Client welcome kit: 6-in-1 Client Welcome package


This 6-in-1 Client welcome kit is a one-stop solution for coaches, consultants, and small businesses looking to onboard new clients seamlessly and make the best first impression.


Included in this client welcome kit are professional and highly customizable plug-and-play templates to help you can set up your client onboarding system in minutes.


What would it do for your business to have

  1. Fewer client refunds
  2. Better client review and testimonials
  3. More referrals from past clients
  4. Increased client success and retention

These Client welcome kit Templates will help set the tone of your service/coaching business right so that there’s nothing in the way of growing your list of HAPPY CUSTOMERS.

A SEAMLESS client onboarding process can do a lot for your business and now more than ever, this element of your business is non-negotiable.



Do you want your new clients to

  1. Feel More at ease
  2.  and have more realistic expectations about your programs

Then this Client welcome kit is your newfound business bestie.  Stop trying to DIY your client onboarding process and let this Client welcome package template help out for a cost next to nothing.



Here are all the Client Onboarding Templates you will get when you buy this client welcome pack

  1. Client welcome packet template
  2. Client services and pricing guide
  3. Client Questionnaire template
  4. Invoice Template
  5. Loyalty card template
  6. Client Onboarding Documents including:

✔Payment Arrangement Form

✔ Invoice Template

✔ Welcome letter template

✔ Code of ethics template

✔ Confidentiality Agreement form

✔ Intake Form Template

✔ Contract templates

✔ “How Coaching with me works” template

✔ “Holding you accountable” Email Template

✔ Progress report template

✔ Pre-call form template

✔ Client call notes template

✔ Feedback/Survey Template

✔ Monthly review form template

✔ Business goals worksheet template

✔ Referral request template

✔ My coaching history template



Invest in your business through this Client Welcome Pack &

  1. Win back your precious time
  2. Get More positive feedback
  3. Grow a list of happy and successful client

Don’t let a poor client onboarding process keep you from growing the service business of your dreams, SNAG these professional Done-For-You Client Onboarding Templates NOW.


To customize these templates, you only need a FREE Canva account for the Canva templates and a Free Google doc account for the editable document templates in our Client welcome package.


How It Works

Checkout and Download your file

When you complete the purchase, you will be instantly prompted to download your file.

Edit and Customize

Once you have access to your template, using just a FREE Canva account, you can tweak the fonts, colors and elements to suit your needs and branding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have design skills to use this template
Not at all! We've done the work in your stead and all you have to do now is tweak and edit the fonts, colors and text to suit your branding.
How do I access these templates?
Once you complete the payment, you will get an instant download that includes links to these Canva templates. Using a FREE Canva account, you will be able to access your templates and start editing right away.


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