Canva Social Media Bundle: The Social Savvy Template Kit


You have the expertise, how about we make little tweaks on your personal brand to have it look its WORTH? Introducing the ultimate Canva Social Media Bundle..


Have you ever landed on a dreamy and aesthetic social media profile and left feeling less confident about your brand?

Well never again!!

This Insane bundle will make sure you never have to worry about losing potential clients due to crappy branding.


Gurus won’t tell you this, but…


Clients don’t pay premium prices just because they want to but because of how premium your brand feels to them.


And whether you like it or not, potential clients will always judge your program by its cover.


Sure, you can have a couple of low-paying clients here and there with a crappy social media presence, but is that what you really want going forward?


With this Canva Social Media bundle, you will be able to

  1. 10x the perceived value of your brand
  2. Charge your worth and still have clients feeling good about their investment



Allow us to take you on a journey into what you’re about to unlock with this bundle.

  1. Over 148 Aesthetic Instagram Carousels to create engaging educational content with ease
  2. 30 Minimalistic Instagram Story and Reels Templates to nurture your audience and build fans
  3. 17 Pinterest Templates to increase your reach and get those CLICKS.
  4. YouTube branding templates to launch your channel in no time (including channel art, thumbnail, and end screen templates)
  5. Facebook Branding Kit to help you generate leads on Facebook.


Having this library of aesthetic Canva templates will set you up for success on any social media you choose to focus on and keep you ahead of 96% of new coaches with crappy social media branding.


You will be able to DIY your brand presence without compromising on quality.


 Grab your own copy of this bundle NOW!

Get ready to Attract Premium Clients and Grow a Sophisticated Following on Social Media Using This Insane Bundle.


How It Works

Checkout and Download your file

When you complete the purchase, you will be instantly prompted to download your file.

Edit and Customize

Once you have access to your template, using just a FREE Canva account, you can tweak the fonts, colors and elements to suit your needs and branding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have design skills to use this template
Not at all! We've done the work in your stead and all you have to do now is tweak and edit the fonts, colors and text to suit your branding.
How do I access these templates?
Once you complete the payment, you will get an instant download that includes links to these Canva templates. Using a FREE Canva account, you will be able to access your templates and start editing right away.


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