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Youtube Automation Step By Step Guide For Beginners 2023

This YouTube Automation Step by Step guide will show you everything you need to start a profitable YouTube Automation business in 2023.

Youtube Automation is one of the easiest and most proven ways to make money online. Unlike many other online business models, it is the best option for a beginner.

There are so many reasons why YouTube Automation is a preferable income stream in comparison to business ideas like Affiliate Marketing and Ecommerce.

Here’s a brief YouTube Automation Step by step comparison with other business models.

You can get started with $0You need money: either to secure inventory or traffic
YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world with billions of monthly visitors.You will have to drive your own traffic however way you choose.
No prior skillset is requiredYou need to learn a lot: from logistics to Digital Marketing
This risk level is low or zero in many cases.The risk level is very high.

If you’re a complete beginner and want to learn more abut YouTube Automation, here is a newbie guide to what YouTube Automation is.

Now that you understand how this proven business model works, here’s how you can start your own YouTube automation business.

Simply follow this YouTube Automation Step by step guide and you’ll be well on your way to making that sweet YouTube passive income.

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That said here is your easy YouTube Automation step by step guide for beginners in 2023 and beyond.

Easy Youtube Automation Step By Step Guide

Step 1: Choose your niche

The very first step to starting a profitable YouTube Automation business is choosing the right niche.

This single choice can literally make or break the chances you have to be hyper-profitable with this side hustle.

The wrong niche can in fact jeopardize your chances of success with your YouTube automation business.

Niches are a vital element of the YouTube automation business model.

Contrary to popular opinion, you won’t be away to get away with being all over the place on YouTube.

You will need to pick a niche and stick strictly with it.

Sticking with a single niche for each channel you build through YouTube Automation will allow you to build a loyal following of like-minded individuals interested in a particular topic.

This way when you put out videos on your channel pertaining to your niche, you’re almost 100% sure your subscribers will show interest.

This is why it’s so crucial that you pick a solid niche for this business.

I’m not going to bore you with all the details of what makes for a profitable niche, here’s basically all you need to know.

There are three criteria for what makes for a good YouTube automation niche and these include:

  •  Demand: Stick with niches that have shown a consistent trend of interest and viewership in the topic you plan on creating content about.
  •  Profitability: Make sure the niche you choose can be easily monetized either through Affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, or Ecommerce.

This will help you diversify your income streams from each channel you create.

  • Competition: Try as much as you can to avoid niches that are hugely saturated and instead niche down further to attract a more specific audience.

For example, in the health niche, you can niche down further to focus on the keto diet or dumbbell exercise routine sub niche.

Step 2. Plan your process

There are so many ways to go about running a faceless YouTube business but for the sake of the simplicity of this YouTube Automation Step by Step Guide, the two easiest ways include:

Using Ai: 

With the rise of so many Ai Tools, YouTube automation has become even more accessible to anyone looking to make money online.

There are so many AI tools that can help you automate your YouTube channel and churn out quality content on a budget.

Some of these tools include:


This Ai tool is free to use and will help take the hassle of YouTube content creation. This AI Chatbot is capable of providing answers to almost any input you give it.

You can use ChatGPT to automate a lot of processes in your YouTube Automation Business.

From scriptwriting to content ideation, planning and even video metadata writing.


This is a free AI voiceover software that basically narrates whatever text input you give to it and unlike the popular perception of AI voiceovers, Murf.AI doesn’t sound robotic and can help you create highly engaging YouTube Videos for free.


Once you have your video script and voiceover, the next phase is compiling these video elements into an engaging video that get views of YouTube.

Before the rise of AI, you would have had to take a month off to learn video editing but not anymore.

Invideo is a free text to video generator that can literally generate a complete YouTube video based off of the text you feed it.

You simply input you video script and in minutes, Invideo will generate scenes that match the context of your video.

This AI tools using its Artificial intelligence to understand what your video is all about and create scenes that matches the context you are trying to push.

Invideo also has a large library of video templates you can choose from to add variety to your videos.

You can get started with this tool for free and work your way up to their pro plan which comes with a lot more perks and features like:

  • Higher resolution video exports i.e 4k as opposed to 720P you get in the free plan which is the average video quality for YouTube
  • Unlimited access to their template library, stock music, and sound effects to add variety to your videos. (All free for creative uses with no credit required)

So try out Invideo here to start churning out high quality YouTube videos from your script in a matter of minutes.

YouTube Automation Step by Step

Other AI tools to consider for your YouTube Automation business include: Canva and Midjourney, which are both amazing tools to help you brand your YouTube Automation Channel and creating high-quality graphics on a budget.

Outsourcing to freelancers

AI is Still a work in progress and so many of these AI tools are yet to reach the Pinnacle of their output quality.

This is why, it’s still advisable to outsource a portion of your YouTube Automation business to freelancers just to give your videos a more human touch.

I mean, you don’t want people dropping off your video just because it feels like a lecture held by AI.

Just keep in mind that you will need to either hire these freelancers per project or on a salary basis.

That said, there are so many tasks in your YouTube Automation business that can be outsourced.

Some of these tasks include:

  • Content Research and Script Writing
  • Voiceover
  • Video editing

You can outsource your entire YouTube Automation Business to the team of experts at YouTube Hustle Haven for almost half the industry cost.

They are a perfect solution for beginners looking to get started with this business model with a slim budget.

Step 3. Create your content strategy

Now that you have your process all planned out, the next step is to create your content strategy.

Your content strategy is basically a plan of the content pieces you’d be putting out on your YouTube channel.

A business without a strategy is a failure in progress and the same goes for your YouTube Automation business as well.

Your content strategy will contain:

  • A Content Calendar with viable video ideas with viral potential
  • Example videos and channels on these ideas to gain inspiration from.
  • Pre written titles and video descriptions to schedule out these videos.

To find video ideas, I highly recommend a tool called Tubebuddy.

This software is a game changer for YouTube and will save you the stress of creating videos that don’t get any traction on the platform.

With the information you get from your research using Tubebuddy, you’ll be able to focus your resources and effort on videos that move the needle for your business.

This software is completely free to use and here’s a quick tutorial on how to do your research with Tubebuddy.

4. Learn the YouTube Algorithm

With everything in place, The Logical next step in starting a profitable YouTube Automation business is learning how the YouTube algorithm works.

So many creators think growing on YouTube is pure luck, but I agree to disagree.

The YouTube algorithm favors certain videos over others because these videos follow its rules.

Here are some of the rules for going Viral on YouTube

By following these rules, you’ll be almost guaranteed of your videos going viral on YouTube.

  • Create Eye-Catchy thumbnails that stop the scrolling on YouTube
  • Have an engaging fast-paced intro that keeps viewers hooked.
  • Try your best to add in engaging elements to keep your viewers watching to in turn boost your CTR.

5. Churn Out Content

Now that you have your entire YouTube Automation system in place, it’s time to start creating content.

This should be easy to get started with quickly since you won’t have to stand in front of the camera and film the video of yourself.

As explained earlier in this YouTube Automation Step by Step guide, you will basically be the manager of the entire process and oversee how content is being created for your channel.

To make this business even more passive, you can hire a virtual assistant to manage the quality control of your videos to make sure it ticks all of your quality boxes.

The goal is to stay consistent and get monetized as fast as possible.

Once you get one channel monetized, it is much easier to repeat the entire process over and over again.

Before you know it, you have built an entire portfolio of Youtube channels making you money passively.

In a nutshell, YouTube Automation works and is still a viable way to make money online.

If this business idea spikes your interest, then do Check out this Free Course to learn everything you need to know about making this business work.

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