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Is Creative Fabrica Worth It? My Personal Experience!

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So here’s the question of the day Is Creative Fabrica worth it?

Right now, you really want to know if the popular design marketplace, Creative Fabrica is even worth your money.

Depending on your goals and needs, I’ll be breaking down the platform entirely.

By the end of this post, and from my personal experience using the platform, you’ll be able to decide if creative Fabrica is a good fit for your Design needs.

So first of all, what is Creative Fabrica?

This is an all-in-one marketplace for design resources by professional artists for all designers and non-designers.

This design marketplace has a vast library of design resources including aesthetic fonts, templates, graphics, and lots more.

With a platform like Creative Fabrica, you don’t need to be an expert designer to create premium design projects.

With a huge library of over 6 million premium design resources, you just simply search for the design resource of your choice.

You will most likely be presented with a variety of premium graphics and templates.

My Personal Experience Using Creative Fabrica (Is Creative Fabrica Worth it?)

So I recently found out about Creative Fabrica and overall it has been an awesome experience.

With my Creative Fabrica subscription, I’ve been able to

1. I Built 4 New Income Streams using Creative Fabrica

Yes, I know this might sound insane but I was able to turn in my $13 subscription to Creative Fabrica to be worth more than five figures in different online Revenue streams.

I created an entire blog post on how I make money with Creative Fabrica.

In that guide, I broke down four of the various ways I have used Creative Fabrica to make money online and build passive income streams.

I also share the exact step process a beginner should take to achieve similar results.

Check out that guide to learn how to make money using Creative Fabrica even as a newbie.

Spoiler alert!

I used Creative Fabrica to start a business on Amazon KDP selling journals and planners from templates and interiors I bought on the platform.

Right now I’m averaging about 5K in passive income per month.

If you want to replicate my whole income strategy on KDP using creative Fabrica, here’s an entire guide I made on how to use creative Fabrica for KDP

2. Using Creative Fabrica, I Branded my business without any design skills.

I’ve started several businesses online, and whenever I needed to craft a trustworthy brand on a budget, Creative Fabrica always came in very handy.

I’ve bought several premium branding resources including affordable logo templates, affordable website design kits, marketing templates, and client onboarding materials.

All I had to do to get those brands up and running professionally was to tweak those design templates to suit their specific needs and goals.

In past times, to build a successful brand, you would have had to spend a fortune on hiring a logo designer, a website designer, and even a graphics designer to help you stay on brand with your marketing.

Its simply funny, how right now, all you need to have the same experience as I did using Creative Fabrica is to

A. Sign Up for a free trial on Creative Fabrica

To start using the premium resources on Creative Fabrica, you don’t even need to pay a dime in the beginning.

When you create a free account on Creative Fabrica, you will be permitted to download your first 10 products for free.

You can download any resource you choose irrespective of its price.

B. Pay $1 to gain unlimited access to over 6 million resources on creative Fabrica:

Creative Fabrica allows its users to pay $1 for unlimited download access for 7 days to all the resources in their library.

This means that for the 7 days that you are on the free trial, you are able to download unlimited resources worth more than $1.

Using the above methods, templates downloaded for free on Creative Fabrica can easily be turned into new income streams that bring in a sustainable income in passive revenue.

Creative Fabrica Vs Other design marketplaces

So quickly let’s compare Creative Fabrica to other design marketplaces to know whether a Creative Fabrica subscription is truly worth the pay.

There are so many other platforms that will offer you a library of premium resources for your creative projects, some of these marketplaces include:

  • Etsy
  • Creative Market
  • Design bundles
  • Envato marketplace

Most of these platforms are similar to creative Fabrica in the sense that they offer a design library and marketplace.

Now, below are some areas where Creative Fabrica beats these other platforms flat out.

1. The $1 free trial with a Commercial use license

The $1 free trial Creative Fabrica offers is by far its sweetest selling point.

No other platform offers you its entire worth for just $1.

It’s so insane how much value you can just for a $1 bill spent on gaining unlimited access to Creative Fabrica.

Only a platform of extreme quality will be confident enough to grant you such low-risk access to all of its resources.

As if that isn’t enough, you get a commercial use license on your unlimited trial access.

And so, you will be granted commercial rights to repurpose those templates in building income streams online.

You should definitely try out their $1 unlimited access offer to explore how the platform works at no added risk to you.

2. The average price of a design resource

Creative Fabrica is extremely affordable compared to other marketplaces providing resources of similar quality for its users.

Take Etsy for instance, given its large buying audience, the prices of templates of similar quality as on Creative Fabrica are absurd.

Sellers on more popular marketplaces like Etsy are more likely to set unrealistic prices for their design resources.

Creative Fabrica aims to provide an extremely affordable design library and they do this without compromising on quality.

It’s almost like sellers on Etsy and other marketplaces price their products like RETAILERS selling to consumers.

While on Creative Fabrica, you get a more friendly wholesale price.

Pros of Creative Fabrica

There are so many perks that come with owning a subscription to Creative Fabrica.

Below are some of the reasons why Creative Fabrica beats its competitors time and time again.

  • They offer several avenues to try out their platform for almost free

As you’ve seen already, Creative Fabrica offers various means for new users to leverage their platform at no risk to them.

So if you happen to be a skeptic buyer like me, the 10 FREE PRODUCT DOWNLOAD and $1 FREE TRIAL will allow you to test out Creative Fabrica for free

  • Commercial use licenses are available on all products including products downloaded on their

(So you can rest assured that your creative projects won’t run the risk of a copyright threat just because its resources were downloaded on the $1 free trial on Creative Fabrica.

  • Graphics are vetted by Creative Fabrica before upload

As a seller on Creative Fabrica, I know it can take up to 2 days to get your designs approved by the team on Creative Fabrica to be shown on their marketplace.

From a buyers’ perspective, this means lesser low-quality products available on their marketplace and a high satisfaction rate on every purchase.

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  • You can select your preferred means of payment to make purchases on Creative Fabrica and that includes your card, PayPal balance e.t.c

Cons of Creative Fabrica

Although really minimal, here are some of the cons I found with using this platform for my business

As a buyer, if I’m being extremely there isn’t any con to using Creative Fabrica

The cons of using Creative Fabrica impact the sellers on the backend instead.

Seeing how Creative Fabrica values its user base and offers so many free touch points for a trial, you will agree that sellers on the backend will suffer instead.

This is because most of these templates are of insane quality and these sellers lose out on a lot of profit from Creative Fabrica running its free trials and offers.

So in a nutshell, there is absolutely no bad report I have towards Creative Fabrica as a buyer.

Who is Creative Fabrica for?

In my opinion, Creative Fabrica can be used by anyone, and by that I mean

  1. Business Owners looking to design a professional brand while on a budget
  2. Freelance Web designers looking for professionally designed templates to edit for clients
  3. Crafters looking for fonts, graphics, and other design resources for their craft projects.
  4. Side hustlers looking to earn an income from creative side hustles

So if you happen to fall into any of the above categories, Creative Fabrica is definitely worth the pay.

So if you’re ready to try out the platform, make sure you download your first 10 resources for free to test out the Platform for yourself.

When you decide to sign up for the $1 free trial on Creative Fabrica, here’s a link to the offer page below.

(BOOKMARK THIS ARTICLE for easy access to these offer pages)

How To Use Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica offers several Ways for new buyers to join the platforms to access its huge library.

  1. $1 unlimited access for 7 days with a commercial license
  2. Single purchase (Where you pay for every purchase)
  3. Monthly/Yearly subscription

You also get unlimited access to creative Fabrica like on the $1 free trial when you sign up to creative Fabrica on a subscription.

The Monthly subscription costs

Alternatives To CF

While Creative Fabrica happens to be an all-in-one affordable solution, here are some marketplaces that are tailored to suit different design goals and needs.

Some specific alternatives to creative Fabrica include:

  • Envato:

If you are a software developer looking for design resources and code, Envato offers a more diverse library to leverage.

  • Themeforest:

This resource library is specifically for Web designers and software developers on that note.

The platform presents a library with premium themes and codes for more technical projects.

  • Etsy

Etsy is a better alternative to Creative Fabrica if you are more inclined towards physical craft and design resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Creative Fabrica in Canva?

Most sellers on Creative Fabrica create their templates in Canva. You get an editable canva link to these templates when you make your purchase.
After which you will be able to use your Creative Fabrica templates in Canva

What is Creative Fabrica used for?

Creative Fabrica is a design marketplace with a huge library of over 6 million premium design resources for both designers and non creatives.
You can use Creative Fabrica to scout premium and affordable design resources for any creative project.

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