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Opay Registration: How To Register on Opay App

At the end of this Opay Registration tutorial, you will learn exactly how to register on Opay using your phone.

Here’s an overview of what we will be discussing in this Opay tutorial.

Opay Registration Process (3 Easy Steps)

  • Download the Opay App
  • Sign Up for a free account
  • Verify your Opay account

Opay is a licensed one-stop banking and mobile money app for Nigerians. It offers a host of banking services all in on the dashboard.

After your Opay registration process is completed, you’ll be able to access a suite of free financial services to either save, invest, make or spend money in Nigeria.

There are so many ways you can use the Opay mobile money app and it presents so many robust features for just an app.

This one-stop banking app is straightforward to navigate and provides seamless mobile money payments.

Creating an account on Opay can literally be done in minutes.

Before we discuss how to register on OPay, let’s first cover the features and perks of owning an Opay account

Here’s a list of what you can do with an Opay account.

  • Make basic payments online including TV bills, data purchases,  school fees, electricity bills, and more.
  • Transfer money to a friend, family, or business partner in Nigeria

Read this guide, If you want to send money abroad or receive money from the United States.

  • Earn cashback and rewards on your purchases
  • Get a loan instantly and securely
  • Own a physical or virtual verve card to make payments with your Opay account
  • Refer friends and family and earn money in cash
  • A dedicated customer service page

Now that you know the benefits of using Opay, let’s discuss the Opay registration process as well as how to register on Opay.

Opay Registration (How To Register on Opay)

1. Head over to Opayweb.com

On the homepage, you will be redirected to download the Opay app on the IOS app store or Google Play store.

N.B: You are better off registering on Opay using a Referral link than you are just signing up directly on the app.

Opay has a robust referral program and greatly rewards users that sign up using referral links.

If you love welcome bonuses, Opay offers the following when you sign up with a referral link

  • Up to 20% cash back when you fund your Opay account,  send money, or save money using the app.

(This is free money and can be very significant when you make high-volume purchases)

  • A 100% cash back on your airtime,  data, or betting purchases on the app
  • And a Welcome Bonus worth up to N7630 in cashback rewards.
Opay Registration

All of these free money-in welcome bonuses can only be activated when you use a referral link to sign up on Opay.

You can sign up using my referral link to activate your welcome bonus when you sign up on Opay.

So if you choose to sign up using this referral link, here’s how to activate your welcome bonus

Once you click on the link, simply input the mobile phone number you would love to use for your Opay account and click the GET BONUS button.

When you click the button,  a success message that reads BONUS LOCK SUCCEEDED will be shown to you.

This means that the Opay account you create using that number will automatically have these bonuses activated in them.

2. Download the Opay app

Whether or not you choose to activate these bonuses, Opay will automatically redirect you to the IOS app store or Google Play store where you can download their app and get started with the Opay registration process.

Once you download the app, you will be prompted with a registration form where you will be asked for your mobile phone number.

An OTP code will then be sent to the input number for you to verify it before you can move on to the next step.

You will be automatically prompted to the next step when you fill out the OTP code.

In these subsequent steps, Opay will demand your personal information including your name, birthday, residence, sex, and address.

Opay Registration

Make sure to only provide the correct details as you will be required to verify these details later on.

Once you are done filling out the Opay registration form, you just need to create your Password and Login to your newly created account.

3. Verify Your Opay Account

When you complete the account creation process, you will be able to log in to your Opay dashboard.

You can immediately start leveraging the app services but to an extent.

Without verifying your Opay account, your dashboard will be limited in the features it can leverage.

You would have a transfer and sending limit on your account and also be unable to leverage some essential features of the app like its referral program and savings feature.

Given that the verification process is extremely easy and can be done in a matter of minutes, I don’t see why you shouldn’t verify your account right away.

To get verified on Opay, you need a means of identification to validate the information you provided on the signup form.

In nutshell, you can make use of your Opay account without verifying it but especially as a business, you will need more features than the unverified account can provide.

You can even become an Opay agent just by verifying your account.

Once you have created your account and have activated your bonuses, watch this video to learn how to get verified on Opay.

At this step of the way, you now have a valid and verified Opay account but before I end this guide, let me quickly touch on how to use the basic features of Opay

How to transfer to Opay

You can easily send money from your local bank account to use the app for various purposes.

Since most of what can be done on Opay involves payment, you will need to fund your Opay account.

It is from this account balance that you will be able to make payments on Opay.

Depending on what you want to use the app for, you simply send money from your bank account into your Opay account.

If you signed up using a referral link, you will be able to get up to 20% cash back when your transfer to your Opay account.

When you transfer money to your Opay account, you can then use it for various purposes as mentioned earlier.

How to transfer money to your Opay account

  • Login to your Opay dashboard and select the ADD MONEY option.
Opay Registration
  • Select your preferred method of account transfer

You will be prompted with a page showing the different ways you can transfer money to your Opay account.

You can choose bank transfer, direct top-up from a bank account or card, and from an Opay merchant.

How to send money on Opay

You can send money to friends and family residing in Nigeria using the Opay app.

  • On your dashboard, select the TRANSFER option.
  • Choose your preferred method of transfer: To other Opay accounts or to a bank account.

Once you’ve completed the registration process, make sure to read this guide on How to use Opay.

FAQs on How To Register on Opay (Opay Registration)

How do I register my business with OPay?

If you are looking to start a POS business using Opay, you will have to download the Opay app on the App store or Play store, sign up for a free account then Upgrade your Opay account to a merchant’s account.

Does OPay require BVN?

You can create a free account on Opay without your BVN but your account will be limited in some features like the sending and receiving limit.

To lift this limit, you will need to verify your Opay account to enable more financial and banking services Opay offers.

How do I find my OPay account number?

Finding your Opay account number is very easy. Just login into your Dashboard, select the ME section, then click on the ACCOUNT LIMITS button.
Here, you will be shown all the important details of your account including your account number.

How do OPay make money?

On your Opay dashboard, there’s an option to upgrade to a merchant’s account and increase your tier rank on Opay.

A higher tier will mean higher transfer and withdrawal limits. This account is useful for running a POS business.

So Opay makes money when you Upgrade your account.

How much does it cost to start OPay?

Owning an Opay account is entirely free but you might need to upgrade your account to increase your withdrawal and transfer limits.

If you enjoyed this tutorial on how to register on Opay, you will also love to learn about Chipper Cash here, being an awesome alternative to Opay for sending money to friends and family in Nigeria and even beyond borders for free.

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