Free Social Media Bundle Canva (100 Editable Templates)

If you are a business owner, coach or content creator, there’s no arguing how this FREE social media bundle is going to change the game for your business.

Sounds way too cliche? Well, let me paint a more familiar picture for you.



As a small business owner, You’ve most likely heard countless times, how much money you could be making in your business with social media and how you need to get on the moving train and do it fast.


You might have even tried to grow your brand on social media at some point but we all know how that ends:

  1. You get all worked up with choosing the perfect theme and creating an aesthetic theme for your page
  2. You get burnt out trying to churn out content pieces every other day
  3. You get demotivated seeing other businesses build aesthetic brands on social media while you’re stuck with your cookie-cutter brand image.



How about we switch things up a bit: IMAGINE

  1. Having plug-and-play templates to DIY your social media branding in a matter of minutes
  2. Having highly customizable templates to help you churn out high quality content to grow your brand
  3. Not having to start your content workflow on a blank Canvas.
  4. Having all this luxury for FREE.


Yh, I’m definitely not pulling your legs. Sounds foolish but I’m willing to give out premium templates made from my hard work to you for FREE on a platter of gold.


Hopefully, this changes everything and helps you have a better and more efficient social media workflow.



Included in this free social media bundle are:

🌟 10 Instagram Carousel templates

🌟 20 Instagram Story templates

🌟  6 Instagram Reels templates

🌟 Instagram Post Planner

🌟 21 Facebook Templates

🌟 4 Link in Bio templates

🌟 30 Pinterest templates and much more


You can get access to all of these templates at no cost provided you download your copy now. So what are you waiting for? Once you get access to these templates, you just need a free Canva account to get straight into building the brand of your dreams.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have design skills to use this template
Not at all! We've done the work in your stead and all you have to do now is tweak and edit the fonts, colors and text to suit your branding.
How do I access these templates?
Once you complete the payment, you will get an instant download that includes links to these Canva templates. Using a FREE Canva account, you will be able to access your templates and start editing right away.
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