perfectly if you know how to use them.

In this guide to Instagram for coaches, we will be focusing on using Instagram organically.

To generate leads organically on Instagram you need to create content.

Thanks to Instagram,  your content can come in different formats.

You can create carousels, images, or short videos.

This makes Instagram a truly accessible platform for both beginner and expert coaches.

With such a low barrier to entry,  the competition on Instagram is extremely fierce.

To make Instagram work for your business amidst the insane competition,  you need a powerful content strategy.

Seeing as content is the way to play the game to get any reach on Instagram organically, you will need your content to stand out and hook your dream clients into your brand.

Creating a content strategy is extremely easy in fact we have an entire guide that would help you do that.

We highly recommend you read this post on content marketing for coaches to learn how to craft a powerful content strategy that helps you build your Brand on Instagram.

In addition to our guide,  here are some quick tips to help you create content that stands out on IG

1. Avoid sharing cookie-cutter strategies:

If you are just going to Copy-Paste educational into a branded graphic on Instagram, you should consider blogging instead.

On social media, you need to try your best to come across as original and unique.

By sharing lessons, mistakes, and tips from your own personal experience, you will be able to create content that stands out in your industry and hooks quality leads into your brand.

2. Add a human touch to your brand

From my personal experience, the brands that do extremely well on Instagram all have one thing in common, a human element.

By showing up as authentically as you can on your stories and creating relatable content on your feed, you will be able to build deeper connections with your followers making it a lot easier to sell your programs in the long run.

3. Make your graphics look aesthetic

Want to attract premium clients on Instagram, start by building a premium brand.

No joke but people on social media will judge your brand by its cover and so it’s very important that your profile and feed content look professional and premium enough to make a solid first impression.

If you are going to DIY your brand graphics using free software like Canva.com, try to at least learn the basics.

Canva has made it so easy for non-designers like you and me to create stunning graphics for free by providing a template library with millions of social media templates to choose from.

DIYing your entire content creation has become so easy and surprisingly this software is completely free to use.

You can explore the different Instagram templates they have by typing the keyword and exploring the template results.

Want to DIY your IG content?

Step 5: Building your audience

Growth on Instagram doesn’t happen overnight, so you’re going to need to stay consistent in order to see any results.

On average it takes about 6 months to build a following on Instagram and so you shouldn’t give up in the first month.

As long as you’re using the right strategies and posting the right type of content, your growth should creep in no time.

The thing about growing on Instagram is that you will need to prove to the algorithm that your content is quality.

The way Instagram makes money is by showing Ads to its users and so they need more active users on the platform viewing its ads to make their revenue.

If you can show Instagram that your content is engaging enough to keep users on their platform,  your content will get recommended more often.

The way Instagram gathers data about your content is over a long and consistent period of time.

So by staying consistent and raking in consistent engagement from followers who love your content,  you will send signals to Instagram that your content works and people love it, thereby allowing them to recommend it to other users in your target audience.

For example,  if you have 400 followers and 10% of your followers consistently engage with your content,  Instagram will recommend your content to people who have the same interests and preferences as your die-hard fans.

This means increased reach For You.

In a nutshell, growth and increased organic reach on Instagram is only possible when you stay consistent.

Although it is easier said than done,  you should try your best to show up at least three times a week on Instagram.

Also, make sure to engage daily with your followers and other creators to keep your audience and account engaged.

Step 6: Making Sales

What’s the point of having thousands of followers on Instagram if you cannot make money from them?

This is why you need to have a strategy in place to monetize your following on Instagram.

If you are running a coaching business you will most likely be selling services.

Most coaching services and programs are premium and have high price points,  this makes it extremely difficult to make consistent sales using Instagram.

To make Instagram work for your high-ticket coaching business,  you will need to think like a potential client.

You wouldn’t buy a $1, 000 program from a random creator on Instagram, would you?

I bet you wouldn’t.

This is why you need to have systems in place to help convert new followers into leads that could become sales for your business.

Since we understand how it’s almost impossible to make high-ticket sales without having a nurturing system in place, this is the step where you create yours.

Your nurturing system is a series of events you take a new lead through in order to get them to trust your brand better and feel safe investing largely into your programs.

Your nurturing system is also known as your funnel.

Creating a coaching funnel that helps you nurture your followers to sales is extremely easy.

In fact, we have an easy-step guide that walks you through the entire process.

When you’re ready, read this guide to learn how to create your first coaching funnel.

Step 7. Check your analytics

One of the many reasons why I love Instagram so much is how robust its analytics tool is.

Once you start raking in engagement on Instagram your new best friend should be the analytics tool.

Using the Analytics tools you will be able to get more information about your target audience which in turn will help you focus your marketing efforts to resonate better with them.

You will also be able to see which of your content pieces performed best. 

By replicating the elements that made those posts go viral in your new posts you can increase the chances of them going viral.

It might seem like a simple step,  but its impact is insanely unimaginable.

So make sure to make it your routine to check your Analytics at least once every single month.


I’ll be frank with you,  growing on Instagram is extremely hard.

It requires consistent effort and strategy on your part.

The upside to Instagram is that it’s free and If you play your cards well,  you can generate thousands of leads monthly using the platform.

So before you call quits on your Instagram journey,  I need you to understand that going on any other platform is equally hard,  but the reward is well worth it.

Many coaches have done it and you can too. So follow these steps and make sure you stay consistent.

FAQs on Instagram For Coaches

How do you use Instagram as a coach?

It’s easy! To turn your IG page into a lead-generation machine for your coaching business, you just need to follow 7 steps
1. Nail your target audience and offers
2. Learn how the IG algorithm works
3. Optimize your profile
4. Create your content strategy
5. Start creating content in various formats including lives, stories, and feed posts.
6. Set systems up to convert your followers to sales.
7. Measure your progress and make improvements using your analytics.

Is Instagram good for coaches?

Yes! Instagram is an amazing marketing platform for coaches. Studies have shown that people are more likely to buy a product from their favorite creator on IG than on most social media platforms.
This is because of the deeper relationship-building potential of IG

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